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Rise of the Cyborgs: Using AI/ML to Enhance Human Intelligence (Part 1)


Click to learn more about author Assaf Egozi. Modern organizations house a growing number of “citizen data analysts.” These individuals hold a wide range of positions in the enterprise, from executive and business roles through to data, business, operations, marketing, and sales analyst roles.

Fireside Chat: The Rising Demand for Salesforce Experts | Simplilearn webinar starts 19-04-2018 21:30


With more than 500,000 organizations using Salesforce to drive key business results, the market is brimming with opportunities for Salesforce certified professionals.


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Why Business Analysis Professionals are Critical to the Success of Agile Teams

Analyst Catalyst Blog

Agile Business Analysis Product Ownership Analysis BAM

Understand the Value of Augmented Analytics for Your Team!

ElegantJ BI

Do You See the Value of Augmented Analytics for Every User? If you own an auto mechanics business, you know that tools and equipment are key to your business success. Without the right tools, your mechanics cannot perform routine tasks, test modern automobile computerized systems or serve customers.

The Duality of DBaaS: Friend or Foe?


Click to learn more about author Matt Yonkovit. A forest fire is a powerful force of nature. Capable of massive destruction, but also with the potential to bring forth new life and facilitate positive growth. Cloud database-as-a-service offerings have a similar duality.

Top Skills You'll Need to Achieve Expert Status in RPA | Simplilearn


Of all the applications in the artificial intelligence (AI) segment, robotic process automation (RPA) has become one of the most popular, particularly for its ability to add intelligence and business logic to automation.

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Smarten Support Portal Updates – July – 2021!

ElegantJ BI

We invite you to explore our latest knowledgebase articles and to join the Smarten user community on Smarten Support Portal. If you have not registered yet, Click Here to obtain your login credentials. Knowledgebase Articles. LDAP/AD : AD Integration in Smarten.

Cloud Ops Is a Key Enabler of Successful Digital Transformation


Click to learn more about author Vicki Lui. My first job out of graduate school was to develop an e-commerce application for a manufacturing behemoth. The idea was to build a web-based application for internal sales teams to place orders on behalf of the customers and eliminate paper processing.

How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is Impacting Key Industries | Simplilearn


Robotic process automation (RPA) has made a particularly big splash lately with companies that are trying to ride the wave of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications.

CRM’s Have a Big Data Technical Debt Problem: Here’s How to Fix It

Smart Data Collective

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are very reliant on big data. As these platforms become more widely used, some of the data resources they depend on become more stretched.

Job Crafting for BAs

BA Times

You don’t have to change roles or organizations to get more enjoyment and satisfaction from your work. There are many ways to make your current job work better for you. Job Descriptions The description of the BA role looks fairly similar from one organization to the next.

Lean Governance: The Next Machine to Change the World


Click to learn more about author Steve Zagoudis. Lean GovernanceTM is the next machine to change the world of Data Governance and Enterprise Data Management.

6 Warning Signs the RPA Trend Is Passing You By | Simplilearn


If you haven’t yet investigated robotic processing automation (RPA) as a tool to enhance your business, there is still a window of opportunity for you.


Blueprint Software Systems Launches New Process Discovery Solution


Tool Tackles Common Challenges in Process Discovery While Accelerating Automation Delivery. Press Releases Digital Process Automation Process Discovery

Bring your profit and loss statement to life and react faster to emerging trends


Demand from branch managers through to board members for up-to-date accurate financial information has made monthly performance and cash-flow predictions unfit for purpose. business intelligence basics finance decision-making dynamic reporting

What’s in a Name? (aka Data Modeling What?)


Click to learn more about author Thomas Frisendal. This is a summer special, on the lighter side, but addressing a simply overwhelming issue at times. What Are You Talking About? Sometimes the obvious is not that … obvious. Many people know that I am on the graph-y side of the house.

What is Threat Modeling: Process and Methodologies | Simplilearn


With the number of hacking incidents on the rise, cybersecurity remains a top concern in today's IT world. So many aspects of our lives have migrated online that the commercial and private worlds alike have much to lose from security breaches.

Why RPA Was Never Able to Empower the Citizen Developer | Blueprint


The ease of implementation and value capture for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) was sold on the idea of enabling the Citizen Developer.

IIBA Exam Failure Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Modern Analyst

Studying for your IIBA certification (CBAP, CCBA, or ECBA) can be a rigorous but ultimately fulfilling experience. But there is nothing worse than putting in all that time, work, and commitment and then FAILING the actual exam. Several disappointed candidates have sought guidance from me, unfortunately, after failing their first attempt at the exam. Before moving forward with these candidates, the first thing I do is get an understanding of the steps they previously took to study for the exam.


Strategic Team Alignment: Elevating the Executive Gate Review [+Webinar]

280 Group

Join our upcoming webinar, Cultivating a Strategic Product Team, Part 2: Elevating Executive Gate Reviews , to learn more about the process in-depth.

Understanding The Role of Leadership in Project Management | Simplilearn


Today, project management has become an integral part of modern business operations. Organizations are increasingly relying on project management to monitor and evaluate projects, and to ensure that they comply with their objectives.

Article: GitHub’s Journey From Monolith to Microservices

InfoQ Articles

This article explores GitHub's recent journey towards a microservices architecture.

GlowTouch LLC Earns Recognition in Everest Group’s 2021 CXM PEAK Matrix®


Newest member ranked alongside the industry’s most innovative and well-established customer experience management solution providers LOUISVILLE, Ky.,

Difficult Conversations: What Do You Contribute?

Watermark Learning

A post from the Watermark Learning Project Brief Blog. When it comes to navigating difficult conversations, frankly, I’d rather not. It’s exhausting trying to figure out how to approach someone about something you’d prefer not to discuss.


Program Preview: Post Graduate Program in DevOps | Simplilearn webinar starts 17-08-2021 15:30


Hear About the Post Graduate Program in DevOps from the Caltech CTME Program Director Live! DevOps has transformed how software gets developed, tested, deployed, and maintained in ways that have transformed our world.


Project execution: The key to successful projects


19% of organizations deliver successful projects most of the time ( source ). Yes, you read that statistic correctly. Said another way — and maybe a bit more jarring: 81% of organizations do NOT deliver successful projects most of the time. They fail to deliver. They fail to execute.

This Year’s Top 8 Streaming Service Trends


The streaming, or OTT (Over-The-Top), industry is booming and the outlook is for more of the same for the foreseeable future. According to Streaming Media , spending for online video jumped by a whopping 72.5% between 2018 and 2019.

Where’s the Value? Value Stream Identification vs. Value Stream Mapping vs. Value Stream Management


Q: What is a Value Stream? A: A tool for learning that helps organizations to become more responsive. How Value Stream Identification Makes Us More Responsive.

Prim's Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) | Simplilearn


Did you know Prim’s Algorithm is used to manage Internet Radio Broadcasting to transfer information to the listeners efficiently?


Citizen Developer vs. Citizen Designer: What’s the Difference | Blueprint


With the onset of automation, many organizations were quick to welcome it with open arms. Many were sold on how quick and easy it was supposed to be – implementing and operating RPA was promised to be so simple that anyone could do it! With that in mind, the Citizen Developer role was born.

4 key practices to manage a digital portfolio for optimum impact to CX & ROI