Cloud Computing 2016 – Growing from Strength to Strength | Simplilearn


It’s earnings season for US-based companies, and that provides an opportunity to see how cloud computing is doing. The answer is, very well, indeed. Amazon reported its earning on October 28, and for this quarter AWS grew 55% to $3.2 billion in revenues.

Future of Cloud Computing - Five Reasons | Simplilearn


Cloud computing isn't just a smart choice for innovative businesses - it's necessary. Nearly everyone recognizes that cloud computing is an unstoppable trend in the IT industry.


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10 Top Paying Cloud Computing Certifications in 2021


By the end of this article, you would have a list of the 10 top paying cloud computing certifications in 2021. If you’re looking to pursue your career in cloud computing, then choosing the right certification path becomes imperative. Which Cloud Certification is the Best?

Upcoming Cloud Computing Trends for 2021


Cloud computing has emerged as a crucial component in the enterprise environment as well as the daily lives of consumers. The capabilities of cloud computing were largely responsible for keeping the global economy afloat during the pandemic.

Webinar Wrap-up: Edge Computing Vs. Cloud Computing | Simplilearn


Companies big and small are continually moving their applications to the cloud. More than 28 percent of an organization’s total IT budget is now kept aside for cloud computing.

A Synopsis of the Exin Cloud Computing Certification | Simplilearn


The EXIN Cloud Computing is one of the most noteworthy certifications in the field of cloud computing. This certification is designed to enhance the fundamentals of cloud computing, and it aids in the effective deployment of services in a chosen workspace.

Webinar Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing | Simplilearn webinar starts 20-07-2021 21:00


Because you’re interested in becoming a Cloud Architect or Cloud Engineer, you’ll want to attend the Program Preview of our Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing in partnership with Caltech CTME.

Enterprises Confront - Cloud Computing Adoption and Confusion | Simplilearn


It’s interesting to watch the stream of cloud computing articles that cross my desk. Five years ago, they all focused on how enterprises worried about cloud security and would, as a result, choose to build private clouds.

Healthcare and Cloud Computing - Together At Last | Simplilearn


For years, the healthcare industry seemed to be the last sector to embrace cloud computing. With HIPAA compliance, storing private patient data in the cloud seemed much too risky from a security and legal standpoint.

5 Reasons to Take up A Cloud Computing Certification | Simplilearn


Over the past few years, the cloud computing industry has generated a lot of interest and investment. Cloud computing has become an integral part of the IT infrastructure for many companies worldwide.

Cloud Computing Salary: Trends and Predictions for 2021 | Simplilearn


Cloud computing, in particular, has emerged as a key tech skill tha. Amidst the upheavals in the job market in the post-pandemic era, if there's one thing that has remained stable, it is the demand for skilled IT workers.

Gaining Implementation Skills in Cloud Computing: Course Review | Simplilearn


IT professionals who wish to expand their skill set should set their sights on the growing cloud computing market. One popular avenue is to gain proficiency in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing offering.

Cloud Computing: Far More than Infrastructure | Simplilearn


Cloud computing sets a new standard for infrastructure expectations. In the past, gaining access to computing infrastructure commonly took weeks, months, or even years, depending upon the vagaries of corporate budgeting, project priority, and staff availability. With cloud computing, infrastructure expectations are now measured in minutes: the big.

Data Gravity and Cloud Computing

The Data Administration Newsletter

Cloud computing is growing rapidly as a deployment platform for IT infrastructure because it can offer significant benefits. But cloud computing is not always the answer, nor will it replace all of our on-prem computing systems anytime soon—no matter what the pundits are saying.

Top 7 Cloud Database in 2021: Transforming Cloud Computing | Simplilearn


Cloud computing is basically the commodification of data storage and computing time with the help of standardized technologies. Cloud databases are databases that run on cloud computing platforms such as Salesforce, GoGrid, Rackspace, and Amazon EC2.

Program Preview: Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing | Simplilearn webinar starts 17-03-2021 02:00


Welcome to the Program Preview of our Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing in partnership with Caltech CTME! To make a contribution to Cloud Computing.

Top Cloud Computing Skills You Need to Pick Up in 2021


In 2020, the businesses have been more focused on the adoption of cloud services and so, will remain in the coming years. As per the IDC report, the public cloud adoption will continue to rise and the public cloud market will reach £197 billion next year. What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing in 2018 and Predictions for the Future of Cloud | Simplilearn


Edge Comput. As 2019 approaches, it’s time to make predictions and “guess-timates” for the coming year. But first, I wanted to look back at my trends and predictions article for 2018 to see whether I could give Nostradamus a run for his money.

9 Characteristics of Cloud Computing and Why Every Cloud Professional Should Know Them | Simplilearn


Since its inception, cloud computing has taken the IT world by storm, offering a secure, scalable, and reliable alternative to on-premises data storage and processing infrastructure.

Program Preview: Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing | Simplilearn webinar starts 20-01-2021 02:30


The Cloud is the backbone of the Digital Economy today, enabling organizations around the world to manage data, access computing power, and communicate globally more powerfully than ever before.

The Top Cloud Computing Skills You Need to Pick Up in 2021 | Simplilearn


The demand for certified cloud computing professionals has soared, outpacing the disruptive shift from in-house servers and computing power to the flexibility and scalability of cloud-based systems.

Why Cloud Computing Is Essential to Your Organization | Simplilearn


With the increased importance of Cloud Computing, qualified Cloud solutions architects and engineers are in high demand. Organizations have moved to cloud platforms for better scalability, mobility, and security. Cloud solutions architects are among the highest-paid professionals in the IT industry. IDG found that by mid-2018, nearly one-third of a. Read More

Reasons For Transitioning To Cloud Computing In 2020

Smart Data Collective

Cloud computing has now become a common term that all of us have heard of. However, unfortunately, many of us still don’t understand the complete potential of cloud computing. However, cloud computing for a business is entirely different from the personal use of the cloud.

AWS Careers: A Good Move for Cloud Computing Enthusiasts | Simplilearn


Spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will more than double from $229 billion in 2019 to approximately $500 billion by 2023, according to data from IDC. The main areas of investment in the public cloud for this five-year window of high growth will be: Professi.

Top Cloud Computing Companies to Work for in 2021 | Simplilearn


If you’re doing anything on the internet today, you are likely accessing resources from a cloud. Everything from data and media, to software and servers, is all accessible these days from cloud-based platforms, and cloud computing is the delivery of these on-demand computing services.

Cloudless Development and Other Cloud Computing Trends for 2020 | Simplilearn


Your use of cloud services will continue to accelerate as we move through 2020 and beyond.

What Is Cloud Computing and the Top Cloud Technologies to Look Out for in 2021 | Simplilearn


Everybody’s talking about the cloud today. Granted, not everyone has a clear picture of what cloud computing is and what it does, but that doesn’t stop the topic from being discussed by professionals and “regular folk” alike.

The Impact Of Cloud Computing In 2021 | Simplilearn


In many ways, the cloud has been too long overlooked. Many organizations are still facing challenges in developing and implementing suitable business models for the cloud.

Update Your IT Career with a Move into Cloud Computing | Simplilearn


Let’s face it, change is the new constant! Think back to life 20, 10, or even just 5 years ago. The iPhone wasn’t introduced until 2007. Look how much that has changed our lives! Or remember when Netscape Navigator was the web browser of choice?

6 Signs You’re Missing the Boat on Cloud Computing | Simplilearn


Businesses are embracing the cloud like never before, moving data, applications, software development environments and entire IT infrastructures to these efficient, cost effective frameworks.

Role of Cloud Computing and Going Back to Work in the Post-Pandemic

Smart Data Collective

Cloud computing has been integral to the future of the economy. Countless companies are using the cloud to get a number of new benefits and have a stronger edge. Cloud computing may prove to be more important than ever as the pandemic starts to come to an end.

Virtualization in Cloud Computing - Overview, Types, Benefits And Top Techniques | Simplilearn


One great example of how this works is when you separate the hard drive of your computer into different smaller parts. Virtualization, in simple words, is the act of creating a virtual version of something.

Glimpsing The Future: How Cloud Computing Will Continue to Change the World | Simplilearn webinar starts 17-11-2020 16:00


Everyone is aware of the Cloud, but why has it become so important not only to technology but to the way we live today?

38 Cloud Computing Companies Win 2020 Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing


38 Cloud Computing Companies Win 2020 Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing Winners announced for annual Stratus Awards presented by Business Intelligence Group.

Optimizing Cloud Compute and Data Storage for Data Analytics


When architecting your data warehouse solution, separating compute and data storage is extremely important for both operational sustainability and economic efficiency. Different things drive the technical needs for each of these, the capacity demands of the organization are different, and the best solution requires optimizing compute and data storage separately. Compute capacity is driven by business trends.

How Cloud Computing And Robotics Play A Role In Industrial Automation

Smart Data Collective

All technologies today are connected to cloud computing. On the other hand, cloud-based enterprises already started building smart chatbots, mainly used in customer service building process. How Can Robots and Cloud Technologies Help Industries? Manufacturing sectors with higher demands for increased functional tasks of cloud technology are also big industries that benefit from such technologies. And unsurprisingly, robotics as well.

How Cloud Migration Accelerates Digital Transformation


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