Tue.Jul 20, 2021

Best Design Thinking Books to Read in 2021 | Simplilearn


Suppose you’re completely new to the concept of design thinking. If so, it’s a method that more teams and organizations have discovered to be extremely effective when it comes to productive collaboration and brainstorming.

Business Users LOVE Smart Data Visualization!

ElegantJ BI

Can Smart Data Visualization Make My Business Smarter?


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10 Reasons a Social Media Certification is a Must-Have for Digital Marketers | Simplilearn


Social Media – The current state The days when an individual could use his or her spare time to manage social media for a brand are long gone. Social media is growing like wild fire now, for both big and small firms, and has become an integral part of the marketing and branding industries.

How to Improve Customer Retention with Customer Journey Analytics


Click to learn more about author Gaurav Belani. Customer satisfaction isn’t enough! To stay competitive and relevant, businesses need to create awesome customer experience (CX) that excites and engages their audience.

Emerging Technologies Enabled by the Cloud | Simplilearn


Isn’t it funny how quickly we get used to something that once was like a sparkly new gadget, but in no time it becomes something we take for granted and assume will always be there? Like Internet on airplanes—or anywhere for that matter.


Leadership Tip #11: Substitute the Word Trust for Empower

Johanna Rothman

We talk a lot about empowered or self-organizing teams in the agile community. However, I don't see too many self-organizing or empowered teams at my clients. Not because my clients are stupid—far from it. Everyone does the best job they know how to do.

Agile 112

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Will AI Developments Help Open Banking Take Off?

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has become a gamechanger in the banking industry in recent years. The global market for AI in Fintech was valued at nearly $8 billion last year. It is projected to be worth nearly $27 billion by 2026.

Machine Learning is Replacing Music Mastering

The Data Administration Newsletter

As AI continues to penetrate many areas of our lives, the music industry is no exception. Although there are many music production-related applications that involve AI, too many of them look like fun science projects without any applicability to the craft.

Creating a Better Educational Experience With IoT

Smart Data Collective

The impact of the ongoing pandemic on education and schooling has been nothing but catastrophic. According to UNICEF, COVID-19 put 1.6 billion students out of school. However, in a time of an unprecedented crisis, the field of education has found a savior of sorts in information technology.

PBRS Threads and What They Mean

Christian Steven

In this blog, I am going to explore what the different thread settings in PBRS (Power BI Report Scheduler from ChristianSteven Software) are, and how they affect reporting scheduling and rendering.


Top 10 Big Data CRM Tools To Increase Business Sales

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology is incredibly important in modern business. One of the most important applications of big data is with building relationships with customers. Every enterprise wants to improve its business relationship and productivity.

Converting Big Data into Actionable Intelligence

The Data Administration Newsletter

In today’s world, access to data is no longer a problem. There are such huge volumes of data generated in real-time that several businesses don’t know what to do with all of it. Unless big data is converted to actionable insights, there is nothing much an enterprise can do.

The Characteristics of Those Using Rolling Forecasts

Insight Software

The results of the recent FSN’s Agility in Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (PBF) Survey 2021 clearly shows how implementing rolling forecasts helps organizations to improve both forecast speed and accuracy.

All in the Data: Connecting Data to Revenue

The Data Administration Newsletter

I believe that my strongest articles and columns come from opportunities to work with great companies and organization. Of course, I cannot mention their names. But there is a strong possibility that you may have some of the same opportunities in front of you.

14th Annual State of Agile Report – 5 Key Results You Need to Know


The Annual State of Agile Report has become something of a standard in my organization over the past few years. It has been an interesting journey to see the practice of Agile methods spread across all sectors and industries across the world.

Agile 52

Data Professional Introspective: What Good Looks Like – Part 3

The Data Administration Newsletter

This column is next in the series of how organizations achieve and sustain significant improvements in fundamental data management disciplines in their journey to Great Data. Content and conclusions are based on my work with many organizations to evaluate, accelerate and enhance their EDM Programs.

How do you ensure budget is being invested in the digital tools which will have the biggest impact to CX & ROI?


More than any other time, lockdown last year gave me a masterclass in how to manage scarce resources and invest in activities that mattered. On a typical day I’d be presented with a dizzying list of choices: which subjects should I work on with the kids (English, Maths, Science etc.),

Metadata Improves Security, Quality, and Transparency

The Data Administration Newsletter

How does Spotify win against a competitor like Apple? They use data better. Using machine learning and AI, Spotify creates value for their users by providing a more personalized experience.

Article: Moving into "Modern Test Leadership"

InfoQ Articles

Test management is dead, it just really needs to evolve. Test Leadership means focusing more on raising the awareness of testing across an organisation, and coaching/mentoring your team to be passionate advocates for quality.

Agile 60

What Does Cloud Forensics Mean for Privacy?

The Data Administration Newsletter

The development of the cloud has opened thousands of doors to increasing the speed and efficiency of data management and connectivity.

Adrenaline DataFlows: The Solution to Supersized Datasets?


Domo users love data. But some of them really love data, including supersized datasets. The problem is that, due to their sheer size, these datasets can sometimes mean waiting hours for transformation, impacting user experience and the ability to scale your use of data in a way that meets your needs.