Top 10 financial analysis blogs of 2021


Now the scope of the blog has extended to include financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting and planning tips. finance sales executive financial statements dynamic reporting data visualizations budgeting and forecasting

Ad hoc financial analysis and reporting for everyone


In many companies, the IT department creates a library of pre-built templates for generating static financial reports from the ERP. Now with new software, it is possible to remove the middle person and carry out ad hoc financial analysis – at any time – to quickly solve a pressing issue.


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Attract and keep the best finance talent with financial analysis software


Yet there is also a growing push toward having a more modern finance team that can be ready for anything, can quickly share up-to-date numbers and coach others in the business about financial performance. There is a global shortage of finance talent.

How can data analytics enhance financial decision-making?


Data analytics can be applied to financial analysis in a wide variety of ways such as developing company goals and objectives, creating financial policy, evaluating economic trends, and more.

Case Study: Fabric Yarn Manufacturer Achieves Business Intelligence, Data Integration & Analysis Goals

ElegantJ BI

A large India-based synthetic fabric manufacturer asked ElegantJ BI to provide business intelligence solutions and services to create a scalable, comprehensive business intelligence tool and support confident decision-making and data analysis.

Financial Technology Frontiers

Insight Software

A software company is revolutionizing financial operations through solutions that mine ERP data to provide astounding efficiency. Enter insightsoftware, a leading provider of financial reporting and enterprise performance management software.

5 Sure-Fire Tips How AI Is Going to Improve Fintech in 2021

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two technologies that use digital technology to improve conventional financial services and solutions. A crucial decision is needed in many financial sectors.

Key Findings from a Study on Domo’s Impact on SMBs


If you’ve ever wondered what the financial impact of Domo would be on your small- and medium-sized business (SMB), then have we got the perfect report for you.

Prepping Your Requirements For Primetime: Validating Requirements


Techniques like financial analysis, risk analysis and management, stakeholder reviews and even item tracking can all influence the requirements validation process. Business Analysis Prepping Prepping for Primetime Requirements Validation Validating Requirements

Strategy Analysis

BA Coach

The Strategy Analysis knowledge area focuses on understanding why a change is needed and on defining activities that an organisation has to undertake to implement the change successfully. What is the Strategy Analysis knowledge area? Strategy Analysis. Risk analysis assessment.

How AI-Driven Cybersecurity Drastically Impacts Our Lives

Smart Data Collective

We have talked extensively about the benefits of using AI for marketing, gaming, financial analysis and many other applications. Artificial intelligence is a form of technology that is drastically changing our lives.

11 Financial Model Examples & Templates for 2021

Insight Software

Enterprises actively use financial modeling to guide their financial planning and strategic decision-making. Financial models offer data-driven, quantitative analysis that tells you where your company stands and where it’s heading. What Is Financial Modeling?

Financial Forecasts vs. Projections: 3 Essential Differences

Insight Software

Financial Forecast vs. Projection In a Nutshell : Projections outline financial outcomes based on what might possibly happen, whereas forecasts describe financial outcomes based on what you expect actually will happen, given current conditions, plans, and intentions.

Bizview for Real Estate and Property Management: A Quick Guide

Insight Software

For growing real-estate businesses, these factors make financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes too complex over time, especially as their businesses expand and the need for timely information becomes more pressing than ever.

Remote Workers Demand Data-Driven Cybersecurity Platforms

Smart Data Collective

Those working from home in the financial services sector are often in the toughest position since they might be up against really strict regulatory rules but have no real way to follow up on them. It’s no secret that data becomes more valuable as it increases in connections.

15 Examples Of Financial Graphs And Charts You Can Use For Your Business

Datapine Blog

The financial health, flow, and fluidity of your business will ultimately dictate its long-term success, which is why monitoring your money matters carefully, comprehensively, and accurately is absolutely essential. Exclusive Bonus Content: Financial Charts: Get Your Free Summary.

15 Supply Chain Metrics & KPIs You Need For A Successful Business

Datapine Blog

Remember: Today , access to your metrics 24/7/365 is really important, what online data analysis tools can guarantee and ensure that your chances of long-term success increase. Our list of supply chain KPIs and metrics continues with additional cost analysis, connected to sales.

Q&A with Chris Ortega: Dealing With Uncertainty Through Technology

Insight Software

Does Emarsys use ERP software in its financial analysis and is that kind of tool useful? It’s part of a mixed bag of tools that we use for data collection, tracking, reporting, and analysis.

Public Private Partnerships; project financing through a special purpose vehicle

Training ByteSize

The typical PPP financial structure, is based on non-recourse or limited recourse project finance techniques, limiting the risk exposure of the investor or promoter of the project, the sponsor. Project finance is based on the financial analysis of the complete life cycle of a project.

From IT Dependence to Ad Hoc Reporting: Why and How

Insight Software

With the right financial reporting tools, members of the accounting team can design their own ad hoc reports from scratch, enabling them to quickly and easily develop analytical tools that might otherwise have taken days or weeks to produce.

Four Benefits of Scenario Modeling in Excel

Insight Software

Microsoft Excel is, of course, a very popular tool for that kind of analysis. Consider a typical financial analysis process. Recoup 50 Percent of Your Time with the Right Financial Reporting and Planning Tools.

What Are Business Reports And Why They Are Important: Examples & Templates

Datapine Blog

They may gather financial, marketing and sales-related information, or more technical data; a business report sample will be your all-time assistance to adjust purchasing plans, staffing schedules, and more generally, communicating your ideas in the business environment.

Why Analytics Are Essential in Times of Crisis


Use analytics to correlate and compare your operations, performance management, and financial analysis. He has over a decade of experience leading advanced analytics intiatives from ecommerce to financial services at Fortune 100s like CapitalOne.

How’s spreadsheet online software can drive business growth


It has a wide range of applications, from basic business administrative tasks to complex data analysis. Track all your team’s work and projects from one place — from sorting out a daily task list to complex data analysis and visualization.

Is Big Data An Essential Skillset For Future Financial Professionals?

Smart Data Collective

Financial professionals need to understand the impact of big data and prepare accordingly. How is Big Data Going to Influence the Financial Industry. However, auditing, controls and opportunity exploration are also changes big data has created for financial professionals. Whether you’re thinking of becoming an accountant or planning to hire one, it’s well worth knowing which financial qualifications carry the most prestige. CFA: Chartered Financial Analyst.

Mastering the Art of FP&A Storytelling

Insight Software

Although we wouldn’t suggest that you try to turn important financial planning discussions into advertising campaigns, there is nevertheless an important lesson to learn here.

Blog: IIBA BABOK Version Three Released This Week

IAG Consulting

International Institute of Business Analysis® (IIBA®) has just releasing a new version of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) which has expanded the scope of the standard to new areas like business architecture and BPM, revamped the knowledge area and task structure, and added dozens of additional techniques to the guide. CBAP® and CCBA® are registered certification marks owned by International Institute of Business Analysis.