Project Manager vs. BusinessAnalyst

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Who is a Project Manager

WBS Approach in Project Management | Simplilearn


WBS (work breakdown structure) is a critical phase in project management. It is usually presented as a hierarchical structure, starting with the overall project at the top, followed by sub-projects, work packages, and finally tasks.


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7 Most Widely Used Project Management Apps Compared | Simplilearn


Today, we will understand what is a project management application and how it can help your organization. Also, we will have a look at a few of the best project management apps available.

Project Management Interview Guide | Simplilearn


If you’re pursuing a career in project management, you’re making a smart move. Organizations have recognized project management as indispensable to business success, and have figured out skilled and credentialed project managers are among their most valuable resources.

Quality Management in Project Management | Simplilearn


In the late 80’s or early 90’s, quality management found its place within project management. Today, no one can deny the fact that project management has become quality driven. Everyone prefers not just project delivery but ‘quality’ project delivery.

Task management vs project management


Task management and project management sound similar, but they are two distinct sets of skills that require unique approaches. Get access to them for your own projects or tasks as part of the Work OS. helps with task management and project management.

Project Management Methodologies | Simplilearn


There are many different models and methodologies prevalent that are used in projects depending on the size and nature of the project. Waterfall methodology: Waterfall methodology is one of the oldest and most widely used methodologies across all industries.

5 Free Agile Tools For Any Project Manager | Simplilearn


Whether or not you’re a project manager, you’ve probably heard of Agile. It’s a framework of behaviors and approaches that encourage “just in time” production that enables project teams to complete projects on time, with higher quality.

Quality Control in Project Management


What is Quality Control in Project Management? Quality control in project management is where the team implements strategies to ensure that the deliverable or product meets the end-user requirements. A clear-cut plan for management increases the likelihood of success.

8 project management techniques every project manager should know


With’s integrations — such as with Jira or Gitlab for bug tracking and issue management — if you change something in one platform, it’ll change in the others. Project management is a vast field. Project management

Interpersonal Skills of a Project Manager | Simplilearn


Is it necessary to have only certified project managers to run projects? Can project managers with only good leaderships skills find jobs, or for that matter just negotiation or communication skills?

The Basic Principles of Project Management | Simplilearn


Project management is a composite activity with multiple dimensions. Depending on the type and class of the project, this management activity can be very complex.

Important rules of project management: Where is your position as a true and successful project manager? | Simplilearn


All of us try to be a successful project manager irrespective of the nature of the organizations or irrespective of the nature of the projects.

Risk Register in Project Management | Simplilearn


A risk register, sometimes known as a risk log, is an important component of the overall risk management framework. Created during the early stages of a project, the risk register is a tool that helps you track issues and address them as they arise. What Exactly is a Risk Register?

Time management in project management


Time management in project management focuses on how you divide your time between deliverables and tasks related to the project in order to meet deadlines. This article takes an in-depth look at the role of time management in project management.

PMBOK® - A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge | Simplilearn


The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Project Management Guide is used as a reference for most of the Project Management based professional development programs.

How to Get Project Management Experience for PMP Certification | Simplilearn


If you’ve set your sights on earning your PMP certificate for project management, it may seem like an overwhelming undertaking due to the requirements. Someone with this certification is a skilled project manager that has all the necessary qualifications, incl.

The importance of benchmarking in project management


Benchmarking in project management helps take the guesswork out of projects by enabling a clearer understanding of success and progress. What is benchmarking, and why does it matter in project management? A real-life example of benchmarking in project management.

How to Build a Career in Project Management? | Simplilearn


Often the words ‘Project Management’ tends to conjure up an image of a guy in a hard hat. Business owners now recognize that Project Management plays a crucial role. Want to become competent in core project management areas?

8 Reasons Project Management is a Top Career Choice | Simplilearn


Project managers are always in demand: No matter what the industry, qualified professionals are always needed to plan and provision the work. Of course, that’s just the high-level view of project management, which can be a complex and rewarding career.

Types of contracts in project management


In project management, the contract solidifies an agreement between a buyer and supplier — or seller. Find out why it’s important to have a good contract when working in project management and what types of contracts are useful in various scenarios.

Agile Project Management – APM Lifecycle and APM Framework | Simplilearn


Agile Project Management uses agile methodologies such as scrum, extreme programming and XP practice and so on within agile development towards successful completion.

Technology project management software 101


Technology projects are generally complex processes. So complex, in fact, that managing those projects generally requires specialized software and a person to keep track of everything. . How does technology project management work? Closure is the end of the project.

Business Intelligence for Project Management

ElegantJ BI

Analytics for Project Management: Metrics, Clarity and Results! Every organization manages projects – some are big and some are small and some are the lifeblood of the enterprise. Even with an enterprise project management solution, consulting companies, internal project management teams and other businesses that provide project management services often fail to meet objectives.

PRINCE2 Vs. PMP - Choosing The Best Project Management Certification | Simplilearn


If you're in the Project Management field, or if you’ve always wanted to immerse yourself in this thriving discipline, you’ve probably wondered about what steps you need to take to get certified to advance your career.

5 ways to improve Project Management | Simplilearn


When it comes to project management things can roll downwards even before you realize it. One might be a skilled project manager but there is always scope for improvement.

Performance Reporting in the Project Management | Simplilearn


It’s an important activity in project communication management. What is performance reporting?

Top 36 Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers | Simplilearn


Senior executives and HR managers recognize project management as indispensable to business success. They know that skilled and credentialed project managers are among their most valuable resources.

Deming, Juran, and Crosby: Pioneers of Project Management | Simplilearn


If you’ve been preparing for a Project Management exam, chances are the vast majority of what you have studied is directly or indirectly derived from the work of these three Project Management thinkers and theorists: William Edwards Deming Joseph Moses Juran Philip Bayard Crosby This article presents an overview of their contributions to the fi.

Change Management vs. Project Management: Key Differences


Many people confuse project management and change management because they’re each a management process. In both roles, you manage a process and people. However, which processes or people you manage differ in each position. What is change management?

2022 Predictions For Project Management Professionals


The same holds true with project management. For the past few years, many project teams have been challenged with improving their efficiency so that they can deliver faster, cheaper, or more value to customers. Another year is upon us!

7 Questions Every PMP® Student Asks About Project Management | Simplilearn


I’ve been teaching project management for a while, and although the material has changed a bit since I started, the students and their understanding needs have not.

What is a Deliverable in Project Management? | Simplilearn


The concept behind a Deliverable is one of the essential concepts in the profession of project management. Let us take a look and understand deliverables in project management.

The importance of ethics in project management


The project management profession has specific values that leaders in the field should adhere to in order to be successful. Understanding what these values are and how to apply them is critical to working in project management. What is ethics in project management?

Learn about project management in healthcare


With effective project management in healthcare, you can develop plans, break everything down into simple steps, track progress, and enjoy an end result that often exceeds expectations. What is project management in healthcare? Common steps for healthcare projects.