3 Ways to Close the Data Gaps in Commercial Banking


Over the last few years, retail banking has done a tremendous job of making the user experience sleeker and more frictionless. Yet, for all of the great strides that have been made in revolutionizing the retail banking experience – both on the front- and back-end – the […].

Bank of America SWOT Analysis 2021: Can the Global Recession threaten the Bank?

Pestle Analysis

This is a Bank of America SWOT Analysis as an assessment of the bank's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT Analysis SWOT Examples bank of america banking banking industry SWOT USA


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Will AI Developments Help Open Banking Take Off?

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has become a gamechanger in the banking industry in recent years. There are a number of reasons that AI is becoming an integral part of the banking industry. AI has made open banking possible. AI Drives the Future of Open Banking.

The Growing Role of Data Science and AI in Banking and Finance | Simplilearn


When’s the last time you wrote a check or visited your local bank? Sure, the old checkbook comes in handy from time to time, but your debit card and mobile banking apps likely get much more action nowadays.

2021 Enterprise Tech Predictions: Zero Trust, Machine Identity for AI, and Open Banking


The post 2021 Enterprise Tech Predictions: Zero Trust, Machine Identity for AI, and Open Banking appeared first on DATAVERSITY. Click to learn more about author Jasen Meece.

Does Your Bank Use Business Intelligence Tools?

ElegantJ BI

Business Intelligence BI Tool for Banking Business Intelligence for Banking Business Intelligence Tool for Banking Business Intelligence ToolsWhen thinking of business intelligence , 61% of people interviewed by technology business research in the US, thought of operational efficiency.

Fundamentals of Banking Domain [WEBINAR]

The BAWorld

This virtual online session on Fundamentals of Banking Domain will help you learn the basics of this domain and will also help you understand the need for domain knowledge. Banking Industry • Banking Industry segments • Banking Industry key functions • Further reading.

How Smart Contracts Enable Banks and Financial Institutions to Solve KYC Challenges


KYC processes, online shopping, insurance premium payments, internet banking, and a host of financial functions have witnessed a drastic transformation with the adoption of FinTech […].

How Big Data Impacts The Finance And Banking Industries

Smart Data Collective

Typically, this approach is essential, especially for the banking and finance sector in today’s world. Financial institutions such as banks have to adhere to such a practice, especially when laying the foundation for back-test trading strategies.

How AI Is Solving Banking Challenges During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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One of the ways AI is helping people with the recent pandemic is by improving banking. AI is solving some pressing challenges in the banking sector, which is struggling to respond to the growing concerns about the virus. How AI is Addressing Banking Challenges During the Coronavirus.

Fundamentals of Investment Banking Domain [Webinar]

The BAWorld

PURPOSE: This virtual online session on fundamentals of Investment Banking domain will help you learn the basics of this domain and will also help you the need for domain knowledge. The post Fundamentals of Investment Banking Domain [Webinar] appeared first on The BAWorld - A Techcanvass Blog.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Changing Banking

Smart Data Collective

There are tons of applications for artificial intelligence available, especially when it comes to banking. The banking industry has been able to utilize a variety of AI technology to streamline processes, enhance security, and improve the customer experience. AI may also be reshaping how banking is done in the not so distant future. “In Let’s take a closer look at how artificial intelligence is changing banking today and in the future. Streamline Banking Processes.

5 open banking apps that are changing financial services

Big Data Made Simple

A raft of new Open Banking apps are changing financial services for both personal and business customers and creating disruption and competition in the field. In the UK alone, more than 2 million customers are now using Open Banking, according to Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE).

Books To Bank On For Your Business: Five Top Reads For Avid Business Analysts

BA Times

In the fast-paced world of business analysis, you live and learn from minute to minute. Keeping up with cutting-edge industry developments can be a Herculean task for even the most dedicated of business professionals. Articles

The Future of Digital Currencies and Data Management


Data Blogs | Information From Enterprise Leaders Data Education Database Blogs Database News, Articles, & Education Enterprise Information Management Information Management Blogs blockchain Central Bank Digital Currency cryptocurrency data security digital currencies

Trailblazing Women in Product Management: Shilpi Gupta, VP of Product Management at Yoma Bank in Myanmar

280 Group

For our next installment of the Trailblazing Women in Product Management series, I interviewed Shilpi Gupta, VP of Product Management at Yoma Bank in Myanmar. We had seen credit cards, digital apps, and banking apps work in developed markets.

Using Data Technology to Profitability Serve the Unbanked


billion people are unbanked, with the World Bank estimating the largest number — about 225 million — are in China, followed by India with about 190 million. Click to learn more about author Stuart Tarmy. Globally, some 1.7

Customers and Banks Priorities Collide as AI Jolts Financial Industry

Smart Data Collective

The banking and financial services business is replete with transactions, hundreds of millions of them a day, each adding a new row to the industry’s vast ocean of data. The banking and financial services industry is not immune to the growth of social networks as its reputation and brands are discussed by its clients and their personal networks. The creation of useful data now extends beyond the control of banks.

How Embedded Finance will Transform the FinTech Landscape in 2021


Embedded finance, aka embedded banking, is transforming the financial services distribution model. Banking Business Finance Technology Banking and financial services Digital Finance Finance applications FinTech

Technology in Finance: What to look out for in 2021?


With several bank branches […]. Banking Business Digital Transformation Finance Technology Banking and financial services Digital Transformation in Financial Services Finance applications FinTech Technology in Finance

How Embedded Finance will Transform the FinTech Landscape in 2021


Embedded finance, aka embedded banking, is transforming the financial services distribution model. Banking Business Finance Technology Banking and financial services Digital Finance Finance applications FinTech

6 Reasons Why The FinTech Industry Should Embrace Legacy Cloud Migration


Business Digital Transformation Finance IT Infrastructure Technology Banking and financial services Cloud cloud management solution cloud migration cloud security Cloud Service Digital Finance FinTech Legacy Cloud MigrationHow does legacy cloud migration ensure business continuity in FinTech?

How Can BI for BFSI Industry Help Me to Plan?

ElegantJ BI

Financial Services, Banking, Insurance and other finance-related industries are always working with numbers, statistics and data. Banking, financial services and insurance industries are sophisticated and complex and they are subject to significant regulation. Business Intelligence Analytics for BFSI Industry BI for Banking BI for BFSI Industry Business Intelligence for BFSI Industry KPI for BFSI Industry Reporting Tool for BFSI Industry

Here’s How Blockchain Can Change Bancassurance

Smart Data Collective

move within the insurance and banking chain through documents and forms. Currently, there is no linking system between these the two parties involved (banks and insurance companies) that allows for quick and smooth information exchange. Say, a banking agent tries to change information regarding a customer. most banks in Asian countries are permitted to offer different types of insurance plans, such as life insurance, home insurance, and car insurance (in the U.S.,

Your Path to Becoming an Expert in Robotic Process Automation and Process Improvement | Simplilearn webinar starts 11-03-2021 15:30


As Laura Hendrix, SVP of First Horizon Bank, describes it, working in RPA and process improvement involves constantly. As digital transformation sweeps through the business world, one important trend is robotic process automation (RPA).

What is ITIL v3 Foundation: An Ultimate Guide to the Certification with Tips to Crack it | Simplilearn


After all, organizations in sectors ranging from retail to customer service to banking now use new technology and employ IT service managers to develop and maintain their websites, ecommerce, online customer service, and more.

MVC Architecture and ASP.NET MVC: Everything You Should Know | Simplilearn


Applications in the present world help everyone know and understand everything like news, banking, communication, etc. By using ASP.NET MVC, you can build those applications easily and efficiently.

How Data Science Drives Growth and Improves Customer Experiences in FinServ and Retail | Simplilearn


For example, retailers and financial-services companies can use data science when dealing with bank. Businesses love data science. They use it along with analytics to understand customer behavior and aid real-time decision-making. This achieves better, more goal-oriented results.

Webinar Wrap-up: Your Path to Becoming an Expert in RPA and Process Improvement | Simplilearn


On March 11, 2021, Laura Hendrix, Senior VP and Director of Enterprise RPA and Process Improvement/Quality at First Horizon Bank, joined Simplilearn for a conversation about robotic process automation and process improvement.

Introducing Our New Blockchain Certification Program in Partnership With IIT Kanpur | Simplilearn


Industries from banking and insurance, to art dealers and established tech companies, are implementing blockchain into their operations. Blockchain first gained wide recognition as the record-keeping technology behind the Bitcoin network. But blockchain’s benefits go far beyond cryptocurrency.

Business Planning: It’s Importance, Types and Key Elements | Simplilearn


One look at the World Bank's Entrepreneurship Survey and database shows the mind-boggling rate of new business registrations. Every year, thousands of new businesses see the light of the day.

Best Practices to Utilize Your Customer’s Risk Profiles to Increase Revenue and Customer Experience


The pandemic has dramatically transformed a number of industries, including online banking and e-commerce. Some 86% of Americans now use online banking and e-commerce in the U.S. Click to learn more about author Stuart Tarmy.

Accelerating Enterprise Growth with Data Science


The 21st century has been characterized by the exponential growth of disruptive technology and its impact in multiple industry sectors – from manufacturing, banking, and finance to health care and retail. Click to learn more about author Sudeep Rao.

Demystifying Progressive Web Apps: What They Are, How They Work, and Why They Matter | Simplilearn


We use apps to download music, do our banking, make impulse buys, read the news, and even ask for directions. We interact with many websites and apps in our everyday life. There is arguably an app for everything out there! But have you heard of progressive web apps? If not, you’re about to.

Big Data, Big Benefits: What Leaders Say


And increasingly, banking uses this technology to manage risk, fight fraud, analyze customers’ habits, provide them with financial advice, and help them manage money. Data’s more influential than ever, but just how much data is there?

Digital Transformation: The Emperor Is Naked!

Adrian Reed's Blog

Image Credit: © everettovrk — stock.adobe.com #104450030. A term that seems to have taken increased prominence over the last decade or so is digital transformation. It has become such a frequently used part of the organisational lexicon that it is rarely questioned.

Upgrading React Native in a legacy project


A couple of weeks ago we announced our partnership with Penta , the digital platform for business banking, launched in Germany in 2017.