Sun.Sep 12, 2021

Employ BI Tools and Augmented Analytics for Business Users

ElegantJ BI

Business Intelligence and Augmented Analytics Go Hand in Hand! Business Intelligence is mandatory! Without intelligence you have no insight into your customer buying behavior, your competition or your organization.

6 Ways Business Analysts and Product Owners Contribute to Successful DevOps

BA Squared

6 Ways Business Analysts and Product Owners Contribute to Successful DevOps. If it seems like everyone is talking about and doing DevOps, you are not imagining things! It is a common initiative in many organizations!


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What is a critical path in project management?


What do you think of when you hear the word, ‘critical’? Someone being overly-critical? Something important? Or something… scary? Well, the critical path is only one of those things. And don’t worry, it’s not your mom being overly picky, and it’s not scary.

A Beginner’s Guide to Data-Driven Investing Strategies

Smart Data Collective

Big data has been an invaluable contribution to our daily lives. We have started relying on big data to research new products, improve our experience online and make a number of other improvements. One of the biggest benefits of big data has been in the field of investing.

Root Cause Analysis Using a Fishbone Diagram and the Five Whys

Modern Analyst

I was teaching a business analysis course recently and noted that few students had used a Fishbone Diagram along with the Five Whys for root cause analysis. This motivated me to write an article on root cause analysis using the combo method along with a short example

It’s Time To Transform Your Business For The New Digital Age – Rise With SAP


The greatest business challenge of our time is the steady acceleration of change in all areas of trade. The pandemic has only accelerated these digital shifts. Transforming your business is necessary to stay relevant and competitive. The scale of digital challenges can be daunting to businesses.