5 Business Process Modeling Tips for Digital Transformation

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Business Process Modeling Tips for Digital Transformation

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Business analysts should bring more than an ad-hoc or experience-based business process modeling competence to digital transformation projects. Here are 5 ways to improve your business process modeling competence and become better prepared for producing high-quality business process models that serve digital transformation projects


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No-Code and Low-Code Platforms Demand Process Modeling Competence

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Thanks to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) architectures, the utility of and business case for model-driven, no-code, and low-code platforms have become more compelling than ever.

The complete guide to business process modeling (2021 edition)


If you’ve been in business for a while, then you understand the importance of your processes. Your profitability is completely tied to your ability to design, manage, and optimize your processes and operations. What is business process modeling? Streamline the process.

No-Code and Low-Code Platforms Demand Process Modeling Competence

Modern Analyst

Thanks to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) architectures, the utility of and business case for model-driven, no-code and low-code platforms have become more compelling than ever. More and more enterprises are entrusting their digital transformation, regulatory compliance, and business process management objectives to model-driven, no-code or low-code business application platforms.

Top 6 Business Process Modeling Mistakes

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Despite significant investments of time and well-intended stakeholder effort, many business process models still end up being not very useful for their intended purposes. Too many do not reflect the business accurately enough to be useful, do not have sufficient key stakeholders’ buy-in for real decision making, or do not include the kinds of process information that the model’s readers are looking for.

Our guide to optimizing your workflows with process modeling


While 50% of organizations say that they’re making considerable effort to improve business processes, only 2% of organizations model all their existing processes. If you don’t know what your end-to-end processes look like, how are you meant to make valid improvements?

Top 3 Process Automation Challenges (and How to Solve Them)


The same holds true for major digital transformation efforts, including process automation. According to a recent survey, 9 out of 10 IT decision-makers said process automation […]. The post Top 3 Process Automation Challenges (and How to Solve Them) appeared first on DATAVERSITY.

Business Process Modelling – The Basics

Business Analyst Mentor

This article explains why you should produce a business process model, what they are and how we can produce them. Business process models are important for a number of reasons: Tools And Techniques business process newbie BAs requirements gathering

Why Enterprise Data Planning Is Crucial for Faster Outcomes


This can happen with artificial intelligence models that can make a journey interesting for […]. Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada. Are you planning on strategically using data to improve the efficiencies of your value chains?

Modeling is for Everyone

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On this page: What is a Model? Benefits of Modeling Types of Models The Iterative Nature of Elicitation and Modeling Modeling and the Project Professional. Modeling is one of the most important practices for any project professional. What is a Model?

Tools for Business Analyst Workshop | Workshop Toolkit

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Tools And Techniques collaboration Process Modeling visual models workshopsI’ve been running a series of requirement gathering workshops recently which reminded me about the tools for business analyst workshop, the ‘physical stuff’ you need to have in place to.

What Is a Digital Blueprint and Why Do You Need One?


Process Design Documents (PDD) and Process Models are common mechanisms used by business analysts, business process architects, and Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) teams to visualize and document that steps of a business process. RPA at Scale Digital Process Automation Future of RPA

An Introduction to Business Process Normalization

IRM Connects

By Edmund Metera, Founder: Process Modeling Advisor Business Process Normalization[1] is an analysis technique that leads to sound, modern business process and workflow structures. Business Analysis Business Process Management Business Process management

What is BPMN?

The BAWorld

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is one of the most powerful process modelling languages. It uses symbols and notations to create visual models for business processes. Business Process Modelling Notation is popularly known as acronym BPMN.

How To Write Good User Stories – An Aggregate of User Story Articles

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A customer provides the team with feedback on their website ordering process and says “I want a button on my email receipt for my order to “view shipping details”. Consequently, something has been very flawed with requirements and analysis processes for a long time in many organizations.

The Business Analyst's Guide To Running Virtual Workshops

Business Analyst Learnings

Interested in sharing screen mockups, process models or user story maps? The new normal of online working is bound to introduce new habits and learning opportunities for business analysts looking to navigate the tides of the post-pandemic workplace.

Agile Teams Need More Than User Stories To Build Great Products

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A customer provides the team with feedback on their website ordering process and says “I want a button on my email receipt for my order to “view shipping details”. In response, they ideate, analyze the current user workflows and determine a solution to solve the problem; they also find the 18 requests related to this process in the backlog. Consequently, something has been very flawed with requirements and analysis processes for a long time in many organizations.

Agile 100

Business Analyst Interview Audio Book

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Do you understand Use cases, Activity diagrams, Process modelling etc. We have launched our Business Analyst Interview Audio Book after releasing the paperback edition on Amazon. The Audio book is created for the professionals prefer to listen.

UML 83

An Introduction to Business Process Management

Watermark Learning

In essence, they are all processes. As with all processes, they can be analyzed, measured, and improved to be the best as they can be at a given point in time. Most all processes can be improved! What is Business Process Management (BPM)? Business Process Management

10 Quick Tips For Procedure Documentation

Business Analyst Learnings

Most software development and process improvement projects involve introducing new ways of working as part of implementation. So, what exactly is a procedure and how is this different from a process? A process indicates what needs to be done and why.

Business Process Improvement: A Primer

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There are probably more reasons we can come up with as reasons to not improve our processes that I can possibly list. However, there is no other skill that can yield immediate results and payback than learning how to improve business processes. Why spend time improving our processes?

How can CIOs Build Business Value with Business Analytics?

Smart Data Collective

However, the rapid technology change, the increasing demand for user-centric processes and the adoption of blockchain & IoT have all positioned business analytics (BA) as an integral component in an enterprise CoE. Analytics is becoming more important than ever in the world of business.

Steps to Grow from a BPA to a BA Role

Adaptive US

As per a survey by Indeed.com, Business process analysts earn a dismal $5000 less than their counterparts, Business Analysts. As per CIO.com, ' Business analysts help guide businesses in improving processes, products, services, and software through data analysis.'

How to Set Realistic Timelines and Track the Value of New Processes

The Uncommon League

As a business analyst, you're adept at helping companies refine existing business processes or improve those they already follow. Enter the world of work process timelines. Put all of those symbols together, and you have a birds-eye view of the process you're revising.

How to Manage your Data Science Project: An Ultimate Guide


The role of data science management is to put the data analytics process into a strategic context so that companies can harness the power of their data while working on their data science project. Define the process . What is the CRISP-DM Process Model? Modeling .

How do you improve business processes as part of a digital transformation?


When you work in an internal product setting, you’ll often get the opportunity to revisit existing business processes and look for ways to make them more effective. This usually involves finding ways to improve the interactions your customers have with those processes and automating some or all of the process. The key is to approach the work in a way that allows you to improve the business process in a way that allows you to deliver more value to your customers.

Discovery Sessions: Start a project off right


The purpose of this session is to discuss the nature of the activities that your project and product supports through the lens of the Purpose Based Alignment model. The Purpose Based Alignment Model is a method for aligning business decisions and process and feature designs around purpose.

BPMN Diagrams For Dummies

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Business process modeling notation, or BPMN, is the way BPM professionals communicate the design of a specific process, be it simple or exceedingly complex. Events A circle, commonly at the beginning and end of a process, but also possible elsewhere. What Is BPMN?

5 Recommended Tools for Running Virtual Workshops

Business Bullet

Scenario 4 – Drawing out business process models or any standard visual model. This enables you to draw out BPMN process flows, Wireframes, UML, Mind maps, Flow charts etc.

UML 81

Blog: 7 Tips to Prevent Zoom Bombing and Improve Videoconferencing Security on your Remote Meetings

IAG Consulting

With the rapid adoption of video conferencing it is not surprising that bad actors are getting in on the action in ways to maliciously break into web conference meetings.

Mendix Vs. Appian – Is there a Clear Winner?


With its robust visual models, Mendix allows a wide range of professional developers and non-developers to create innovative apps without complex code knowledge. It offers you the required flexibility and control throughout the process of app development. Real-Time Process Monitoring.

Levels and roles of business analysis


Strategic : Business transformations; Portfolio management; Business change; Business architecture and Target operating models; Business agility; Benefits realisation. Operational: Business processes ; Business data; Management information and Decision support; Business rules; Business cases; Business requirements discovery; Problem analysis. Competent with business process modelling, business data modelling and business rules. Levels of business analysis.

3 Reasons You Need to Learn Disciplined Agile Today!


To take a brief trip down memory lane, DAD was developed from the foundation of RUP (Rational Unified Process), which was a highly-customizable process model that was often mis-applied into a rigid, waterfall-like process.

Agile 52

How to easily create workflows from a workflow template


Whatever task your team is working on, you need to visualize key components of the process, how they fit together, and the order in which to complete the tasks. A workflow template gives you a solid base to map your business process from start to finish, making things a lot easier.