7 Ways Big Data Is Changing E-Commerce


Brands, especially the e-commerce marketplaces, are putting their prime focus on utilizing it to achieve greater outcomes. Many e-commerce marketers firmly believe that big data is critical to establishing […]. Click to learn more about author Evelyn Johnson.

Tech Trends in 2021: Mobile, Video, and Bots Will Continue to Reshape E-Commerce


This has been a wild year for e-commerce. The post Tech Trends in 2021: Mobile, Video, and Bots Will Continue to Reshape E-Commerce appeared first on DATAVERSITY. Click to learn more about author James Brear.


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How E-Commerce Companies Use AI to Power Their Sales


E-commerce is one such everyday use case where merchants are increasing their sales by leaps and bounds […]. The post How E-Commerce Companies Use AI to Power Their Sales appeared first on DATAVERSITY. Click to learn more about author Hardik Shah.

Data Science Increases E-Commerce Profitability

The Data Administration Newsletter

It is now widely applied across fields ranging from medicine and security to sales and e-commerce. To stay on top of your own e-commerce game and improve your business’s profitability, you can leverage data science breakthroughs in numerous ways. […].

Data is key to e-commerce success at Hein Electric Supply


American electrical wholesale distributor redeploys Phocas to restore data confidence and help company with B2B ecommerce initiatives. case study wholesale distribution sales electrical executive ERP

What UK retailers can learn from Chinese e-commerce


Having experienced solid growth, their e-commerce market was projected to be $1 trillion dollars in 2020, with 700 million Chinese customers shopping online. The post What UK retailers can learn from Chinese e-commerce appeared first on Clarasys.

AIOps is Helping Retail & E-Commerce Deliver Superior Customer Experience

GAVS Technology

Industries like retail or e-commerce largely depend on strong customer relationships and constantly work towards improving engagement with their clients. Retail and e-commerce companies are among the most popular businesses that are relying on AIOps platforms. How can retail and e-commerce platforms make use of AIOps? The retail and e-commerce industries need AIOps to predict customer response and improve their services.

What are 3D Web Configurators? How do they Boost Ecommerce Sales and Drive Customer Satisfaction?


Achieving business success is about “wowing” your e-commerce buyers. Business Digital Transformation e-Commerce Technology 3D configurators 3D web configurators AR B2B e-commerce E-Commerce Industry E-Commerce Integration Product configurators VR

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies to Supercharge eCommerce Businesses

Smart Data Collective

The e-commerce sector has been one of the most affected by major advances in data technology. Smart e-commerce entrepreneurs are utilizing big data to address many of the problems they are facing. The e-commerce sector is projected to spend over $6.2

6 Metrics Data-Driven eCommerce Startups Are Prioritizing

Smart Data Collective

E-commerce startups are investing most heavily in big data, which is why the e-commerce analytics market will be worth over $22 billion by 2025. Fortunately, new e-commerce companies are in a good position to benefit from data.

Realizing Self-Service in Modern Customer Experiences


Business Custom software Digital Transformation e-Commerce Retail Technology Customer Experience customer self-service seld service experience self service apps self-serviceThe ongoing digital revolution is forever reshaping how businesses interact with their customers.

The Importance of Leveraging Analytics in Ecommerce Website Design

Smart Data Collective

The e-commerce sector is among those that has relied most heavily on analytics technology. Many e-commerce sites are discovering more innovative ways to apply data analytics. One of the most important benefits of analytics in e-commerce is in the web design process.

ERP Integration Benefits Data-Savvy eCommerce for Distribution Industry

Smart Data Collective

Few people anticipated that big data would have such a profound impact on the e-commerce sector. There are many reasons that data analytics and data mining are vital aspects of modern e-commerce strategies.

Data Management Enables eCommerce Success

The Data Administration Newsletter

With the continuous evolution of technology and daily shifts in shopping trends, eCommerce is constantly adapting.

Article: Post-Quantum: Bi-Symmetric Hybrid Encryption System

InfoQ Articles

This article will present the results of its formal evaluation using credit card purchasing, e-commerce and banking application examples. Encryption Quantum Computing IOT E-Commerce Emerging Technologies Development article

Top AR & VR Trends to Transform Ecommerce in 2022!


Business Digital Transformation e-Commerce Technology 3D configurators 3D web configurators AR/VR augmented reality Ecommerce eCommerce trends Future of virtual reality Virtual reality

Augmented Reality in Retail: Reimagining the Future of Shopping


Business Cloud Custom software Data Visualization Digital Transformation e-Commerce Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Software Real Estate Retail Technology UX

What Do Today’s Ecommerce Customers Actually Want?


Business Custom software Digital Transformation e-Commerce Mobility Retail Web Application Development application development for retail custom retail application digitalizing retail stores Ecommerce eCommerce trends online retail stores

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality Detailed with Real-life Examples


Business Digital Transformation e-Commerce Healthcare Technology AR in Classrooms AR solutions AR/VR augmented reality mixed reality Virtual reality VR VR in Classrooms VR Technology VRTrainingHow Various Industries are Leveraging AR, VR, and MR Today?

10 Best Cloud-Based Payment Methods for an Online Store to Integrate

Smart Data Collective

Cloud technology has led to a number of revolutionary changes in online commerce. One of the reasons that Amazon Web Services, arguably the best cloud provider in the world, is growing by 29% a year is due to the massive demand for cloud services among e-commerce companies.

How an Australian Startup Grew 2,000% in a Single Year


And more recently, it expanded its offering overseas; the organization now has 40 clients in 22 countries, including 10 of the top 50 e-commerce companies in the world.

5 Ways Big Data Fuels SEO For eCommerce Stores

Smart Data Collective

When you start to build backlinks for your e-commerce store you should always start with your main pages. Backlinks remain one of the most prominent SEO factors and they are especially beneficial for e-commerce. There are a ton of UGC (user-generated content) apps that you can add to your e-commerce store that will grab all the images that users tag you in on social media and display them on your site.

Ecommerce SEO Guide: SEO Best Practices for Ecommerce Websites | Simplilearn


The first step to increase the traffic and sales of a website is E-commerce SEO. E-commerce helps make your website more visible and provides some of the highest returns for free.

Program Preview: Caltech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bootcamp | Simplilearn webinar starts 02-08-2022 15:30


From “you might like” recommendations in e-commerce and online entertainment to automated grammar checkers to self-driving cars, AI amd ML show up in an ever-growing number of places and applications.

A Step-by-Step Guide for a Smooth Career Transition to Data Science | Simplilearn


From social media posts to e-commerce purchase transactions, digital videos, and pictures in smartphones to sensors. The global shortage in talent supply is creating a golden opportunity for beginners, graduates, and software engineers to make a career transition to data science.

Program Preview: A Live Look at the Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning | Simplilearn webinar starts 05-07-2022 15:30


From “you might like” recommendations in e-commerce and online entertainment to automated credit decisions to self-driving cars, AI & ML show up in more and more places.

Trends in Digital Marketing for 2022 | Simplilearn webinar starts 21-12-2021 15:30


The exponential growth of e-commerce and the rapid pace of digital transformation make Digital Marketing an essential skill for every marketer.

Ins And Outs Of Data Streaming | Simplilearn


Streaming data includes a good sort of data like log files generated by customers using your mobile or web applications, e-commerce purchases, information from social networks, financial.

Best SEO Salary in India and World [2022] | Simplilearn


Digital penetration and e-commerce development have increased the demand for SEO experts. SEO strategies determine your position in SERPs and increase visibility amongst your target audience. As a result, SEO professionals' value and wages rise every year.

Full Stack Developer vs. Front End Developer vs. Back End Developer | Simplilearn


Whether it's a stunning website, a high-performing e-commerce site, or any other web-based application, it's the handiwork of a web developer. The role of a web developer is one that almost always makes it to the lists of high-paying IT jobs. And why not?

Tips to Clear CEH Exam in First Attempt | Simplilearn


Hackers, for a variety of reasons ranging from simple mischief to committing felonies, cost the world of e-commerce billions of dollars annually. It’s an unfortunate fact that cyber-crime is on the rise in terms of both incidence and level of sophistication.

What Is Apriori Algorithm in Data Mining: Everything You Need to Know | Simplilearn


The rapid rise of e-commerce apps has increased the accumulation of data. To forecast outcomes, data mining, also known as KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases), is used to detect irregularities, linkages, trends and patterns in data.

Web Developer Salary: By Country-Wise and Role-Wise | Simplilearn


Impressive online offerings from businesses, the booming e-commerce sector, and a significant upward trend in online entrepreneurship are driving the demand for quality web developers at an unprecedented rate.

MongoDB vs MySQL: Which Database is Better and Why? | Simplilearn


Right from when we pull out money from ATMs, check our savings account, shop online on an e-commerce portal, view social media platforms, or perform any digital interactions, Read More

OWASP API Security Project: What You Need to Know


From banks, e-commerce, and transportation to IoT-connected devices, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities, APIs are a critical part of modern mobile, SaaS, and web applications.