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Operational Data Analytics Extends Finance’s Value


By leveraging operational data that’s collected throughout their very own organization, finance leaders are transforming the finance function and extending the […]. The post Operational Data Analytics Extends Finance’s Value appeared first on DATAVERSITY.


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Why the future of finance depends on new skills


finance financial statements HR dynamic reportingAs many economies emerge from the pandemic, the “Great Resignation” has brought people's issues sharply into focus.

How to Establish an Agile Finance Team


Much like companies in the financial services industry, finance functions and the CFOs who lead them are facing social, economic, and technological change, and regulatory pressure at an unprecedented scale. What is Agile finance? Agile finance defined.

2022 Predictions: Data Privacy, API Attacks, and Embedded Finance


Looking to 2022, IT and security professionals must be prepared for whatever comes next – from advancements in embedded finance to mounting consumer data privacy concerns to data breaches due to leaky APIs. Embedded Finance Will Revolutionize the Technology Industry Over the […].

7 Ways Business Intelligence In Finance Can Empower CFOs Today


Business Intelligence in Finance becomes the most trusted aide of the modern CFO. Here’s how BI helps finance teams to leverage insights and drive the business forward. The post 7 Ways Business Intelligence In Finance Can Empower CFOs Today appeared first on Fingent Technology.

What are Simplilearn's Financing Options? Here’s How Learning Can Be Accessible | Simplilearn


They are committed to helping you find a way to budget for this program and offer various financing options to make it more economical. Simplilearn knows that quality education is an investment. They are dedicated to making our programs accessible.

New finance solution to drive digital transformation


Many finance teams with multiple entities and divisions can spend up to 40% of their time gathering data to prepare these static reports, rather than analyzing the data. Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - Finance Job Role - Executive Dynamic reporting data analytics

Benefits of Using Data Analytics in Equipment Financing

Smart Data Collective

Securing financing is a huge example. Data analytics technology is helping more companies get the financing that they need for a variety of purposes. One of the most important benefits of big data involves getting financing for new equipment.

Blockchain: The Fall of Traditional Centralized Systems in Business & Finance

Smart Data Collective

One of the biggest industries that has been affected has been finance. The change that seems most prevailing in terms of technological advancement is in business and finance to kickstart this revolution. The most prominent advancements being business and finance.

Top Finance Concepts An MBA Can Teach You | Simplilearn


Before we dive deep into finance-related nuance and finance. gement in business is the ?r??tice tice ?f ndling ? ??m??ny's ny's fin?n?es es in ? ws it t? be su??essful essful while rem?ining ining ??m?li?nt nt with government regul?ti?ns. essit?tes tes b?th high-level str?tegy tegy ?nd

What is the Impact of the Blockchain System on Finance?

Smart Data Collective

One of the most talked about topics in finance is the impact of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The post What is the Impact of the Blockchain System on Finance? Blockchain technology is growing at an unprecedented pace.

How Big Data Impacts The Finance And Banking Industries

Smart Data Collective

Typically, this approach is essential, especially for the banking and finance sector in today’s world. Right now, Big Data tools are continuously being incorporated in the finance and banking sector.

Top Finance Manager Skills An MBA Can Teach You | Simplilearn


Being a finance manager currently entails much more than just monitoring the company's financial performance since the business continues to grow, partly as a result of the introduction of new technologies.

Technology in Finance: What to look out for in 2021?


Technology in Finance: An Overview of the 2021 Landscape Technology in finance, along with evolving consumer behavior and regulations, are transforming the financial services industry. The post Technology in Finance: What to look out for in 2021?

Sustainability Reporting: A Modern Finance Imperative

Insight Software

ESG reporting is rapidly becoming a key focus area for finance teams around the world. First, it will prepare finance teams for a situation that many see as inevitable. Δ The post Sustainability Reporting: A Modern Finance Imperative appeared first on insightsoftware.

How the finance team uses analytics to automate reporting


By harnessing technology and implementing data analytics, the finance team automates its month end and statutory reporting which helps get to the source of the data faster and make clear decisions.

Key performance measures to track from finance data


As finance plays a vital role in an organization’s critical decision-making, we’re going to take a look what KPIs to set. Finance data closes the time gap between customers’ demands and businesses’ response to them.

The Importance of Data Science and Analytics in the Finance Industry


The post The Importance of Data Science and Analytics in the Finance Industry appeared first on DATAVERSITY. Click to learn more about author John Russell. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, there were approximately 40 zettabytes (40 trillion gigabytes) of data in the world.

5 ways to reduce finance admin time with data analytics


In the finance team, there is growing interest from the rest of the organization to provide more business advice, so there is a pressing need to adopt digital tools to automate processes, so instead of number crunching it can focus more on strategic tasks.

How Embedded Finance will Transform the FinTech Landscape in 2021


Embedded finance, aka embedded banking, is transforming the financial services distribution model. Is 2021 the Beginning of the Embedded Finance Era? With over $7 trillion in revenue, embedded finance has generated a significant buzz in […].

89% of Finance Pros Are Unhappy: Here’s Why

Insight Software

Most operational reports are created for the finance and accounting departments, but other departments also require operational reports on a recurring basis, including sales, customer service, human resources, and marketing, to name a few.

Ensuring Your Finance Department is Digitally Savvy | Simplilearn


The digital wave that transformed company operations, customer service, and marketing has swept into finance departments.

Data Discovery: From Finance to Healthcare

Insight Software

Δ The post Data Discovery: From Finance to Healthcare appeared first on insightsoftware. Data discovery, also known as data analysis for business users, is one of the top business intelligence trends for 2022.

What is a finance manager?


That’s why solid finance management is going to be absolutely critical to your success. Finance management is the strategic planning, directing, and controlling of an organization’s money. It’s all overseen by a finance manager. What does a finance manager do?

Empowering remote finance teams with the right tools


For finance teams, the transition to remote work during COVID-19 has brought a mix of various opportunities and challenges. Since finance teams spend most of their time on their computers to create various reports, analyze and process data, remote work hasn’t created too many obstacles.

Deploying RPA for Finance, Healthcare & IT Operations


The post Deploying RPA for Finance, Healthcare & IT Operations appeared first on Fingent Technology. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not just a “nice-to-have” option anymore. If you want to remain competitive it is an absolute necessity.

Financial Statement Reporting Software: A friend for your finance team


Finance teams have been opposing the arrival of Financial Statement Reporting Software for a simple reason — many assume that it will put you out of a job. Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - Finance Job Role - Executive Financial Statements Dynamic reporting

Struggling to Scale: How Finance Can Do More with Less

Insight Software

As the strategic role of finance teams continues to evolve, the Office of the CFO faces many new responsibilities. The findings uncovered several opportunities for finance teams to do more with less and achieve scalability, whether the teams were looking to grow or downsize.

Attract and keep the best finance talent with financial analysis software


There is a global shortage of finance talent. Yet there is also a growing push toward having a more modern finance team that can be ready for anything, can quickly share up-to-date numbers and coach others in the business about financial performance.

Agility for Strategic Decision-Making: A Finance Team Imperative

Insight Software

Recent global crises have permanently changed the face of finance. In the wake of these changes, the finance function has transitioned to a more forward-looking approach as well. Finance teams are striving to achieve agility. Agility Is Key to the Finance Function.

Is 2022 the Year for Finance Transformation

Insight Software

As businesses struggle to keep up with the pace of change, finance teams have an opportunity to play a leading role in developing and maintaining a positive trajectory for their businesses. Finance transformation is ultimately about competitive advantage.

Kenny Lee joins Crayon Data as Vice President, Finance

Big Data Made Simple

Kenny Lee has joined Crayon Data as Vice President of Finance. He is a firm believer in finance business partnering and that finance can be an enabler of business growth. As part of the senior leadership team, he will be responsible for leading Crayon’s finance transformation.

Top Three Priorities for Finance Professionals Going Forward

Insight Software

Financial reporting, operational reporting, financial planning and analysis—there’s no shortage of work for finance teams to do as organizations continue to adjust to the new economic realities that the pandemic thrust upon the world stage in 2020. 2021 Finance Team Trends Report.

The Growing Role of Data Science and AI in Banking and Finance | Simplilearn


When’s the last time you wrote a check or visited your local bank? Sure, the old checkbook comes in handy from time to time, but your debit card and mobile banking apps likely get much more action nowadays.