October, 2021

Why Digital Transformation is Hard

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What Is the Benefit of Modern Data Warehousing? | Simplilearn


Access to relevant customer and industry information is the primary competitive advantage businesses have over their direct and indirect competitors today. It’s the smartest approach to remaining vigilant in a business environment where competition is at an all-time high.


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Transparent Machine Learning: Key Steps and Tips for Getting Started


Click to learn more about author Deepak Dube. While machine learning is an involved science with complex models, what distinguishes transparent machine learning is that it explains itself – how it works, its predictions, its insights – so that the user understands and trusts the outcome.

Business Users Need Personalized BI Tools & Dashboards!

ElegantJ BI

Flexible Dashboard Software Can Deliver Business Intelligence to Business Users!

Be the Best – 9 Ways to Market Your Business with Big Data

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has been a highly valuable asset for many companies around the world. Countless companies are utilizing big data to improve many aspects of their business. Some of the best applications of data analytics and AI technology has been in the field of marketing.

Guest Post : Strategic Agility – Strategy in the era of disruption

Growing Agile

This blog post is by Nilesh Makan. While the world has been changing at an exponential pace over the last decade, it doesn’t compare with the seismic shifts that have transformed our lives over the past year or so.

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How to Prepare for Machine Learning Security Risks | Simplilearn


Machine learning has created significant advancements for industries and set the pace for a future built on artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

What to Know Before Crafting a Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan


Click to learn more about author George Williams. In order to effectively back up all of data and resources with cloud disaster recovery, organizations need to craft a disaster recovery (DR) plan beforehand.

How to Assure Citizen Data Scientist Success!

ElegantJ BI

Enterprise Culture Change Assures Success of Citizen Data Scientist Initiatives!

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Important Steps to Take to Address the Bias in AI

Smart Data Collective

We mentioned previously that bias is a big problem in machine learning that has to be mitigated. People need to take important steps to help mitigate it for the future.

Guest Post: Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Growing Agile

This blog post is by Nilesh Makan and one of my favourites, thanks for sharing. Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen. Vanilla ice was ahead of the curve when coming up with the lyrics of Ice Ice Baby. The lyrics in the following line of the song are: “Ice is back with my brand new invention”.

5 Great Resources for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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Top 10 Docker Alternatives for Containerization and Their Standout Features | Simplilearn


Software developers are increasingly being called on to produce better quality apps at a faster rate. In today’s digital economy, there’s a great demand for more products. So, DevOps professionals need to have a wide choice of tools to stay at the top of their game.

Industry-Tailored Reskilling Accelerates Data Maturity


Click to learn more about author Merav Yuravlivker. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to meet the demands of our data-driven world, and developing a data-mature organization is key to success across all areas of a business.

Can Integrated Analytics Help Tally ERP Users?

ElegantJ BI

Integrate Sophisticated Analytics and User-Friendly Tools with Tally ERP! Tally ERP business users are familiar with the tools and modules provided and use these tools daily for accounting, inventory control, purchasing and supplier management tasks and finance-related activities.

Cyber Insurance Could Keep Your SMB Afloat Post Cyber Attack

Smart Data Collective

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, cybercrime is skyrocketing to unprecedented levels and daily ransomware attacks increased by 50% in 2020. The cause of this rise is largely due to the massive increase in American employees working from home.

Seven Product Backlog Mistakes to Avoid

Roman Pichler

[link]. The Product Backlog is Too Big. A few years ago, I was asked to help a healthcare company with their agile transition and its impact on product management.

Why Research Is Essential in Tackling Challenging Business Problems

Analyst Catalyst Blog

Business Data Analytics Membership Industry Systems Corporate

Starting a Career as a SAP FICO Consultant | Simplilearn


SAP is one of the largest providers of enterprise software application towards better enterprise resource planning. SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. Back in 1972, SAP was founded launching business solutions that help organize processes in enterprises.

Data Lakes for Non-Techies


Click to learn more about author Joan Fabregat-Serra. IT has weaponized jargon since the very beginning of IT itself. Jargon was a key element to create vendor lock-in situations during the ’90s and early 2000s.

Agile vs. Roadmaps — Ending the Battle [+Webinar]

280 Group

Sign up for our October 15th webinar, Unlocking a More Strategic Product Roadmap using Agile , to learn more in-depth about taking your product roadmap to the next level using Agile. The Product Roadmap.

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How Can You Use Machine Learning to Optimize Pricing in FinTech?

Smart Data Collective

FinTech is about connecting with customers. They expect something different from classically understood banking. The more you know about your audience, the more you can offer them. It’s similar to prices – price optimization through machine learning is a great tool to grow your revenue.

The complete monday.com demo for 2021


The post The complete monday.com demo for 2021 appeared first on monday.com Blog. Project management

Come off mute. Come on camera. Get your mojo back.

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Business Analysis Careers Industry Volunteer Chapters Business Analysis Community

Road-map to the CCNA Certification | Simplilearn


Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) is a certification course offered by Cisco. Cisco is a leading vendor of IT network equipment, which is designed and manufactured in-house.


How to Use Your Data to Deliver a First-Rate Customer Experience


Click to learn more about author Arun Kumar. Excellent customer experience (CX) is no longer a “nice-to-have” – it’s a must. Fortunately for marketers, brands have access to droves of data to drive their CX. They just need to know how to optimize it.

insightsoftware acquires Exago, Bolstering Market Leadership in Embedded Analytics

Insight Software

The acquisition of this embedded BI solution provider further empowers software teams to deliver compelling self-service analytics to their users. RALEIGH, N.C.

Server Management Best Practices for Data-Driven Organizations

Smart Data Collective

There is no denying the fact that big data has become a critical asset to countless organizations all over the world. Many companies are storing data internally, which means that they have to be responsible for maintaining their own standards.

Article: Is Artificial Intelligence Taking over DevOps?

InfoQ Articles

AI tools are slowly replacing the role of the developer – just as DevOps did before – and will eventually supplant DevOps entirely. Assessing whether that prediction is true is tricky.

How To Understand Your Team Type: Collocated, Satellite, Cluster, Nebula

Johanna Rothman

I've been hearing people talk about “hybrid” remote teams. So far, every person I've talked to means something different.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Certification | Simplilearn


Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Certification is a highly sought after certification designed for IT security, IT Risk and IT Auditors. This credential is an audit professional certification sponsored by the reputed Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).