The Benefits of Document Management Systems for Your Data


Modern document management systems offer professionals a host of unique features and have truly begun to revolutionize the office environment. The post The Benefits of Document Management Systems for Your Data appeared first on DATAVERSITY.

Four Reasons to Digitize Your Documents


The post Four Reasons to Digitize Your Documents appeared first on DATAVERSITY. Click to learn more about author Sam Thorpe. Businesses have strived to become more digital over the last few years, but the process to get there has been slow or even nonexistent.


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Best Practices For Preparing a Lessons Learned Document | Simplilearn


Not so fast—you might not be finished with your project if you haven’t yet prepared a lessons learned document. If you’re studying for your PMP certification, you’ll want to understand why preparing a lessons learned document is important.

Project Documentation and Its Importance | Simplilearn


Project management leaders are often asked a common question: what is the importance of project documentation and how can I ensure I’m performing the function right. There’s no doubt that project documentation is a vital part of Project management training.

Aws Lambda Documentation


AWS Lambda Documentation over the official website of AWS is highlighting the detailed explanations on the definitions, developer guide, API reference, and operations of Lambda. Amazon Web Services AWS Lambda documentation documentation for AWS lambda lambda documentation

ETL Antipattern: Skipping The Documentation

Tim Mitchell

Documentation is an asset that is both loathed and loved. Creating technical and business documentation is often looked upon as a tedious chore, something that really ought to be done for every project but is often an easy candidate to push until later (or skip entirely).

Business Requirements Document Checklist

Business Bullet

Business Requirements Document Checklist. It will help the author of a requirements document to be able to self-assess their work to aid the quality of the deliverable. Checks of the Document Structure. Clear labelling of documentation, the author, the sponsor and date created.

Requirements Documenting – The Foundation of a Project’s Success | Analyst Catalyst Blog

Analyst Catalyst Blog

Business Data Analytics Business Analysis Industry

What Should a Business Requirements Document (BRD) Include?

Business Analyst Mentor

What should a business requirements document (BRD) include ? Typically, a business requirements document (BRD), is produced in. Is a common question that followers of business analyst mentor often ask. Tools And Techniques

Documentation and Developer Onboarding

Leading Agile

Yeah, so did I: “The problem with depending on documentation to find your way around a new code base and environment is that documentation tends to drift away from the true state of the code very quickly.” First, because of the level of detail, it’s almost a certainty that the documentation will be out of date. What sort of documentation might be useful, then? I’ll never read reams of offline documentation.

Details on Document Analysis

The BA Doc

If so, you need to learn more about the Document Analysis Have you been assigned to a project and looking for the most effective way to get context on the current situation while also initiating the elicitation process?

Smarten Augmented Analytics Introduces Pixel Perfect Print Reports for Custom Format Templates, Forms and Documents!

ElegantJ BI

This customized print report environment will provide more flexibility for businesses to create forms, reports and documents that meet the unique needs of users, customers and other stakeholders.”.

Building a Better Developer Documentation Portal


We talked a lot and in this part of the conversation, we look at why it’s important to take a pure developer-centric approach when building your documentation portal. Generating any piece of documentation is a one-time investment per topic, but it can help many people for years to come.

How to Close a Project: Product Scope Analysis, Indexing, and Documentation | Simplilearn


Many seem to think that project closure is not an important process in project management, but that’s not true. Closing a project is as important as other processes in Project Management.

Two Major Documents of Project Management - Project Charter and Project Scope | Simplilearn


One of the most critical and essential documents for every project is the Project Charter. It is the first document for a project and lays down the foundation for the project. A project charter is a document which explains about the project at a very high level and highlights.

Are PDFs Becoming Preferable to Word Documents in the Big Data Era?

Smart Data Collective

A number of people may start preferring to use PDFs instead of Microsoft Word documents. Scalability was an issue with PDF document creation before big data became a popular thing, although there are still ways to make file sizes of PDFs smaller.

Requirements Documenting – The Foundation of a Project’s Success | Analyst Catalyst Blog

Analyst Catalyst Blog

Business Data Analytics Business Analysis Industry

Tips for Creating Value Adding Business Analysis Documentation

Modern Analyst

Business analysts are expected to be the ones who will create plenty of documentations that will guide the design, implementation and maintenance phases of a system. It is crucial the documentation created to add value.

What is Power BI Documenter

BI Insight

On Saturday, 9th June 2018, we announced the existence of Power BI Documenter. As the name resembles, Power BI Documenter is a tool to help individuals and businesses to document their Power BI Desktop models. Everyone who already have several Power BI Desktop reports probably realized that documenting the solutions is not as easy as … Continue reading What is Power BI Documenter. The post What is Power BI Documenter appeared first on BI Insight.

Tackling document management with software that makes it easy


The job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done, or in this day and age, until the documents have been filed. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are taking a deeper look into how they’re managing their documents, and they’re making investments to improve. Document security.

10 Quick Tips For Procedure Documentation

Business Analyst Learnings

Creating a procedure document that users can follow thus becomes a key activity for business analysts that needs to be completed so that system users can perform their duties using the new system or process on day one. Are you looking to create a procedure document?

Minimum Requirements Documentation: A Matter of Context

Johanna Rothman

A colleague asked me about the kinds of documentation the team might need for their stories. How little could they do for requirements documentation? I start with the pattern of Card, Conversation, Confirmation when I think about requirements and how much documentation. That's one way to create minimum documentation—break the story into usable pieces. If the PO writes stories or epics as problems to solve, the PO manages some of the documentation effort.

SSAS Tabular Model Documenter with Power BI without DMVs

BI Insight

Lots of industries decide to go with SSAS Tabular in their new projects … Continue reading SSAS Tabular Model Documenter with Power BI without DMVs. The post SSAS Tabular Model Documenter with Power BI without DMVs appeared first on BI Insight. Technology is growing fast and we are enjoying it. We reshape our daily created data in a form that satisfies our needs. One of the technologies which is used more commonly these days is SQL Server Tabular Models, SSAS Tabular in short.

How to Build a Flexible Developer Documentation Portal


When creating a resource and community to help developers get the most out of your product, it’s important to empower them to contribute to developer documentation and not just have all your content coming from product or tech writers. We should go beyond just the documentation.

Digital Workflow Automation Will Define the Future of Government Processes


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Can AI Mitigate Inherent Procurement Risks from the Supply Chain?


Click to learn more about author Sonal Mehta. Everyone involved in the supply chain knows procurement is an integral part of any business. But there is a hidden risk in the procurement process. It’s a risk that can cost your company money – sometimes a lot of money.

Power BI Governance, Good Practices, Part 1: Multiple Environments, Data Source Certification and Documentation

BI Insight

In this post we’re going … Continue reading Power BI Governance, Good Practices, Part 1: Multiple Environments, Data Source Certification and Documentation. Power BI is taking off, and it’s fast becoming the most popular business intelligence platform on the market.

The Language Of Requirements Documents - When To Use Shall, Will & Should.

Business Analyst Learnings

A well-written business requirements document (BRD) forms the basis of successful projects and can be used to verify that all stakeholders are on the same page regarding what the solution looks like. Three words that are often misunderstood and therefore misused in requirement documents are shall , should and will. But first… Why Do We Need A Business Requirements Document (BRD)? State what you mean by shall, will and should clearly at the start of the document.

An Intro to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub – Managed Service for IoT Devices and Azure


Microsoft Azure AZ Iot Hub azure iot hub architecture azure iot hub documentation azure iot tutorial Creating an AZure IoT Hub IoT Hub IoT Hub Microsoft Azure Key Components of Azure IoT Hub Pre configuration in Azure IoT Hub What is Azure Iot Hub

Article: Information Relativity

InfoQ Articles

Architecture Architecture Documentation information architecture Development Architecture & Design articleTo build great software, we need to account for perspective and relativity. Perspective is something's meaning depending on where it's observed from.

Best practice guidelines and templates for business cases

Business Bullet

Business Analysis Documentation Project initiationThis is a webinar that I did for the Project Management Institute (PMI) in February 2021. Original slides can be found on this link: [link].

Empower Your Story Telling Data Visualisation in Power BI with Colour Coding

BI Insight

Business Intelligence - BI DAX Power BI Power BI Desktop Power BI Documenter Power Query Self-Service BI Colour Coding Data Visualization Data Vizioner Dataviz DataVizioner PowerBIDocumenterThis post has been waiting in my blogging list for a while and now this is my last post in 2019.

ETL Antipattern: Ignore the Logging

Tim Mitchell

In my last ETL Antipatterns post, I wrote about the unexciting but very necessary work of documenting ETL processes. The logging of ETL operations is just as (un)captivating as documentation, but is equally as important in the support of data movement and transformation processes.

5 Questions to Ask yourself while forming a PMO | Simplilearn


They are similar to those that a good reporter must answer when documenting a story – who, what, where, how and why? – Congratulations! You are the manager of your company’s emerging PMO (Project Management Office). When you create a PMO, there are 5 simple questions you must answer.

3 Ways Big Data Can Influence Decision-Making for Organizations | Simplilearn


Enterprises today have access to different kinds of data collected from various customer touchpoints, including websites, business apps, social media pages, mobile devices, blogs, documents, archives, and more. A recent study found that we create almost 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.

What Is an HTML Entity? The Best Introduction | Simplilearn


HTML entities are the reserved characters that are used in the HTML document. Ever wondered what exactly HTML entities are? They are not present in your standard keyboard. They provide a wide range of characters, allowing you to add icons, geometric shapes, mathematical operators, and so on.

What is a Project Management Plan and How to Create One | Simplilearn


As you will see in this article, a Project Management Plan is a document that defines how a project is executed, monitored, and controlled; it. Many professionals think of a Project Management Plan as a Gantt chart or a Schedule.