How to hash sensitive data for maximising security in SQL Server 2005 and later versions?

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As the source systems themselves are secured, how we can … Continue reading How to hash sensitive data for maximising security in SQL Server 2005 and later versions? The post How to hash sensitive data for maximising security in SQL Server 2005 and later versions? SENSITIVE DATA! It’s an interesting topic! In this post I’m trying to explain how to hash data to increase security during ETL. Assume that we have sensitive data stored in several secured source systems.

Some Thoughts in the Wake of World Password Day


World Password Day was born back in 2005 when security researcher Mark Burnett suggested that everyone embrace a specific day in which they update their digital passwords. Click to learn more about author Don Boxley.


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An Intro into the World of Business Relationship Management, Part 2: An In-depth Look at a BRM

Watermark Learning

In 2005, the BRM role gained more validity with ISO/IEC 20000 service management standard and reinforced with ITIL v3 in 2007. A post from the Watermark Learning Project Brief Blog. Our BRM exploration journey continues.

An Assessment of Modern Agile Assessment Tools

Vitality Chicago

Back in 2005, Bas Vodde created the Nokia test to gauge agility across the agile teams he supported at Nokia. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about agile assessment tools.

Agile 77

How Big Data has Redefined the Legal Industry

Smart Data Collective

The expression “big data” itself was coined in 2005, by technology expert, Roger Magoulas, to describe the variety of massive, complex data sets that could not be managed and processed with traditional data management tools.

How Will The Cloud Impact Data Warehousing Technologies?

Smart Data Collective

Thus, in 2005, the concept of big data was described by Gartner as the 3Vs of data; volume, velocity and variety.

Fresh Agile Voices – Episode 5 – Jeff Singleton

Vitality Chicago

Jeff: 2005 is the short answer 2004, 2005. Interview Transcript. Anthony: So welcome everybody. I’m really excited today to be hosting Jeff Singleton.

Agile 56

Analyzing Data from Multiple Sources: The Key to More Powerful Insights


When Measuremen CEO Vincent le Noble began the company in 2005, he wanted to help his clients make the best use of their workspaces. Simple datasets just won’t cut it anymore. To get truly powerful insights, you need to pull in data from multiple sources.

Ask A Lot of Questions and Listen, Listen, Listen – Stephen M. Arndt – Exclusive Interview With Our Cloud Thought Leader


In 2005 I started my first company which was called IT Powered. Stephen M. Arndt is the CIO and the President at Silver Linings Technology. He is one among our 150+ Top Global Cloud Thought Leaders and Next Generation Leaders of 2021.

7 Data-Driven Hacks to Create a Spectacular Video Marketing Campaign For 2021

Smart Data Collective

YouTube was launched in 2005, when big data was just a blip on the horizon. Big data is changing the future of video marketing forever. However, data analytics and AI have made video technology more versatile than ever.

What Writers Can Do About Informal Plagiarism, Part 1

Johanna Rothman

and I'm sure somewhere on this site before 2005.). I spoke with another writer, Sam, earlier this week. He’s pretty sure a colleague, John, is plagiarizing his blog posts. Not in writing, but in conversation.

Healthcare Industry Trends and Challenges in 2021


A strategic national supply initiative was formed during the Bush Administration in 2005 as part of a pandemic preparedness plan , but it was overshadowed by issues that were deemed to be more pressing.

How to Migrate Your On-Prem SQL Server DB to Azure Cloud


Migration from on-prem SQL Server to Azure Cloud supports all Microsoft SQL Server versions of 2005 through Microsoft SQL Server 2019. Azure SQL is a family of cloud relational databases that Microsoft offers as a service on Azure.

Experimenting to Win with Data


Since 2005, Measuremen has helped its clients study and optimize facilities use. When deploying analytics for your company or your customers, you can feel stuck between the twin poles of “What data is available?” and “What do we want it for?”

Using the Product Canvas to Define Your Product: Getting Started

EBG Consulting

Boston: Harvard Business Review Press, 2005. I usually find a diversity of opinion when I ask anyone within an organization what their products are. This is true for product companies whose primary source of revenue is their product and for companies who use products internally to run their business. This comes from a lack of shared understanding.

Has Business Intelligence Failed? You Betcha! But, It Doesn’t Have to be That Way!

ElegantJ BI

Two studies of BI usage within the enterprise – one completed in 2005 and one completed in 2013 – reveal that less than 25% of the enterprise actually uses business intelligence on a regular basis, and that a very large percentage of the businesses that implemented BI describe their implementations as ‘failures’ The glaring question here is, ‘how do we fix this problem?’

Customer Success: Earning Trust Through Partnership


We wouldn’t still be in operation 15 years after our founding in a smoky startup office in 2005 without our relentless commitment to delivering the best for our clients and building on our past successes. Customer obsession is part of who we are.

Bridging the Gap Between Analytics Expectations and Reality


Guy concludes: “Consider how, at the start of the dot-com era, if a company hadn’t got a domain and a website, they would have been out of business by 2005. Newly published research shows that companies aren’t getting the most out of their analytics.

Surprising Big Data Advances Unveil Opportunities With Remote Work

Smart Data Collective

He pointed out that the remote workforce increased by 115% between 2005 and 2015. Big data is changing the way that we live and work. There are a number of ways that big data technology has made the workforce more efficient and fragmented. A growing number of people are turning to remote work to make a living, which is making it easier for companies to reach a larger workplace around the globe. Big Data Creates Surprising Opportunities in the Remote Workforce.

Eurovision Data: Should Scandinavia Trust the Swedes?


To celebrate 50 years of Eurovision in 2005, European televoters cast their ballots for the best Eurovision song of all time —and Waterloo took the prize. My grandfather was a man of few words. But on one particular issue, he had something to say and he expected you to listen. Never trust a Swede.”. Now, I know for a fact that Grandpa Tore didn’t care about international song competitions. He served in the Norwegian armed resistance and immigrated from Norway to America after WWII.

How Product Teams are Creating the Workplace of the Future


The number of people who work from home has already increased by 170% since 2005. In The Future of Work , we explore how companies are transforming to stay competitive as global collaboration becomes vital.

Mike Bonamassa Joins Agile Velocity as Senior Vice President of Delivery

Agile Velocity

He embraced Agile methods for the first time in 2005 while leading a major re-engineering project for a large government-sponsored entity. We’re excited to announce that Mike Bonamassa has joined Agile Velocity as Senior Vice President of Delivery. Mike has been a friend of AV since joining our team of partner coaches in June of 2018. “A A vital part of building lasting agility within organizations is providing the highest-quality Agile coaching and thought leadership.

How Data Analytics Is Revolutionizing The Future Of eCommerce In 2020

Smart Data Collective

Otherwise, you might as well have a circa 2005 static website. Data analytics is revolutionizing the future of ecommerce. A growing number of ecommerce platforms have expressed the benefits of data analytics technology and incorporated them into their solutions.

What’s the Scope of a Unit Test?

Leading Agile

You have to do special things to your enviroment (such as editing config files) to run it” That’s from a 2005 article. “Unit test” is a funny term. It seems to be the subject of all kinds of debate. Most of that debate is unresolvable, as it involves personal opinion and emotion above all else. Most of the issues people have with the term come down to just two things: The word “unit,” and the word “test.”


150+ Top Global Cloud Thought Leaders and Next Generation Leaders of 2021


In 2005, he founded a project-based media concern Interarbor Solutions pioneered in a sponsored multimedia content development business model. It is loud and clear that Cloud Computing is fundamental to the new wave of digital transformation.

Agile Unplugged: EP01 | Mike Cottmeyer and Brian Sondergaard

Leading Agile

And in those days, so if this was 2004, 2005, something in that kind of range, in those days, then, you know, for the most part, Agile was still maybe one team of six, or eight, or 10. Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to SoundNotes on: Apple Podcasts. Google Play.

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