Master Data Management on Cloud Journey


If you are responsible for Master Data Management (MDM) in your company, you are likely considering moving or implementing MDM on the cloud. The post Master Data Management on Cloud Journey appeared first on DATAVERSITY.

Three Critical Success Factors for Master Data Management


As the Master Data Management (MDM) solutions market continues to mature, it’s become increasingly clear that the program management aspects of the discipline are at least as important, if not more so, than the technology solution being implemented.


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Why Graph Databases Are an Essential Choice for Master Data Management


Within the Data Management industry, it’s becoming clear that the old model of rounding up massive amounts of data, dumping it into a data lake, and building an API to extract needed information isn’t working. Click to learn more about author Brian Platz.

Multidomain vs. Multiple-Domain MDM: The Difference Is More Than You Think


In my eight years as a Gartner analyst covering Master Data Management (MDM) and two years advising clients and prospects at a leading vendor, I have seen first-hand the importance of taking a multidomain approach to MDM. Click to learn more about author Bill O’Kane.

Dear Laura: Should We Hire Full-Time Data Stewards?


As I’ve been working to challenge the status quo on Data Governance – I get a lot of questions about how it will “really” work. The post Dear Laura: Should We Hire Full-Time Data Stewards? Click to learn more about author Laura Madsen. Welcome to the Dear Laura blog series!

The Book Look: Data Model Storytelling

The Data Administration Newsletter

Larry Burns’ latest book, Data Model Storytelling, is all about maximizing the value of data modeling and keeping data models (and data modelers) relevant.

Is Data an Asset in Real Estate?

The Data Administration Newsletter

How is the multi-billion real estate sector doing in a data-driven world? The industry sits on loads of data gathered about property, their use and its inhabitants.

The 12 Days of Data Management


The Data Rants video blog series begins with host Scott Taylor “The Data Whisperer.” The post The 12 Days of Data Management appeared first on DATAVERSITY. Click to learn more about author Scott Taylor.

What It Means to Be Digitally Compliant


Data has been called the new oil. Now on a trajectory towards increased regulation, the data gushers of yore are being tamed. Data will become trackable, […]. Click to learn more about author Brian Platz.

New Approach to Reference Data Management in Pharma

The Data Administration Newsletter

Data supply chains in pharma and life sciences are generally long and complex. This impacts reference data in particular because its management is very distributed, leading to the increased need for downstream integration as well as overall redundancy.

Predictions from 2020; for 2021

The Data Administration Newsletter

2020 was the kind of year that would make anyone in the predictions business more than a little gun shy. I certainly didn’t have “global pandemic” on my 2020 bingo card.

What’s the Data on Healthcare in 2020 & Beyond?

The Data Administration Newsletter

Data is an essential part of understanding modern industry. In light of the economic impacts of COVID-19, tracking and analyzing data is important more than ever before, as the insights gained can help businesses survive.

Getting The Best From Healthcare AI

GAVS Technology

Hospitals want to use data from retail clinics, homes, government agencies, and more to predict individual medical needs. Insurers collect massive amounts of data to manage better their risk pool through AI. Tim Perry. Co-founder & CIO, Healthcare Too.

Patient 360 & Journey Mapping using Graph Technology

GAVS Technology

With rising demands for quality and cost-effective patient care, healthcare providers are focusing on data-driven diagnostics while continuing to utilize their hard-earned human intelligence. In other words, data-driven healthcare is augmenting human intelligence.

Post – Pandemic Recruiting Practices

GAVS Technology

This helps the recruitment manager to place them in the apt role. Companies that take this time to act by cultivating relationships and connections with promising talent in their sphere, will have the advantage of gathering valuable data from probable candidates. Prabhakar Kumar Mandal.

Exploring The Bond Between Business Analysis & UX At The Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019

IRM Connects

Business Analysis Business Change Business Process Management Business Analytics Conference business intelligence data data governance Data Governance Conference data management Data Quality Data Warehousing Enterprise Data Enterprise Data and BIA Conference Europe enterprise data management Enterprise Data Management Conference IRM UK Liz Henderson Master Data Management Operational Model Management Telefonika UK Ltd

5 Ways Machine Learning is Changing the Way Businesses Operate

Smart Data Collective

Data management is driven by machine learning. Merging machine learning with master data management solutions is creating remarkable changes in the business world. More data will be necessary to offer a precise prediction of the future of machine learning.

The Best Data Management Tools For Small Businesses

Smart Data Collective

As the world is gradually becoming more dependent on data, the services, tools and infrastructure are all the more important for businesses in every sector. Solutions for the various data management processes need to be carefully considered. What is data management?

3 Steps on the Data Integration Roadmap


Organizations must pull together data—regardless of where it resides—to obtain value from it. That means connecting data sources, shining a light on dark data, processing and cleaning data in real time, and automating analytics environments.

A framework for prioritizing digital transformation investments


Where do you want data to be administered? It’s critical to understand how product data is generated within your organization. In other words, what system(s) contains the data needed to make a sale? Product information management (PIM). Content management system.

Top 10 Analytics And Business Intelligence Trends For 2020

Datapine Blog

Data exploded and became big. Spreadsheets finally took a backseat to actionable and insightful data visualizations and interactive business dashboards. The rise of self-service analytics democratized the data product chain. 1) Data Quality Management (DQM).