Thu.Mar 30, 2023

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Optimizing Data Quality to Navigate Economic Turbulence 


Sustained economic volatility and a global recession have forced enterprise leaders to make difficult decisions.

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Debunk convenience to get circular economy moving


Understanding the concept of convenience is the key to successfully engaging customers in a circular economy. The post Debunk convenience to get circular economy moving appeared first on Clarasys International Business Consultancy.


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How Adaptive Helped A Large Paint Manufacturer Set up it's BA Practice

Adaptive US

Introduction Adaptive’s client is a leading chemical company, which specializes in providing protective coating solutions to various industries. The company has been in business for more than 50 years and has grown significantly, both in terms of revenue and size of the organization

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Article: 12 Places to Intervene - Rethink FinOps Using a Systems Thinking Lens

InfoQ Articles

A recent study on FinOps by McKinsey reveals that 69% of organizations prioritize tactical initiatives over higher-impact strategic initiatives. One reason could be that most of those organizations are unaware of those strategic initiatives or unaware of their importance of them.

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The ABM Benchmark Survey

ABM gets better with age — but unfortunately, marketers don't have the luxury of pouring it into an oak barrel for a couple decades to let it mature. It’s clear there’s a maturity gap in ABM strategies, so how can marketers start closing it?