An Introduction to Business Process Management

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In essence, they are all processes. As with all processes, they can be analyzed, measured, and improved to be the best as they can be at a given point in time. Most all processes can be improved! What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Enhancing Operational Excellence with Augmented Business Process Management

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Recent years have brought a stream of exciting developments in the field of Business Process Management (BPM). The maturation of advanced analytics and AI technology have given way to a new approach to BPM called Augmented BPM. This article explores the trends driving the emergence of Augmented BPM and how organizations can start benefitting from these trends


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An Essential Guide to Business Process Management (BPM) | Blueprint


If business processes are the foundation on which your organization is built, then business process management (BPM) is the necessary mechanism that keeps that foundation strong and sturdy. Digital Process Automation

Why You Need Business Process Management (BPM)

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Why You Need Business Process Management (BPM) By Steven Czyrny Business processes occur within every business, every day. Some are more complex than others, but as your organization grows, and you need to delegate to your team, documenting these processes by modeling them, communicating them to everyone, and analyzing key results will improve the day […].

What is business process management (BPM)? Definition, examples, and more


In most companies, the majority of your employees spend most of their time working on repeatable processes rather than standalone projects. When the majority of your payroll is spent on processes, it makes sense to optimize them. That’s where business process management comes in.

Enabling Agile BPM with an Adaptive Architecture


Businesses rely on real-time data to make strategic business decisions. To harvest the latest data and get the best intelligence to guide decision-making requires an agile business process management (BPM) architecture.

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5 Process Metrics You Need for Better Business Process Analysis | Blueprint


Business process analysis (BPA) is the gateway to greater efficiency, reduced costs, and real transformation. Business Process Management

The 4 Benefits of Switching to Microsoft Power Automate | Blueprint


Gartner recently released the 2022 edition of its Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Platform Migration Business Process ManagementUnsurprisingly, Microsoft gained even more ground in the leader category.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of On-Premise Automation | Blueprint


Platform Migration Business Process ManagementIf they were early to the game, most organizations started their automation journeys with on-premise RPA solutions and software.

6 Easy Steps to Implement Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) | Blueprint


You can’t make better business decisions if you don’t understand how your business is run. Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) is a way to solve that significant gap and provide the insight and understanding needed to make better business decisions.

The ROI in Value Mapping | Blueprint


Business Process ManagementAutomation programs are now well beyond the early adoption stage and have reached a significant level of maturity.

What is Automation Anywhere Automation 360: Everything You Need to Know | Blueprint


IIn the effort to increase their returns from automation, enable scale, and automate more complex, end-to-end business processes instead of just tasks, organizations are looking to next-generation intelligent automation solutions. Platform Migration Business Process Management

What is Value Mapping: Everything You Need to Know | Blueprint


These are some of the most common pain points organizations are experiencing with their automation initiatives: Business Process Management

Process Decomposition: Why It’s So Important | Blueprint


The most essential principle of continuous process improvement is defining how work is being done. That means high-quality process mapping and modeling. Business Process Management

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Automation | Blueprint


Platform Migration Business Process ManagementIn the previous article of this blog series, we covered the pros and cons of running on-premise automation technology. In this post, we’ll do the same, but this time for cloud automation.

4 Automation Challenges that Business Process Analysis (BPA) Solves | Blueprint


In the effort to scale and increase returns on their automation programs, one solution that’s gaining momentum is centralizing all their business processes in a single repository for analysis—not just to solve their automation challenges but to drive several other critical business benefits.

Why Workflow Automation Projects Fail | Blueprint


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) promises a simple truth: automate manual, time-consuming and repetitive tasks. While the goal is easy to understand, achieving enterprise-wide process automation through RPA is certainly not an easy task.

3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Assess Your Automation Estate Before Re-platforming | Blueprint


Business Process ManagementThere is a lot of growing interest in the automation market to move on from legacy RPA tools onto newer generation intelligent automation platforms.

5 Tips on How to Assess your Automation Estate | Blueprint


Countless organizations are looking to move their automation estates from the legacy RPA tools they started their journey on, onto next-generation intelligent automation platforms that reduce the total cost of ownership and enable end-to-end automation of complete business processes.

An Introduction to Business Process Normalization

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By Edmund Metera, Founder: Process Modeling Advisor Business Process Normalization[1] is an analysis technique that leads to sound, modern business process and workflow structures. Business Analysis Business Process Management Business Process management

How Organizations Are Re-Platforming Their Automation Estates to New RPA Tools | Blueprint


Business Process ManagementThere are many reasons organizations are looking to new-generation automation platforms to re-platform their automation estates.

Microsoft Power Automate: How Microsoft’s History Predicts Future Success | Blueprint


In Gartner’s most recent assessment of the automation market, it didn’t come as a surprise to see Microsoft continuing to close the gap on the perennial leaders in the Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation. Platform Migration Business Process Management

3 Reasons Why Integrations Are So Important for Business Process Analysis | Blueprint


Business process analysis (BPA) is like any other business function: it requires an ecosystem of teams, tools, solutions, and functions to provide the desired business outcomes. Business Process Management

The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping and How to Do It | Blueprint


A primary principle of continuous process improvement is making your process optimization efforts customer-centric. Business Process ManagementThere’s no better way to do that than by understanding your customers’ lifecycle and building a customer journey map.

The 9 Principles of Continuous Process Improvement | Blueprint


Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, are just three of the many process improvement methodologies businesses employ to inject structure and strategy into their improvement initiatives. Business Process Management

6 Things to Consider When Calculating ROI for Intelligent Automation Projects | Blueprint


When businesses look to add a new technology solution, there are two driving factors…will this solution help me make money or will it lower existing costs? Business Process Management Total Cost of Ownership

5 Automation Re-platforming Trends in 2022 | Blueprint


Business Process ManagementRecent Blueprint Research Reveals Why Organizations are Switching RPA Tools, the RPA Vendors They’re Re-platforming to, the Re-Platforming Challenges They’re Facing, and the Benefits They’re Realizing.

Why Business Process Analysis is So Important for Successful Automation | Blueprint


Business Process ManagementOrganizations are experiencing automation overload. To realize all the benefits that automation promised, there was a mad dash to automate all the low-hanging fruit and quick wins possible.

What is Process Debt and How to Reduce It | Blueprint


As more organizations dive into process analysis, process improvement, and process modernization efforts like automation, they are quickly realizing that they have a lot of process debt. Business Process Management

5 BPA (Business Process Analysis) Techniques You Should Know | Blueprint


Business Process Analysis (BPA) is gaining more and more momentum in the enterprise, and for good reason. Business Process ManagementOrganizations need to understand how they complete work to become more efficient and reduce costs.

What is EBPA (Enterprise Business Process Analysis)? | Blueprint


One of the biggest challenges for organizations is finding a way to make better business decisions. To meet that challenge head-on and overcome it, companies need to understand how their business runs today. Business Process Management

The 6 Benefits of Value Mapping and Assessing Your Automation Estate | Blueprint


Business Process ManagementA lot of organizations find themselves in a troubling situation.

4 Process Improvement Strategies: Modernize, Optimize, Standardize, Automate | Blueprint


The main objective of Business Process Analysis (BPA) is to define and execute process improvement strategies. Once a process has been analyzed and its value assessed, the most appropriate improvement strategy should be chosen to deliver the greatest value.

BPA vs. BPM: What’s the Difference? | Blueprint


Reducing costs and improving efficiency by understanding your business processes is nothing new. This business discipline has been around for a while, and like any discipline, there is always an evolution and even a divergence where a variation or new concept is born.

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