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What’s a Semantic Layer Worth?


There’s been a lot of talk about semantic layers lately. I’ve seen dozens of companies using a semantic layer to drive self-service analytics at scale. But even with all these success stories, I still get this question: “Is a semantic layer worth the effort?”

Best Project Management Books You Should Read in 2023 (Top 10 Books Included) | Simplilearn


Project management is critical for the success of an organization. With the growing competition across organizations, there has been an increase in the demand for project managers to oversee projects right from its conception to completion.


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Data Science and Privacy: Defending Sensitive Data in the Age of Analytics


When big data began getting corporate attention in the late 2000s, the idea of data privacy was considered lavish and exotic. The public was less concerned about securing their data assets and was only fascinated by the fact that the interconnected digital world would change their lives forever.

Has eLearning Killed the “Learning Cone”? | Simplilearn


Everyone acquainted with learning theory is familiar with Dr. Edgar Dale’s “Cone of Experience”, alternatively known as the “Cone of Learning” or the “Learning Pyramid”.


Building the Foundations of the Future: Digital Construction in 2022 and Beyond

FlowForma surveyed 100+ construction executives. This eBook details their opinions and delves into their drivers for workflow and process automation, reliance on manual processes, digital capabilities and goals for process automation, and digital transformation initiatives in 2022 and beyond.

AI Can Amplify Benefits and Temper Risks of Bitcoin Investing

Smart Data Collective

AI technology has been invaluable to the financial industry. The amount of money that fintech companies are spending on AI is projected to grow by 16.5% a year from 2022 and 2030. AI is changing the alternative financial sector as well.

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From Anchor to Asset: External Vendors in Agile

Leading Agile

There’s a part of Transformation that’s essential that we don’t talk about as much—expenses. During Transformation, we mainly focus on variable expenses because those costs are negotiable.

Agile 105

Is Artificial Intelligence Setting A New Standard For Web Design?

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in modern creative professions. There are a lot of reasons a growing number of companies are turning to AI technology. One poll showed that 61% of companies found that AI and machine learning were their best data investments.

Automation With A Human Touch: Balancing Agility And Standardization

Timo Elliot

Simon Jarke is the Head of Corporate Digital Business Innovation at Freudenberg, a family-owned global technology group headquartered in Germany and founded in 1849.

Decoding a Jungle Ventures-backed SaaS firm’s profitability

Big Data Made Simple

Date:22-Nov-2022. Source: Tech In Asia. In a recent interview with Collin Furtado from Tech In Asia, Suresh Shankar, Founder & CEO of Crayon Data walks us through the firm’s sustained approach for profitability and success. “We

Drive in the Express Lane to Product Growth

Speaker: John Mansour - President, Product Management University

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the common element that gives us the fastest route to growth and which product metrics matter most.

Protecting Customers and Your Business with Ethical Data Management


Many companies have been criticized in recent years for mismanaging data. For example, a major social media conglomerate recently came under fire for reports that user data was accessible to employees, leading lawmakers to call for an investigation by the F.T.C.

Career Masterclass: How to Get Job-Ready for a DevOps Career With Caltech CTME | Simplilearn webinar starts 29-11-2022 15:30


DevOps is how the future of software is created. The tools of DevOps - containerization, CI/CD pipelines, automated testing - are how sites and apps like Google, Facebook, and Amazon keep their functionality growing seamlessly.


Collaboration The Easy Way, Business Analysts’ Secrets Revealed

BA Times

How does she make it look so easy? She must have a secret. I wish I knew. Have you ever seen a Business Analyst lead a collaborative meeting? I have asked some of the leaders in this community. Here are a few things they do. Lead the Team When I asked Glenn Hughes about […].


Gartner Data & Analytics Sydney 2022

Timo Elliot

Last week I was in beautiful Sydney, Australia for the Gartner Data and Analytics Conference. Here’s a quick video summary: One of the big things that struck me was the changing role of data.

Feedback Management: A PM's Key for Continuous and Impactful Product Growth

Speaker: Hannah Chaplin - Product Marketing Principal at Pendo & Steve Cheshire - Product Manager at Pendo

Join Hannah Chaplin and Steve Cheshire as they discuss how you can utilize customer feedback to help your business stay competitive in an increasingly challenging global market.

What is a Product Requirement Document (PRD), and How to Write One?


A Product Requirement Document can be referred to as a brief summary of the requirements of a product. It is required to keep all operation teams aligned to one target. Often, product development is initiated by crafting the PRD to describe the functionalities of a product before development.

How a Modern Cloud Analytics Stack Can Optimize the Value of Your Data


Data is vital when it comes to growing a business, but many organizations fail to utilize it properly once it has been collected. At the same time, many forward-thinking businesses, from startups to large corporations, have implemented a modern cloud analytics stack to use data more efficiently.

IT Skills That Top IT Companies Are Looking For in 2023 | Simplilearn


In today's economy, having the right skills to find a job is more important than ever. With many companies searching for skilled IT professionals, knowing the right way to introduce yourself and your qualifications can make all the difference.


Avoid Illusory Constraints And Incentives

BA Times

If you were learning to drive in the UK, chances are you’d get in touch with a driving instructor. Over here, many of the driving schools they work for have company names starting with the number 1 (often ‘1st CompanyName Driving School’).

Power of the Platform: A PM's Path to a Winning Product Experience

Speaker: Marcus Andrews - Director of Product Marketing & Keren Wexler - Sr. Director of Product

In this webinar, Marcus Andrews and Keren Wexler will explain common challenges faced by product teams, how to use analytics to create better product launches, platform adoption, and how to add feedback into your workflows!

Happy Thanksgiving! Unless You’re a Turkey…

Timo Elliot

Some predictive analytics for Thanksgiving… Past performance is not indicative of future results! Uncategorized Cartoon Humor Thanksgiving Turkey

Machine Learning is Invaluable for Mobile App Testing Automation

Smart Data Collective

Machine learning technology has transformed countless fields in recent years. One of the professions affected the most by advances in machine learning is mobile app development. The market for mobile artificial intelligence is projected to be worth nearly $9.7

Major AI Trends for Traditional Enterprises in 2023


Post-pandemic, the demand for AI is surging, as many organizations ascertain the need for AI to keep pace with the current business landscape in the face of a looming recession.

AI in Manufacturing: Here's Everything You Should Know | Simplilearn


AI has the potential to transform the manufacturing industry completely. Examples of possible upsides include increased productivity, decreased expenses, enhanced quality, and decreased downtime. Big factories are just some of the ones that can benefit from this technology.


108 Business Analysis Techniques

As a training and consulting organization for business analysis, we have come across many techniques that business analysts use while conducting business analysis activities. We decided to compile all the techniques that we came across and find useful.

How To Reach Your Agile Goals Faster

Leading Agile

LeadingAgile Studios is our latest offering where our team of expert builders and creators help enable our clients to boost their capabilities and reach their Agile goals—faster and easier.

Agile 62

One Click Innovation: More Magic Needed

Timo Elliot

The power of artificial intelligence is showing us what the prescriptive future of computer systems should look like. This Diffuse The Rest algorithm lets you scribble a picture, add a description, and it paints what you imagined.

What Data Scientists Must Know About Italy’s Tech Credentials

Smart Data Collective

The demand for AI and data science professionals is growing all over the world. Many data scientists are pursuing careers in Europe and Asian, which means that they have to be aware of the opportunities and requirements abroad.

It’s All About Relations!


The new ISO 39075 Graph Query Language Standard is to hit the data streets in late 2023 (?). Then what? If graph databases are standardized pretty soon, what will happen to SQL? They will very likely stay around for a long time.

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