Sun.Nov 19, 2023

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Why Do AI Startups Have High Failure Rates?

Smart Data Collective

AI technology has been one of the most disruptive technological changes of the past couple of years. One forecast reports that the market for AI will be worth over $594 billion by 2032. The growing number of people using AI services such as ChatGPT is a testament to how influential AI has become.

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The Unique Competing Space: A Framework for evaluating the Competitive Landscape and strategic options

Modern Analyst

The Unique Competing Space (UCS) is a macro-level strategy visualisation framework. It enables teams to understand the broader scope of customer needs, evaluate how well their offerings are meeting customer needs, and evaluate how well their competition is also meeting these needs.


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Data Analytics is Crucial for Website CRO

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics technology has helped change the future of modern business. The ecommerce sector is among those most affected by advances in analytics. We have previously pointed out that a number of ecommerce sites are using data analytics to optimize their business models.

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What is the role of Business Analysts in the Oil and Gas Industry

Adaptive US

The continuously advancing Oil and Gas sector energizes contemporary lifestyles and propels economic expansion. However, a fundamental element ensures seamless operations amidst the intricate network of drilling rigs and pipelines: Business Analysts.

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2024 Payroll Calendar Templates

These calendars provide pay period dates and paydays for biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll in 2024. Use them as a reminder or share with employees so they can celebrate payday.