Ready. Set. GO! Project Initiation – the first phase of project management


These are all definitions of initiation. Project initiation, therefore, is the start (or beginning) of a project. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), all projects follow the same 5-step process – carrying a project from start to finish.

A guide to the 5 project management steps


If you’ve ever tried to attempt a small renovation on a home, you’ve had a taste of what it takes to manage a project — and the types of surprises they hold. of investment is wasted due to poor project performance. These 5 steps are referred to as the project management life cycle.


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How to ace project development


Project management without project development is like cooking without a recipe. Project management gets things done. Project development determines what you’re trying to do. What is project development? But what does project development look like on the ground?

5 key project management knowledge areas and why they matter


Which in the context of project management, sounds like: a. Thankfully, the kind people over at the Project Management Institute (PMI) decided to help out a little by defining the distinct project management knowledge areas you have to wrap your head around. Project transparency.

The 6 benefits of using project management services


All of the above are important critical to ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and are (ideally) successful. Maintaining an active, yet flexible, project management plan. Keeping the project running smoothly — from start to finish. Step 1: Initiating.

All you need to know about project management best practices


They’re the stories passed down from generation to generation — or project manager to project manager — which means you don’t have to waste your time reinventing the wheel. The 9 best practices for your project. Define the project life cycle and key milestones.

A Simple Guide to Assess Your Agile Maturity Level


So, I set out to put something together that made sense to me, based on a mash-up of my experience as a business analyst, a project manager, and an agilist. An IT group or project team can ‘boost’ their agility by also working within an organization that is striving to be agile holistically.

How S-curves can help you track project progress


Or this catchy gem: ‘ It shows an initial exponential growth until the inflection point, and an exponential decay from then on until reaching the upper asymptote. ’. We’ve got everything you need to know about S-curves in project managemen t, right here. Resource allocation planning.

Project management phases to stay on track


You make a plan, commit to a process, and execute. Sometimes, though, the hardest part is coming up with the plan. Project managers are lucky. That’s because the project management world broadly agrees on the steps for making a project work. Initiation.

The 3 best project management methodologies for your project


There are only really 3 types of project management methodology: Waterfall, Agile, and a hybrid model — and we cover them all in this guide. In a nutshell, methodologies give you the overall approach to how you are going to run your project. This decreases the chance of project delays.

How to craft a business case to get your project rolling


If you’ve just pitched a new project to your senior leadership team and have been asked to put together a business case, you might be feeling a little lost. What the project entails. How the project is going to be undertaken. Who is going to be involved throughout the project.

How to manage design projects and ensure exceptional deliverables


You can have the greatest design team in the world, but if your project management is sloppy, you’ll struggle to deliver. Just like any other kind of project, your design project needs a clear scope and solid communication mechanisms to stay on track. Project initiation.

What’s a project management professional?


Two of the biggest issues plaguing the project management world are taking on too many projects and poorly trained project managers. You can go 2 ways with defining a project management professional. PMI is an American non-profit organization for project management.

How to build an effective stakeholders engagement assessment matrix


It’s the same with projects. Every project has a list of stakeholders, and you need to figure out the best engagement strategy to deal with each of them. In this first level, stakeholders are unaware of the project and any potential impacts its outcome may have on them.

How process analysis contributes to business success


It helps businesses uncover inefficiencies and plan changes to improve things. For routine reviews, you may choose processes that are run frequently throughout the business, such as recruitment practices, employee onboarding, or project initiation.

What’s a concept map? A quick definition with examples (and some alternatives)


a project with too many variables), then a concept map can be counterproductive. In this case, we’ll create a concept map around “project management.”. For instance, in project management , we could focus on too many things: Project planning. Project reporting.