Stakeholder Management Tips for Product People

Roman Pichler

Lead the Stakeholders—Don’t Please, Don’t Dictate. As the person in charge of the product, your aspiration should be to lead the stakeholders in order to create value together and achieve product success. Increase your product management expertise. Form a Stakeholder Communi ty.

What is stakeholder management, and why is it important?


Stakeholder management is the process of engaging, managing, and actively communicating with stakeholders to help keep your business’ operations and projects on track. What is stakeholder management? What are the different types of stakeholders?


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Disco Lights, Hybrid Facilitation & Early BA Engagement

Adrian Reed's Blog

Skills that are essential or highly desirable can sometimes be a way of getting a ‘foot in the door’ with stakeholders that might not otherwise engage. I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where stakeholders have involved us too late. Business Analysis Stakeholder Management

Cartoon Villain Or Just Misunderstood? : Don’t Judge a Stakeholder By Their Actions Alone

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Defining and implementing change is an inherently human endeavour, and working closely with stakeholders is a crucial part of the BA role. Different stakeholders will, quite naturally, have different perspectives on the various situations that we find ourselves trying to change and improve.

Is Feedback Really A “Gift”?

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Business Analysis Stakeholder ManagementImage Credit: © Jérôme Rommé— #223862658. It’s difficult to imagine how any practitioner could improve without seeing, seeking and considering feedback 1.

The Tricky Question of “Purpose”

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A key point here is if organisations work in a ‘bubble’ without understanding their stakeholders, it is likely that their processes will diverge from what is actually desired or needed by those who actually use them. Business Analysis Enterprise Analysis Stakeholder Management

The Obviousness Trap: Double Yellow Lines And The Danger Of Unrecognised Misunderstandings

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It’s very easy to discuss something with a group of stakeholders and appear to reach a consensus, only later to find that everyone in the room had a slightly different understanding of what was being discussed. Business Analysis Requirements Elicitation Stakeholder Management

Techniques and approaches for handling conflicting stakeholders

Business Bullet

When interacting with lots of different stakeholders there will be a high chance that at some point you will need to manage conflict either between other stakeholders or between another stakeholder(s) and you. Bullying type stakeholders. Introduction.

How to Manage Stakeholder Engagement | Simplilearn


PMI® has addressed the voice of thousands of Project Managers across the globe and has added ‘Stakeholder Management’ as a new Knowledge Area in the Fifth Edition of PMBOK Guide.

Five Product Owner Myths Busted

Roman Pichler

Myth #1: The product owner must ensure that the stakeholders are satisfied. Stakeholders can be powerful and influential individuals. At the same token, ignoring the stakeholders or excluding them from important product decisions is not helpful either.

Introducing Pathways – Ready…Set…START!

BA Squared

Or is an entry-level BA seriously supposed to jump right into requirement models and stakeholder engagement resources without truly understanding the role and the why behind their work? I am a BA Manager – I Need Resources! Getting Started is Half the BAttle.

Top 5 Challenges faced by Business Analysts

The BAWorld

They interact with stakeholders across different functions and collaborate to reach a consensus on the requirements to achieve desired business goals. Hence, business analysts and other key stakeholders need to analyze the best way the change can be incorporated in the best way possible.

4 project stakeholders you need to take care of


You want to find out more about project stakeholders and how to manage them, right? Or perhaps you want to know how to identify project stakeholders in the first place? Especially when there are so many potential project stakeholders, and they all need to be managed differently.

How to build an effective stakeholders engagement assessment matrix


We’ve all got stakeholders nosey-ing around in the minutiae of our lives. Stakeholder. Stakeholder. Every project has a list of stakeholders, and you need to figure out the best engagement strategy to deal with each of them. Convert resistant or neutral stakeholders.

5 key project management knowledge areas and why they matter


Which in the context of project management, sounds like: a. Thankfully, the kind people over at the Project Management Institute (PMI) decided to help out a little by defining the distinct project management knowledge areas you have to wrap your head around. Project management

Five Product Owner Myths Busted

Roman Pichler

Myth #1: The product owner must ensure that the stakeholders are satisfied. Stakeholders can be powerful and influential individuals. At the same token, ignoring the stakeholders or excluding them from important product decisions is not helpful either.

Steps to Grow from a BPA to a BA Role

Adaptive US

For a successful business analyst, stakeholder acceptance is a crucial factor, and having a good insight and knowledge of your domain gives you just that. A business analyst is a bridge between stakeholders, customers, and technology architects.

Trailblazing Women in Product Management: Shilpi Gupta, VP of Product Management at Yoma Bank in Myanmar

280 Group

For our next installment of the Trailblazing Women in Product Management series, I interviewed Shilpi Gupta, VP of Product Management at Yoma Bank in Myanmar. How did you get into product management? But to be a good Product Manager, you need to understand the customer.

Why you should test other people’s sites before your own


If you’re also new to stakeholder management, or have stakeholders who are apprehensive about testing their products or services with users, then showing them insights of other websites is a useful way to showcase the worth of testing without them feeling like their work is being insulted. Budget is often restrained for designers and researchers; whether in time, money or both. So, why would it ever make sense to test someone else’s website?

Sustainable Pace in Product Management

Roman Pichler

These include interviewing users, working on the product roadmap, updating the product backlog, engaging with the stakeholders, and working with the development team, to name just a few. That’s the responsibility of the Scrum Master, development team, and marketing stakeholder respectively, not yours. Managing the product backlog should be a collaborative effort. With the Stakeholders. Consequently, stakeholder management can feel like herding cats.

What is the RACI model? When to use it (and when not to)


It helps you break down the different stakeholder roles and ensures a healthy management environment. The RACI model — also known as the RACI matrix — is a tool to help you manage relationships with every key stakeholder. Always keep all stakeholders informed.

Seize The Power Of Analytical Reports – Business Examples & Templates

Datapine Blog

It has become harder to create and use a single report and communicate a wide range of vital information between departments, stakeholders, and important parties in a single company.

The 5 traditional project management process groups and how to master them


If there’s one area where obsessive attention to detail is welcome, it’s project management. The project management process groups exist to give you a solid foundation for planning, managing, and executing your projects. What are the 5 project management process groups?

All you need to know about stakeholder theory


Let’s talk about oceanic animals — bear with me; it’s relevant to stakeholder theory, I promise. It’s the same in project management. But stakeholder? So, what is stakeholder theory? Stakeholder theory is a concept with its origin in business ethics.

How to manage design projects and ensure exceptional deliverables


You might have an eye for design, but do you have a mind for management? You can have the greatest design team in the world, but if your project management is sloppy, you’ll struggle to deliver. Manage your design projects with Manage your project in one place.

Agile Role Transitions: Keep Austin Agile 2018 Activity Summary

Agile Velocity

At Keep Austin Agile 2018, I presented a talk called “So You Made Your Project Managers into ScrumMasters: Roles Transitions When Becoming Agile”. Be responsible for a solution without approval from the Dev Manager. Amongst the activities they anticipated they would stop doing, the ScrumMasters focused on managing to a plan and being the person in control. Manage teams at a micro-level. Set clear expectations up to stakeholders. Manage teams at a micro level.

Agile 40

Why risk mitigation strategies are essential to your business


We can’t possibly control all the variables that affect our business environment, so we need to create strategies and plans to manage potential risks. Plus, we’ll outline 4 ways to mitigate risk and look at how software can help you manage your risk better.

Getting the most out of your burndown chart


For some stakeholders, the finished product is everything, no matter the budget. Burndown and burnup charts are both essential to managing your Scrum workflow effectively, but they’re ultimately 2 different things: Burndown charts manage the work remaining.

Supply chain management guide: what it is, why it matters, and how to modernize it


But even on a smaller scale, supply chain management is crucial to your business’s long-term success. In this article, we’ll break down what supply chain management is, why it matters, and how to modernize it in your organization. Why supply chain management matters.