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4 Tips for Running Effective Workshops

BA Times

Workshops are a common method for requirements gathering and elicitation. […]. The post 4 Tips for Running Effective Workshops appeared first on Business Analyst Articles, Webinars, Templates, Jobs. Customer is the final judge and the more the product we develop for them is fulfilling his needs the more he will be happy.

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Engaging meetings and workshops: A guide to becoming an expert facilitator

Analysts Corner

As a business analyst, I’m generally responsible for leading requirements workshops to understand processes and problems, and to analyze… Continue reading on Analyst’s corner »


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Divergence and Convergence – Facilitating a Workshop

My Agile Partner

Divergence and Convergence – Have you ever facilitated a workshop? Are you ready to become an expert in facilitating workshops? The post Divergence and Convergence – Facilitating a Workshop appeared first on My agile Partner Scrum. Facilitation is an art that aims to bring out the best in participants.

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The Business Analyst's Guide To Running Virtual Workshops

Business Analyst Learnings

From running physical workshops with a room filled with eager participants to managing virtual workshops where participants are in different geographical locations with some participants perhaps preferring to hide behind their screens. Set expectations and ground rules around how the workshop session will flow.

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Conducting Effective Requirements Workshops: Using Joint Application Development (JAD)

Analysts Corner

Collaboration is at the heart of successful project management, especially when it comes to eliciting well-defined requirements. Continue reading on Analyst’s corner »

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8 Best Data Storytelling Workshops in 2021

Juice Analytics

The goal of this workshop is to enable you to bring data to life and use it to communicate a story to an audience, with a focus on simplicity and ease of interpretation. Workshops are designed for anyone who needs to communicate more effectively with data.

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Podcast: CX workshops


So what have we discovered through carrying out these workshops? Join Alex, Hannah and Sarah in our latest podcast as they discuss their experiences of facilitating the CX workshops and share with you some of the learnings, tips and tricks behind CX success! The post Podcast: CX workshops appeared first on Clarasys.