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Business process modelling: key elements

Analysts Corner

Building blocks to model any process Modelling a business process often becomes one of the key steps of a business analyst’s job. A process model helps with visualising the problem area or defining the future state. Overall, a good process model makes life easier. Check it out!

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Harnessing Process Modeling for Effective Data Analytics Projects

Business Analysis Knowledge Share

To navigate this data-rich environment successfully, business analysts can turn to process modeling as a powerful tool. Process modeling helps them streamline their efforts, improve data quality, and make informed decisions throughout the data analytics project lifecycle.


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No-Code and Low-Code Platforms Demand Process Modeling Competence

BA Times

More and more enterprises are entrusting their digital transformation, regulatory compliance, and business process management objectives to model-driven, no-code, or low-code business application […].

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Business Process Modeling

BA Careers

Business Process Modeling (BPM) Business Process Modeling (BPM) is a business process management methodology that helps organizations improve their processes and make them more effective. Business Process Execution… The post Business Process Modeling appeared first on BA Career.

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What is business process Modelling?

BA Careers

What is business process Modelling? Business Process Modelling (BPM) is a method of representing the flow of work activities within an organization. BPM is a way to model how people interact with each other and how they accomplish tasks. appeared first on BA Career.

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Business Process Modeling Tips for Digital Transformation

Modern Analyst

Business analysts should bring more than an ad-hoc or experience-based business process modeling competence to digital transformation projects. Here are 5 ways to improve your business process modeling competence and become better prepared for producing high-quality business process models that serve digital transformation projects

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The complete guide to business process modeling (2021 edition)


Sadly, many business owners never take the time to actually map and model their processes in a visual way, leading to a lack of understanding of their own business. We’ll discuss why business process modeling is essential for modern organizations, as well as how to implement it, starting today. UML diagram. UML diagram.