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3 Ways to Improve Talent Acquisition with an Effective Data Strategy


It’s a challenge made more formidable as businesses look to expand their talent searches for the dawning age of long-term remote work. The post 3 Ways to Improve Talent Acquisition with an Effective Data Strategy appeared first on DATAVERSITY. A report from iHire showed that 86.2% of U.S. […].

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Team Spotlight: Cprime’s Talent Acquisition Team


As a proud member of the Cprime Talent Acquisition Team, I wanted to highlight my team and to give you all an idea of the kind of amazing individuals you would find if you were working at Cprime. Keep reading to find out more about our Talent Acquisition team here at Cprime!


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Article: Agile Hiring: a Joint Venture between the Talent Acquisition and Product Development Teams

InfoQ Articles

Let's enable dev team members to acquire and secure the best candidates for their teams and the company, collaborate with talent acquisition, and respect candidates as professionals and maintain open communication with them. Nowadays the challenge is not just to attract and acquire, but to retain the best professionals in the sector.

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Skill Acquisition vs. Talent Acquisition | Simplilearn webinar starts on 04-11-2017 10:00


Talent acquisition -- that is, hiring new people -- is a challenging way to get these new skills. That’s why skill acquisition with existing employees may be the more cos. Read More.

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Unleashing AI in Recruitment: The Ultimate Guide

Get ready to revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy today! Discover the power of AI in recruitment with Paycor’s complete guide. Learn how to streamline your hiring process, increase interview pipeline, uncover candidates other tools miss, and save time.

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Data Analytics Can Bolster HR in Niche Industries

Smart Data Collective

The biggest benefit is that it improves the recruitment and talent acquisition process, since headhunters can leverage data to identify the best candidates. Data analytics provides a number of benefits for human resources professionals especially in niche sectors. HR professionals can also analyze historical […]

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Whitepaper: Skills Acquisition Vs. Talent Acquisition | Simplilearn


Many organizations assume they need to hire new talent to fill their skills gaps, but that’s an expensive and time-consuming procedure. Determining the skills needed and how to train your existing employees on those skills is a cost-effective and efficient alternative.