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New Approach to Reference Data Management in Pharma

The Data Administration Newsletter

Data supply chains in pharma and life sciences are generally long and complex. This impacts reference data in particular because its management is very distributed, leading to the increased need for downstream integration as well as overall redundancy. Although it might seem […].

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The Best Data Management Tools For Small Businesses

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics and visualisation. This involves the processing of selecting data from data warehouses, data analytics and presentation in dashboards and visualisations. Reference data management. Amazon Web Services. A cloud-based solution with a wide range of tools from a giant in cloud services.

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Five Data Governance Trends for Organizational Transformation in 2022


The importance of data has increased multifold as we step into 2022, with an emphasis on active Data Management and Data Governance. Furthermore, thanks to the introduction of new technology and tools, we are now able to automate labor-intensive data and privacy operations.