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Introduction to Solution Evaluation

Business Analyst Mentor

When performing the solution evaluation, the business analyst assesses the solution in terms of value it brings to the organisation. The part of the work is, also, identifying potential constraints.

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When Does Your Business Need Custom Software Development Solution – Evaluate Now!


The post When Does Your Business Need Custom Software Development SolutionEvaluate Now! In simple words, custom software creates a more customer-centric approach to your business, which translates to more business. Globalization has pressured companies […]. appeared first on Fingent Technology.


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Solution Evaluation

BA Coach

The last knowledge area in the BABOK ® framework is called Solution Evaluation. Its main focus is on assessing the (completely or partially) delivered solution’s value and performance. What is Solution Evaluation? Thanks to these conditions, you know the delivered solution works properly. References.

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The Role of the BA while Performing Solution Evaluation

Adaptive US

Over the years, change has been the only constant in the ever-growing market, which has developed the need to implement new or modified solutions. Though BAs may be involved during the project's initial phases, BA's opportunity to conduct a solution evaluation could be limited due to a project's duration.

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Why should governments hire Business Analysts?

Business Analysts

The business analysis comprises six knowledge areas: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring, Elicitation and Collaboration, Requirements Life Cycle Management, Strategy Analysis Requirements Analysis and Design Definition, and Solution Evaluation. In other words, these projects are not profit-oriented.

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Changes to ECBA Exam Pattern From 1st March 2021

Adaptive US

This was a continuous request from us as Strategy analysis and Solution Evaluation knowledge areas are usually not performed by new business analysts. Changes to the ECBA Certification Examination Blueprint Form 1 st March 2021 IIBA® has decided to simplify the ECBA exam structure from 1 st March 2021.

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ECBA Certification Update 2021

The BAWorld

BABOK GUIDE KNOWLEDGE AREAS CURRENT NEW Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 5% 5% Elicitation & Collaboration 20% 20% Requirements Life Cycle Management 20% 20% Strategy Analysis 5% 0% Requirements Analysis and Design Definition 24% 25% Solution Evaluation 1% 0% TOTAL 75% 70%. TOTAL 25% 30%.