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2021: Three Game-Changing Data Modeling Perspectives


So, I had to cut down my January 2021 list of things of importance in Data Modeling in this new, fine year (I hope)! The post 2021: Three Game-Changing Data Modeling Perspectives appeared first on DATAVERSITY. Click to learn more about author Thomas Frisendal.


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Maximizing Your Data Fabric’s ROI via Entity Data Modeling


Data fabrics are emerging as the most effective means of integrating data throughout the enterprise. They deliver a single access point for all data regardless of location — whether it’s at rest or in motion. Click to learn more about author Dr. Jans Aasman.

Stages and Types of Data Models

The Data Administration Newsletter

Three different types of data models exist, each of which plays a distinct role in data modeling. They help an organization’s efforts in organizing, understanding, and making productive use of enterprise data resources.

The Book Look: Data Model Storytelling

The Data Administration Newsletter

Larry Burns’ latest book, Data Model Storytelling, is all about maximizing the value of data modeling and keeping data models (and data modelers) relevant.

9 Skills You Need to Become a Data Modeler | Simplilearn


Data Modeling has recently emerged as one of the best skills to have in the extremely competitive industry of data science for database generation. What is Data Model.

Building Better Data Models to Unlock Next-Level Intelligence


You can’t talk about data analytics without talking about data modeling. The reasons for this are simple: Before you can start analyzing data, huge datasets like data lakes must be modeled or transformed to be usable. What is data modeling?

Data Model Development Using Jinja


Every aspect of analytics is powered by a data model. A data model presents a “single source of truth” that all analytics queries are based on, from internal reports and insights embedded into applications to the data underlying AI algorithms and much more.

What is Data Modelling? Overview, Basic Concepts, and Types in Detail | Simplilearn


Data is changing the way the world functions. It can be a study about disease cures, a company’s revenue strategy, efficient building construction, or those targeted ads on your social media page; it is all due to data. For example, customer data is meani.

Top 24 Data Modeling Interview Question and Answers in 2021 | Simplilearn


It’s a given that if you want to ace your next job interview, you first need to make sure your qualifications are worthy. But there is more you can do to help weigh the odds in your favor. Knowing your stuff is essential, yes, but so is being prepared.

Computing: A Human Activity!


Data Blogs | Information From Enterprise Leaders Data Education Data Modeling Blogs Data Modeling News, Articles, & Education Database Blogs Database News, Articles, & Education Algol-60 data model data modeling data representation data science data structure relational databases SQL

Data Modeling Pulls it All Together for the Business!

ElegantJ BI

Put simply, predictive analytics is a method used to forecast and predict the future results and needs of an organization using historical data and a comprehensive set of data from across and outside the enterprise. Predictive Modeling allows users to test theories and hypotheses and develop the best strategy. It enables more accurate, dependable planning and allows the organization to use fact-based planning, rather than using guesswork or opinion or using incomplete data.

Video – ‘Basics of data modelling – Part 1’


This video introduces the basics of data modelling. Data modelling is fundamental to creating a business level data architecture. The business view is of course highly simplified; we are trying to explain data modelling, not the business of insurance. The concept identifies the attributes, or data items, for each concept. Data modelling at the business level is sometimes described as concept modelling. Introduction.

A Guide to Predictive Data Analytics (Making Decisions for the Future)


Everyone wants to succeed in their business, but some might choose an unwise approach toward it, while others might mess with the wrong set of data. The post A Guide to Predictive Data Analytics (Making Decisions for the Future) appeared first on DATAVERSITY.

Building Data Models to Empower Self-Service Users


We live in a world of data: There’s more of it than ever before, in a ceaselessly expanding array of forms and locations. Dealing with Data is your window into the ways data teams are tackling the challenges of this new world to help their companies and their customers thrive. One of the keys to a successful, modern company is equipping every worker with the tools, skills, and data they need to do their jobs better and make smarter decisions.

Automate Data Workflows with the New Sisense Data Model APIs


Sisense News is your home for corporate announcements, new Sisense features, product innovation, and everything we roll out to empower our users to get the most out of their data. Introducing the Sisense Data Model APIs. You may be asking “What’s a Sisense Data Model, exactly?”

Why Enterprise Data Planning Is Crucial for Faster Outcomes


Are you planning on strategically using data to improve the efficiencies of your value chains? This can happen with artificial intelligence models that can make a journey interesting for […]. Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada.

Is Machine Learning a Good Fit for Your Product?


Data Blogs | Information From Enterprise Leaders Data Education Data Modeling Blogs Data Modeling News, Articles, & Education Smart Data Blogs Smart Data News, Articles, & Education automation data parsing Machine Learning machine learning models web scraping

Integrating and Visualising Multiple Microsoft To Do Accounts with Power BI

BI Insight

It’s been a while that I use Microsoft To Do to organise my daily tasks. From work-related tasks to buy groceries.

For the Love of Data: An Overview of Data Modeling for BAs

BA Times

I have always been a data fanatic. It started when I was a programmer analyst and learned to love such arcane data structures as ISAM (a relic), VSAM (simple, but efficient), and later DB2 (powerful and flexible).

Online Machine Learning: Into the Deep


Click to learn more about author Andrea Ferretti. Online learning is a branch of machine learning that has obtained a significant interest in recent years, thanks to its peculiarities that perfectly fit numerous kinds of tasks in today’s world. Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

Ten Use Cases to Enable an Organization with Metadata and Catalogs


Enterprises are modernizing their data platforms and associated tool-sets to serve the fast needs of data practitioners, including data scientists, data analysts, business intelligence and reporting analysts, and self-service-embracing business and technology personnel.

Solving the Right Problem: A Case Study in Risk Management


Click to learn more about author Steve Zagoudis. Successful problem solving requires finding the right solution to the right problem. We fail more often because we solve the wrong problem than because we get the wrong solution to the right problem.” – Russell L.

Where Is the Data Technology Industry Headed?


This announcement is interesting and causes some of us in the tech industry to step back and consider many of the factors involved in providing data technology […]. The post Where Is the Data Technology Industry Headed? Click here to learn more about Heine Krog Iversen.

Multidomain vs. Multiple-Domain MDM: The Difference Is More Than You Think


In my eight years as a Gartner analyst covering Master Data Management (MDM) and two years advising clients and prospects at a leading vendor, I have seen first-hand the importance of taking a multidomain approach to MDM. Click to learn more about author Bill O’Kane.

How Hedge Funds Utilize Data Trends


In the hedge fund industry, where investors need to act according to the current circumstances in order to benefit from them, it’s more important than ever for hedge fund managers to know and ride the latest data trends. Click to learn more about author Tom Wilson.

Why the Next Generation of Data Management Begins with Data Fabrics


However, most enterprises are hampered by data strategies that leave teams flat-footed when […]. The post Why the Next Generation of Data Management Begins with Data Fabrics appeared first on DATAVERSITY. Click to learn more about author Kendall Clark.

Common Quality Assurance (QA) Problems

The Data Administration Newsletter

According to research work done by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the US economy loses from $22.5 billion to $59.5

Rethinking Extract Transform Load (ETL) Designs


Click to learn more about author Aditi Raiter. Are you in a work environment where streaming architecture is not yet implemented across all IT systems? Have you ever been in a situation when you had to represent the ETL team by being up late for L3 support only to find out that one of your […].

The Three Techniques for Improving Analytics ROI in the Cloud


In an industry as competitive as eCommerce retail, the ability to turn data into actionable insights presents the opportunity to make business decisions that drive more revenue and control costs. Click to learn more about author Maurice Lacroix.

Retail 158

Becoming a Prized Data Warehouse and Data Integration Tester


Data warehouse (DW) testers with data integration QA skills are in demand. Data warehouse disciplines and architectures are well established and often discussed in the press, books, and conferences. Each business often uses one or more data […].

The Book Look: Quick Retrospect

The Data Administration Newsletter

Steve Hoberman has been a long-time contributor to The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN.com), including his The Book Look column since 2016, and his The Data Modeling Addict column years before that.

Metadata-Driven Data Warehouses are Ideal

The Data Administration Newsletter

A metadata-driven data warehouse (MDW) offers a modern approach that is designed to make EDW development much more simplified and faster. It makes use of metadata (data about your data) as its foundation and combines data modeling and ETL functionalities to build data warehouses.

Data Management 20/20: The Unacceptable Cost of Bad Data – Part 1

The Data Administration Newsletter

“…quite simply, the better and more accessible the data is, the better the decisions you will make.” – “When Bad Data Happens to Good Companies,” (environmentalleader.com) The Business Impact of an organization’s Bad Data can cost up to 25% of the company’s Revenue (Ovum Research) Bad Data Costs the US healthcare $314 Billion. (IT

Article: GraphQL Reference Guide: Building Flexible and Understandable APIs

InfoQ Articles

How can GraphQL help with data modelling in the Enterprise? REST GraphQL gRPC Data Model Web API Architecture API Development Architecture & Design article

The Book Look: Data Storytelling for Data Management

The Data Administration Newsletter

One exception is Telling Your Data Story: Data […]. Sometimes I like to read a book purely for pleasure, like a good Dan Brown or Stephen King novel, and sometimes I like to read a book to learn something new.

Exporting Power BI Desktop Data Using Power BI Exporter

BI Insight

I am excited to announce that our amazing team at Data Vizioner has developed a lightweight and easy to use external tool for Power BI Desktop named Power BI Exporter. The post Exporting Power BI Desktop Data Using Power BI Exporter appeared first on BI Insight.