An Introduction to Business Process Management

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In essence, they are all processes. As with all processes, they can be analyzed, measured, and improved to be the best as they can be at a given point in time. Most all processes can be improved! What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

What is business process management (BPM)? Definition, examples, and more


In most companies, the majority of your employees spend most of their time working on repeatable processes rather than standalone projects. When the majority of your payroll is spent on processes, it makes sense to optimize them. That’s where business process management comes in.


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An Essential Guide to Business Process Management (BPM) | Blueprint


If business processes are the foundation on which your organization is built, then business process management (BPM) is the necessary mechanism that keeps that foundation strong and sturdy. Digital Process Automation

Why You Need Business Process Management (BPM)

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Why You Need Business Process Management (BPM) By Steven Czyrny Business processes occur within every business, every day. Some are more complex than others, but as your organization grows, and you need to delegate to your team, documenting these processes by modeling them, communicating them to everyone, and analyzing key results will improve the day […].

Life Moves Pretty Fast; What About You?

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Business Analysis Business Change Business Process Management business change Business Change and Transformation Business Process management digital transformation digital transformation in business EABPM Hedwyn IRM UK IRMBCT Philip Hellyer Sustainable digital platform

Process Improvement – Its All About The Benefits

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How about if you could easily see the benefits of your process improvement work? The post Process Improvement – Its All About The Benefits appeared first on IRM Connects, by IRM UK | IT Blog. Business Analysis Business Process Management Change Management BA Community business analysis business architecture Business Process management Business Process Management Conference Europe Business requirements data governance enterprise architecture enterprise data management IRM UK

Process Mining

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Humzah Ali, Business Analyst, Capita LinkedIn: Introduction You may have heard of Process Mining, but what actually is it? Simply put, Process Mining allows you to take real-world data. Business Analysis Business Process Management

The Business Case for a Common Language: Not “If,” but “What and When?”

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The post The Business Case for a Common Language: Not “If,” but “What and When?” Opportunity While most people don’t think about it very often, common language is essential to day-in, day-out commerce. Companies and others[1] employ standards to ensure that a meter is.

What Happens if You Fail to Plan for Holiday Sales?


This may be a good time to look at remote staff or to outsource the entire process, taking advantage of a larger hiring pool and a partner who is already familiar with scaling an operation. It’s among the reasons that companies hire Customer Success Managers before hiring salespeople.

White Glove Service


You’ve likely heard of The Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule; it applies here in numerous ways: Often, 20% of the customers account for 80% of a company’s business. A certified Woman-Owned Business and six-time Inc.

Did You Ever Accidentally Hire a Good Employee?


Probably nothing; you likely followed the same process with each hire. A certified Woman-Owned Business and six-time Inc. Business Process Management Corporate Customer Support General Uncategorized

Occupational DNA


A bad hire can be worse than no hire and while companies use things background checks to help their decision-making, these processes serve to rule applicants out and if your hiring calculus is based on “the least worst” candidate, then that is what you will get.

How to Train an Elite, Efficient, Effective Support Team


Customer support plays a vital role in determining how users perceive your business and if they want to remain loyal to your brand. Support agents work with the most important people in your business; strive to ensure that you have the right team for the job.

The Impact of Impact Sourcing


Identifying, recruiting, and retaining talent are critical components of business success. It is a business process outsourcing (BPO) model that focuses on hiring from economically disadvantaged populations, and there are five reasons why it is becoming increasingly relevant.

Avoiding the “Solution Illusion” with Pre-Project Problem Analysis

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This article was written in July 2020, in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The past few months have acted as a catalyst for change in most, if not. The post Avoiding the “Solution Illusion” with Pre-Project Problem Analysis appeared first on IRM Connects, by IRM UK | IT Blog.

A Product Lives By Its Principles

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Business Analysis Alina Ghiarasim AssistKD BCS business analysis Business Analysis Conference Europe business change Business Change and Transformation Business Process management Endava IIBA UK IRM UK Business Analysis Conference

5 Questions With John Fraser

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John Fraser brings an energy and commitment to all his projects that truly compliments and builds upon his years of experience in strategic business process improvement.

How Will It Work? The Future How Viewpoint.

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In a previous article Business Analysis Viewpoints we discussed a number of ways of looking at systems. The intention of these viewpoints is to make it easier to see and. The post How Will It Work? The Future How Viewpoint. appeared first on IRM Connects, by IRM UK | IT Blog.

Organizational Debt — A Necessary Evil

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Alina Ghiarasim, Lead Business Analyst, EndavaAlina. Regardless of their state of growth, all companies face a certain level of organizational debt, which can paralyze them if it’s not kept under control.

Presenting Over The Web

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It is a feature of our new reality that we are increasingly communicating through disembodied means (I’m talking web rather than Ouija board here) and this can cause problems for. The post Presenting Over The Web appeared first on IRM Connects, by IRM UK | IT Blog.

Unaccustomed As I Am To Public Speaking Part 5

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This article in my series on Presentation Skills I am going to look at something that all presenters have to face and overcome… I’m talking about nerves, stress, the heebie-jeebies, The post Unaccustomed As I Am To Public Speaking Part 5 appeared first on IRM Connects, by IRM UK | IT Blog.

Exploring The Bond Between Business Analysis & UX At The Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019

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I recently presented a workshop at the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019 by the industry group International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) where an illustrator created this image summarizing the. The post Exploring The Bond Between Business Analysis & UX At The Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019 appeared first on IRM Connects, by IRM UK | IT Blog.

Understanding What is COBIT and COBIT Framework [Updated] | Simplilearn


Today, COBIT is used globally by all IT business process managers to equip them with a model to deliver value to the organization, and practice better risk management practices associated with the IT processes.

Blueprint Named Market Leader in 2021 BPM Software Customer Success Report


TORONTO, Canada – January 13, 2021— Blueprint Software Systems has been named a Market Leader in the Business Process Management (BPM) Software category for the Winter 2021 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers.

LinkedIn Groups For Business Analysts

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Professional groups on LinkedIn offer an effective platform for you to share ideas, stay on top of trends, explore opportunities and advance your career as a Business Analyst. Here is a selection of LinkedIn groups you should explore: Modern Analyst Business Analyst Community IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) Business Analyst Professional - BA, Analysis Going Agile? Business Analyst CareerReady to plunge into the networking space?

What is BPMN?

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Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is one of the most powerful process modelling languages. It uses symbols and notations to create visual models for business processes. Business Process Modelling Notation is popularly known as acronym BPMN.

BPMN Diagrams For Dummies

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Business process modeling notation, or BPMN, is the way BPM professionals communicate the design of a specific process, be it simple or exceedingly complex. Events A circle, commonly at the beginning and end of a process, but also possible elsewhere. What Is BPMN?

How process analysis contributes to business success


Many of us have been frustrated by a particular process, either as a customer or as an employee. Maybe you’ve experienced something that took longer than expected, where you had to jump through hoops that made no sense, or where you could clearly see the process could run more smoothly.

The complete guide to managing your business processes in 2021


The term “business” refers to the organized efforts of individuals looking to turn a profit in exchange for a product or service. Though the profitability of a business lies not in selling the product but in the processes used. What is a business process?

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Introduction to Business Analysis Body of Knowledge

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The goal of this series is to introduce you to the business analysis framework defined in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK ® for short) and the organisation behind it: the International Institute of Business Analysis. Requirements life cycle management.

Quest for the Best Low Code Platforms in 2020


Low-code development is a new approach to software development that requires minimal coding to build applications and processes. Some of these include automating processes, accelerating digital transformation, and meeting business demands for development.

A List Of Business Analysis Events For 2018

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If you’re ready for socializing and networking or just looking for professional development opportunities, here are some business analysis events to get you started in 2018. ProjectWorld*BusinessAnalystWorld holds this year from June 4-7, 2018 in Toronto and is reputed to be the largest series of conferences for project managers and business analysts in North America. The event provides insight into key areas of Business Analysis, Architecture, Processes and Transformation.

How to handle all your processes with BPM software


Any organization — be it a business, non-profit, government, or something else — is nothing more than the people within it. That, and the processes they follow to deliver whatever product or service they create. That’s where business process management software comes in.

Our guide to optimizing your workflows with process modeling


While 50% of organizations say that they’re making considerable effort to improve business processes, only 2% of organizations model all their existing processes. If you don’t know what your end-to-end processes look like, how are you meant to make valid improvements?

How Lean Six Sigma and Agile Can Work Together

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Agile methodology focuses on better management of projects. Lean Six Sigma methodology focuses on improving processes. Combining the two may be the key to maximizing process efficiency. The idea is that while implementing both concepts alone can help improve business processes, using them together may enhance team collaboration, management support, project speed-to-market, performance, quality and customer satisfaction. Projects and Process.

Mendix Vs. Appian – Is there a Clear Winner?


Low code development is the latest software development approach that allows building unique business applications quickly and intuitively. It offers you the required flexibility and control throughout the process of app development. Real-Time Process Monitoring.

IT and Accounting Pros Can Satisfy Standards and Security Compliance and Reporting with BI Tools

ElegantJ BI

In the new world of government regulation, the technology (IT) team and accounting team are both required to monitor, manage and report on financial and regulatory and business process compliance. In an environment with numerous systems, databases and data repositories, it can be challenging to gather, monitor, manage and report on these results.

Business process reengineering: definition, obstacles, and key elements


Processes are a bit like operating systems. In the same way, if your business is using inefficient processes, you’ll be losing time and resources. Here’s where business process reengineering (BPR) comes into play. What is business process reengineering?

A short and sweet guide to streamline any business process (and why you should start today)


Adding human labor and complexity to your business is less awesome. That’s why you need to adopt a systems-thinking approach and streamline every one of your processes. What’s a business process? Let’s say you manage a small gourmet restaurant in Chicago.

How to improve your business processes — a guide to making it simple


As we head into 2021, why not use the same approach for your business? What is process improvement? Firstly, let’s define what a process actually is. A process is a series of steps or actions that are taken in order to reach a particular goal or outcome.

Best project management software


In every project manager’s life, there comes a breaking point. Too many people are ready to make the leap to real project management software, but hold back. If you know exactly what you need in a project management tool, then picking the right platform shouldn’t be a hassle.

Business process outsourcing (BPO): everything you need to know to get started


A big part of strategic business operations is deciding how to use the resources at your disposal. You can outsource tasks — like a single marketing campaign — or you can outsource the entire business process, like your customer support. Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO).

How Pet Family Used Data to Thrive Under COVID


During that time, they’ve faced challenges both expected (data volumes growing as the business grew) and not (a UK-wide lockdown, in addition to various temporary store closures). In accounting, the finance team uses Sisense to report monthly management information across the group.