Fri.Sep 30, 2022

Strong Requirements Lead to Strong Solutions

BA Times

Strong requirements lead to strong solutions. What are strong requirements? Strong requirements can be defined as the documented details of a customer request that provide readers a request from the customer point of view.

Article: Building & Operating High-Fidelity Data Streams

InfoQ Articles

At QCon Plus 2021 last November, Sid Anand, Chief Architect at Datazoom and PMC Member at Apache Airflow, presented on building high-fidelity nearline data streams as a service within a lean team. In this talk, Sid provides a master class on building high-fidelity data streams from the ground up.


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How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer? | Simplilearn


Many people can use the perfect instrument, but only a few can design and create one to be used by the many. We live in a privileged era of technological advancements that have made life so much easier and enjoyable.

An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning


In this blog post, I’d like to introduce some basic concepts of reinforcement learning, some important terminology, and a simple use case where I create a game playing AI in my company’s analytics platform.


Building the Foundations of the Future: Digital Construction in 2022 and Beyond

FlowForma surveyed 100+ construction executives. This eBook details their opinions and delves into their drivers for workflow and process automation, reliance on manual processes, digital capabilities and goals for process automation, and digital transformation initiatives in 2022 and beyond.

A Year After: Has Blockchain Changed Advertising by 2022?

Smart Data Collective

Last decade made a pretty bold promise to digital advertising, which more than other industries suffers from insufficient transparency and a fraudulent environment.

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What Are the Most Serious Privacy Concerns Regarding Big Data?

Smart Data Collective

Given the growing importance of big data and the rising reliance of businesses on big data analytics to carry out their day-to-day operations, it is safe to say that big data has irrevocably altered the online world for anyone running a digital enterprise or an e-business.

Why Your Company Needs to Invest in Data Visualization

The Analyst Agency

Businesses throughout the corporate world face many decisions when it comes to how to spend their money and where to save it. One area that no business should overlook is data visualization or the graphic representation of numerical business information.

5 Ways Investors can Benefit your Cloud Startup

Smart Data Collective

The market for cloud technology is growing considerably. Ninety-one percent of companies are on the cloud. As this figure grows even further, the demand for cloud solutions will rise. Therefore, this is one of the best times to create a cloud business.

Managed IT Services Fail Mostly Due To 3 Reasons


Anyone who has had to opt for managed services before is likely to tell you that it is extremely hard to find vendors, whether big or small and to trust them with the organization’s IT ecosystem. They often look out for those who can easily integrate into their system which may include the ones with.

Drive in the Express Lane to Product Growth

Speaker: John Mansour - President, Product Management University

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the common element that gives us the fastest route to growth and which product metrics matter most.

Oracle Cloud Migration FAQs Answered by Angles

Insight Software

The move to the cloud continues at a fast pace. Increasingly, companies are replacing their on-premises Oracle software with Oracle’s cloud solution. Understandably, optimizing cloud investment remains a top priority to ensure your company does not fall behind.

Agile Transformation Q&A with Mike Cottmeyer

Leading Agile

Implementing Agile is about more than adopting a new methodology or working to change your culture. If the systems aren’t present to support those two things, Agile won’t succeed. These are common misconceptions about Agile that can lead more organizations to failure than success.

Top 5 Benefits of IT Certifications for Organizations

Adaptive US


15 Digital Marketing Skills You Need to Master in 2022


The world entered the Digital Age in 2020 with everything the industry leaders calculated could go wrong became unpredictable. This digital space is fast-paced and frequently changes as the google search engine algorithm. That’s why businesses will always need individuals who practice digital marketing to help them locate their target audience through marketing strategies. According to a survey, over 71% of digital Marketers choose strategic keywords for SEO to bring in organic traffic.

Feedback Management: A PM's Key for Continuous and Impactful Product Growth

Speaker: Hannah Chaplin - Product Marketing Principal at Pendo & Steve Cheshire - Product Manager at Pendo

Join Hannah Chaplin and Steve Cheshire as they discuss how you can utilize customer feedback to help your business stay competitive in an increasingly challenging global market.

What is the Tableau Community Project—Back to Viz Basics?


Alyssa Jenson. September 30, 2022 - 7:59pm. October 2, 2022. If you’re looking for a fun way to connect with data enthusiasts while also reinforcing foundational data visualization skills, Back to Viz Basics (B2VB)—a Tableau Community Project—is the perfect place to start.

Software Developers: 2022 Statistics You Need to Know

QAT Global

Software Developers: 6 Statistics You Need to Know Now A peak inside the profession The 10 hottest developer jobs of 2022 1. Information Security Engineer 2. Full Stack Engineer 3. Data Scientist 4. Machine Learning Engineer 5. Java Developer 6. Data Engineer 7. Cloud Engineer 8. Back-end Engineer [.]. The post Software Developers: 2022 Statistics You Need to Know appeared first on QAT Global. Business & IT Leadership


What is the Tableau Community Project—Back to Viz Basics?


Alyssa Jenson. September 30, 2022 - 7:59pm. October 2, 2022. If you’re looking for a fun way to connect with data enthusiasts while also reinforcing foundational data visualization skills, Back to Viz Basics (B2VB)—a Tableau Community Project—is the perfect place to start.

AI-Powered Document Processing Using Astera ReportMiner


Enterprises deal with an overabundance of business documents — available in different layouts and formats — across several business units, ranging from accounting and finance to sales and marketing. A major issue is that more than 80% of these documents are unstructured.

Power of the Platform: A PM's Path to a Winning Product Experience

Speaker: Marcus Andrews - Director of Product Marketing & Keren Wexler - Sr. Director of Product

In this webinar, Marcus Andrews and Keren Wexler will explain common challenges faced by product teams, how to use analytics to create better product launches, platform adoption, and how to add feedback into your workflows!