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PGP in Business Analytics by Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn | Simplilearn


Now is the right time to upskill yourself and make a career in Business Analysis. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Business Analytics will show a constant growth in the coming years, with around 93,000 jobs in the U.S. alone.

Data Observability and Its Impact on the Data Operations Lifecycle


The quality of the data you use in daily operations plays a significant role in how well you will generate valuable insights for your enterprise. You want to rely on data integrity to ensure you avoid simple mistakes because of poor sourcing or data that may not be correctly organized and verified.


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Attention Software Companies: Embed BI Analytics and Win!

ElegantJ BI

Why Spend Time and Money Developing BI? Embed BI in Your Software Product! The research and technology consulting firm, Gartner predicts that ‘By 2023, overall analytics adoption will increase from 35% to 50%, driven by vertical and domain-specific augmented analytics solutions.’

4 IT Management Best Practices Data-Driven Businesses Must Practice

Smart Data Collective

Data-driven businesses are far more successful than companies that don’t utilize data to their advantage. Unfortunately, they often find that managing their data effectively can be a challenge. Companies that rely on big data need a reliable IT department.

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How to Use the STAR Method to Ace Your Job Interview? | Simplilearn


All of us have to sit for interviews at some point. We all have witnessed anxiety, adrenalin rush, and nervousness just before the interviewer starts asking the questions. How to tackle interview anxiety? How to pass the unbearable stress we get one night before the interview?


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Article: Establishing a Scalable SRE Infrastructure Using Standardization and Short Feedback Loops

InfoQ Articles

This article explores an SRE implementation where the operations team builds and runs the SRE infrastructure and the development teams build and run the services leveraging the SRE infrastructure.

The Strawman: When a Wrong Makes a Right

BA Times

Sometimes, the easiest way to find out what someone really wants is to show them what they don’t want. The strawman approach is frequently used by business analysts – sometimes knowingly, and sometimes not.

KFC Marketing Strategy 2022 - A Case Study | Simplilearn


Committed to continuous growth, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) today ranks second on Forbes' list of top 10 global fast-food chains. Is it only because "it's finger-lickin' good"? No, there is more to it.


Open-Source Cloud Databases: Security Best Practices


A cloud database runs on a cloud computing platform that delivers it to users as a service. Cloud services offer various cloud databases, including SQL and NoSQL databases.

ECBA Mock Questions

ECBA Mock Questions

Article: Smashing Silos: Scaling up an Energy Tech Disrupter Remotely

InfoQ Articles

Being a small EnTech disruptor in a rapidly evolving market can feel a bit daunting; add in an acquisition, a rebrand and twice the team members that you had a year ago and you have a recipe for growing pains.

Overview of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for Business Analysts

Modern Analyst

I’ve written this article to provide an overview of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for Business Analysts. The cloud (in particular AWS) is now a part of many projects. If you’ve been in meetings where people have mentioned: ‘EC2’, ‘ELB’, ‘AZs’ and thought ‘WTF’ then this article should help you. This article will provide: an overview of AWS (what is it, why its popular, how it’s used) typical AWS architecture for a project (e.g.


Sklearn Regression Models | Simplilearn


Scikit-learn (Sklearn) is the most robust machine learning library in Python. It uses a Python consistency interface to provide a set of efficient tools for statistical modeling and machine learning, like classification, regression, clustering, and dimensionality reduction.


Graph Technology: The Next Chapter of Data Insights and Intelligence


Hospitals are one of the best examples to spotlight the complexities of unstructured data. From physicians’ notes in EHRs, emails, text files, photos, videos, and other files, the majority of patient data cannot be read by machines.

CCBA Exam Questions

CCBA Exam Questions

Article: Analyzing Incident Data across Organizations: Courtney Nash on The VOID

InfoQ Articles

The Verica Open Incident Database (VOID) is assembling publically available software-related incident reports.

Why Tax and Transfer Pricing Software Is Essential for Multinational Companies

Insight Software

The digitalization of tax and operational transfer pricing processes can have a huge impact on a multinational company’s ability to efficiently forecast and report its tax liability.

Capped Collection in MongoDB | Simplilearn


Flexibility, scalability, and easy usage have helped MongoDB, a document-oriented database rise to popularity.

Three Challenges in the Way of Enterprise Agility


The market is now demanding that companies prioritize agility and the ability to quickly adapt to change. It’s no longer a “nice-to-have”, it’s imperative. And this goes well beyond supporting and growing agile software development teams. The entire business needs to be on board.

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How to Calculate the Cost of Automation Re-platforming | Blueprint


Most organizations started their automation journey on first-generation RPA (robotic process automation) tools. Those tools, and the versions that automation implementations started on, have now become outdated and costly. Platform Migration


The 6 Enablers of Business Agility – Karim Harbott’s Book

Vitality Chicago

I first stumbled across Karim Harbott in a 2020 YouTube Video that he created called the The 6 Enablers of Business Agility. By itself the video wasn’t revolutionary but I did find the way Harbott organized the various aspects of business agility into the 6 enablers quite helpful.

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What is BIOS? A Guide for Beginners | Simplilearn


How much do you know about the inner workings of your computer system? Though it's wise to leave tech-related maintenance and troubleshooting to the professionals in most cases, it's good to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals.


Why an Agile Delivery Model Isn’t Always Enough

Leading Agile

An Agile Delivery Model will only take you so far. Many organizations simply go through the motions of Scrum. The teams are diligently having their daily standups, rigorously writing user stories, and dutifully performing a retro at the end of every sprint. Yet, they still fail to improve.

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Thin Reports, Report Level Measures vs Data Model Measures

BI Insight

The previous post explained what Thin reports are, why we should care and how we can create them. This post focuses on a more specific topic, Report Level Measures. We discuss what report-level measures are, when and why we need them and how we create them.

The Evolving Role of Cybersecurity Leaders

GAVS Technology

Trends best cyber security services companies cyber Security and Compliance services cyber security mdr services digital transformation services and solutions enterprise it support services usa it infrastructure managed services it operations management software managed security services providers usa security iam management tools

What is a Pipeline in DevOps? Overview, Tools, Implementation, and More | Simplilearn


DevOps is a popular application design philosophy that merges development and operations, hence the clever name. However, there are many terms relating to DevOps, and it’s helpful to sometimes look at one of them and explore it in-depth.


The 5 Best Agile Books for 2022

Vitality Chicago

In 2021, I first published my list of the best agile books, organized by role. I am delighted that it has become one of the most popular posts on the Vitality Chicago website. I am a big fan of book learning and I am happy that my recommendations are serving a need.

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The Inside Scoop on Building a Data-Driven AI Organization

Speaker: Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala, Director - Data Science, Ericsson R&D, India

There are many challenged companies face in their fight to become data-driven. In this webinar, Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala will offer details, outline common challenge, and help you create a FAIR data-driven culture.