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50 Most Dangerous Words for Business Analysts

BA Times

As business analysts, it’s our primary responsibility to bring clarity to requirements communication. Unfortunately, many words spoken by our stakeholders can be ambiguous.

A Roadmap for Data Center Migration: Challenges and Solutions (Part 1)


Data center migration is the process of relocating an organization’s current data center to another operating environment. The first and most important task when preparing for migration is to avoid (or at least minimize) data loss.


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SQL Server and the Cast Function for Data-Driven Companies

Smart Data Collective

A growing number of businesses are relying on big data technology to improve productivity and address some of their most pressing challenges. Global companies are projected to spend over $297 billion on big data by 2030. Data technology has proven to be remarkably helpful for many businesses.

Article: What Developers Must Know About Zero Trust

InfoQ Articles

Zero trust solves the problem of open network access by allowing access only to the resources a user should be allowed to access. This article covers how to start working with zero trust principles and ideas. By Gilad David Maayan. Cloud Security DevSecOps Application Security DevOps article


AAC Exam Mock Questions

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Data-Driven Employee Reviews Are Less Biased and Unfair

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics technology has changed many aspects of the modern workplace. A growing number of companies are using data to make more informed hiring decisions , track payroll issues and resolve internal problems.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues Impede Data-Driven Healthcare Models

Smart Data Collective

Analytics technology has transformed the healthcare industry in recent years. Healthcare organizations are projected to spend over $80 billion on analytics services by 2028. There are many benefits of leveraging analytics in healthcare.

Article: Talking About Sizing and Forecasting in Scrum

InfoQ Articles

Scrum Teams can use different approaches to size the effort to deliver a Sprint/Product Goal. The forecast will be wrong. We're moving one Sprint at a time, and refreshing forecasts frequently. Some would say, "Discover and deliver capabilities—review outcomes with the customers and end-users.

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Steps Laptop Owners Must Take to Mitigate Risks of Data Loss

Smart Data Collective

Data loss is a growing problem, as companies become more dependent on data than ever. The cost of data loss can be massive for many companies. A data center outage can cost $7,900 in losses every minute. However, the cost of losing data on a regular computer can be significant as well.

insightsoftware Introduces New Features in Logi Composer 7 Launch, Addressing BI Market Needs

Insight Software

Raleigh, N.C – August 4, 2022 – insightsoftware , a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, today announced the release of Logi Composer 7.

ECBA Mock Questions

ECBA Mock Questions

Renaming Tables in SQL Servers is Vital for Data-Driven Entities

Smart Data Collective

A growing number of businesses are discovering the importance of big data. Thirty-two percent of businesses have a formal data strategy and this number is rising year after year. Unfortunately, they often have to deal with a variety of challenges when they manage their data.

MOST Analysis: A Very User-friendly Business Tool

Pestle Analysis

MOST Analysis provides a roadmap to companies and gives them a sense of purpose and capability. Learn how to conduct MOST analysis with an example. Business business analysis business planning business tools MOST

Get to a Definition of Done for Any Product

Leading Agile

We’re exploring why we use the term working, tested product to broaden the scope of what Agile can do and how it can be applied in any business context.

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CCBA Exam Questions

CCBA Exam Questions

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