The 2022 Business Analysis Digest MVP Awards!

Business Analysis Digest brings together the best content from hundreds of industry thought-leaders. These awards will recognize the Most Valuable Posts as judged by our readers, award committee, and our machine intelligence and social media. We will recognize the posts that provide the highest value to industry professionals - useful and actionable information, that is tactical or strategic in nature, providing either long-term or short-term value.

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Click on the categories below to vote for your favorite articles to win a Business Analysis Digest MVP Award! You can vote for up to 3 articles per category and a Business Analysis Digest account is needed to participate.


Awards will be given for articles covering the following categories:

Audience Size

Every day, our articles are read by an audience of over 39,000 people on our site and newsletter. We use our machine intelligence and social media, bolstered by our editorial team, to curate this content.

But 2022 is coming to an end and we want to know: of all of our articles, which are the best of the best? Our machine intelligence, social media, and editors can get us close. But we want that extra special touch that comes from beloved reader feedback.

You can represent these 39,000 readers. Cast your vote and let us know what you like to see!

Judging Criteria

We're judging posts that we see to provide the highest value to industry professionals. Does your article include useful and actionable information? Is it tactical or strategic? Does it provide short- or long-term value? Those are the types of questions our judges will be asking themselves.


Submitting content for consideration

To nominate an article, please fill out the Typeform above. Articles must have been published between October 18th, 2021 and October 12th, 2022 to be eligible.

Nominations are open until October 12th. After that, our panel of judges will review the nominations and narrow them down to a list of finalists for each category.


Finalists will be announced on November 14th. Once finalists are announced, we will open up voting to our readers. Voting ends on November 28th. Winners will be announced on December 14th.

Program Committee

Meet our expert panel of judges!

Rashmi Lis

Business Analyst and Founder of Business Analysis Knowledge Share

Rashmi Lis is the founder of and the baknowledgeshare youtube channel, where she helps deconstruct, demystify, and detangle business analysis and data analytics. She has over 15 years of experience in Business Analysis and Project Management and has authored articles for the BA Times and Medium. When not learning and working she can be found hanging out with her husband, daughter, dog, and cat.

Rohela Raouf

Principle Business Analyst at BusinessAnalysisHub

After 8 years of working as a Business Analyst in both the public and private sector, Rohela set up BusinessAnalysisHub as a way of working with companies to help them provide services that their customers will truly love. As an industry, business analysis is often seen as a little stuffy. BAs can be viewed as stiflers of creativity as opposed to facilitators, and in many cases, creatives themselves. Business analysis really is a vital part of building a successful product or service in any company.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala

Director of Data Science, Ericsson R&D, India

Dr. Sunil has 18 years of industrial and research experience in Machine learning, Deep learning, Analytics, Internet of Things, and Automation. Sunil worked in Oracle, Infosys R&D, and Philips Research before joining Ericsson. He is a lead inventor of 30 US/EU patents, has published 30 papers, and has delivered 100+ guest lectures.

Sunil is also a senior member of ACM, IEEE, and a fellow of IETE and IEI. He is one of the Top 10 data scientists in India for 2019, recipient of the Zinnov Technical Role Model in Emerging Technology award in 2020, IEEE TEMS Engineering Manager of the Year 2020, and ACM distinguished speaker. He is a co-chair of industry engagement in the IEEE Bangalore section, a recognized thought leader, and a speaker in top AI forums. He is an alumnus of IIT, IIIT, and IIM, premier institutes in India.