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The Cool Kids Corner: Change Management for Data Literacy


This month we’re talking data literacy and change management. How do […] The post The Cool Kids Corner: Change Management for Data Literacy appeared first on DATAVERSITY. This is my monthly check-in to share with you the people and ideas I encounter as a data evangelist with DATAVERSITY. What is data literacy?

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Achieving Digital Resiliency and Agility with Organizational Change Management


The biggest challenge that companies face today is managing through […]. The post Achieving Digital Resiliency and Agility with Organizational Change Management appeared first on DATAVERSITY.


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How Technology Has Shaped Organizational Change Management

Smart Data Collective

Change is often seen as complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. But organizational change management is a necessary evil. The first step in successful organizational change management is understanding how change happens. Technology can be an essential component in organizational change management.

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Enabling ITSM Change Management Using Jira Service Management


Enter Jira Service Management (JSM), a powerful tool for enabling ITSM change management. Change management is crucial in any organization. This article is based on the webinar, How to Enable Change Management With Jira Service Management.

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Agile Change Management: Using Agile to Lead Change

Agile Connection

Resistance to change in the business world limits the ability of organizations to transform, adapt, compete, and succeed in an advancing marketplace. It's important for today's leaders to adopt an agile approach to change management, being willing to risk, practice, and drive change from a visionary perspective.

Agile 88
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Enhance Stakeholder Engagement With A Change Management Certification

Training ByteSize

It’s a fact that change in the workforce is inevitable but it doesn’t have to bring business to a halt. Change management is a discipline that is gaining an increasing amount of awareness as a way to help individuals transition smoothly through changes within a company.

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What Your People Need to Succeed in Change Management

Leading Agile

The core of change management is helping an organization prepare, support, and apply changes to an organization. In execution during an Agile Transformation, it looks different depending on how the organization is going about this change. How Change Management is Typically Implemented.