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What Is a Digital Blueprint and Why Do You Need One?


Process Design Documents (PDD) and Process Models are common mechanisms used by business analysts, business process architects, and Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) teams to visualize and document that steps of a business process.

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Business analysis tips for effective Product ownership

Analysts Corner

Observation is a key technique that allows to accompany and observe people performing their work and learning about the process first-hand. Process modeling may be used to document the “as is” process. This learning process can’t be concluded if users are not involved.


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Requirements for Process Automation

Argon Digital

If you’re working on a business process automation project, there are several requirements techniques to consider using to mesh the new systems and updated business processes. Modeling the business processes. Eliciting requirements to automate business processes begins by modeling those processes.

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How Business Analysts Create Value

Bridging the Gap

Before I forget, be sure to download our free business process template which incorporates a host of best practices on process modeling.). Business process analysis is often the very first technique used by business analysts when we start learning a new domain or analyze the scope of a project.