Sun.May 19, 2024

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How Does Your Team Make Decisions?

Modern Analyst

Every decision-making group should first decide how they will arrive at their conclusions by selecting appropriate decision rules. Too often, when people begin to collaborate on some initiative, they don’t discuss how they’re going to work together. An important—and sometimes adversarial—aspect of collaboration is making high-impact decisions that influence the project’s direction.

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Bapco recognizes Phocas' Ashvi Murarka after excellent implementation


What does it take to win an award for excellence from a company you don’t work directly in? For Ashvi Murarka, an experienced technical consultant here at Phocas, it was for a successful implementation of Phocas Analytics into four of Bapcor’s entities.

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ANSI X12 vs EDIFACT: Key Differences


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a popular communication method that enterprises use to exchange information accurately and quickly with trading partners. EDI transmits data almost instantaneously — serving as a fast and efficient mode for exchanging business documents. ANSI X12 vs EDIFACT are the two most common EDI standards used for EDI, but they have different structures, styles, and usage.