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Graph: A Must-Have Enterprise Technology in 2022


If 2021 was the year graph technology went mainstream, 2022 will be the year it becomes an enterprise “must-have.” Graph companies have attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in funding this year, as more organizations scale up (and out) with graph.

Role of AI Engineers in SCM | Simplilearn


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption and volatility to supply chains across industries, and they have become increasingly challenging to manage.


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Planning vs Forecasting: Four Key Differences

Insight Software

Many people use terms like “planning,” “forecasting,” “budgeting,” and “financial projection” somewhat interchangeably. When it comes to a plan vs forecast in particular, the line can be blurry. Let’s look at four key features that distinguish financial planning from forecasting: 1.

Smarten Support Portal Updates – December – 2021!

ElegantJ BI

We invite you to explore our latest knowledgebase articles and to join the Smarten user community on Smarten Support Portal. If you have not registered yet, Click Here to obtain your login credentials. Knowledgebase Articles. LDAP/AD : AD Integration in Smarten.

AAC Exam Mock Questions

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Invest in Your Recovery Before Disaster Strikes


In the digital economy, business continuity is inextricably bound to technology. From retail and travel to finance and the public sector, services being moved online and employees working remotely means businesses are more reliant on their digital infrastructure than ever before.

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Misleading Statistics Examples – Discover The Potential For Misuse of Statistics & Data In The Digital Age

Datapine Blog

Table of Contents. 1) What Is A Misleading Statistic? 2) Are Statistics Reliable? 3) Misleading Statistics Examples In Real Life. 4) How Can Statistics Be Misleading. 5) How To Avoid & Identify The Misuse Of Statistics?

Case Study – Smarten Augmented Analytics Implementation for SI Partner and its India Public Sector Credit Guarantee Client

ElegantJ BI

This project was undertaken for a Smarten System Integrator Partner. The Smarten Partner is a leading system integrator for public and private sector organizations in India.

4 Key Steps to Adopting a Multi-Cloud Strategy


On December 8, Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered a historic, hours-long outage that wreaked havoc across the U.S.

Cyber Security Trends and Careers in 2022 | Simplilearn webinar starts 27-01-2022 15:30


Cybersecurity threats are multiplying at an alarming rate. Organizations need cyber security professionals more than ever before to help defend their data, operations, and customers.

ECBA Mock Questions

ECBA Mock Questions

4 Wonderful Ways to Use Big Data in Local SEO Marketing

Smart Data Collective

Big data has become a very important part of modern business. Companies are using big data technology to improve their human resources, financial management and marketing strategies. Digital marketing , in particular, is very dependent on big data.

Embedded BI Improves User Adoption of Enterprise Apps!

ElegantJ BI

How Embedded BI Can Add Value and Improve ROI for Enterprise Apps!

Is Air-Gapped Backup Necessary for Effective Data Protection?


Air-gapped backup is becoming increasingly popular in the backup and disaster recovery (DR) industry. Most backup and DR vendors are already offering it as an integrated feature or in the process of including it in their solution(s).

Best Work From Home Jobs in 2022 | Simplilearn


Thoughts about getting ready for work, rushing to get there on time, and planning for a dreaded commute now appears to be a thing of the past. Today, more people are searching for the best work from home jobs and the way we work has changed drastically in the last two years.

CCBA Exam Questions

CCBA Exam Questions

Big Data Drives Office Productivity into Overdrive

Smart Data Collective

Big data is playing a massive role in countless industries. It is changing the landscape of commerce as we know it. As we pointed out in the past, it is the key to business growth. We recently interviewed many entrepreneurs to understand their big data priorities.

What is IIBA CCA Certification – Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis (CCA) Tips and Guidance in 2022

Business Analyst Mentor

What is IIBA CCA Certification? The IIBA CCA certification or Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis is a comprehensive program developed for business analysts who wish to gain an understanding of core. Professional Knowledge

Top Cloud and Cyber Asset Management Trends of 2022


Companies have been racing to mature their technologies and pursue digital transformations in the last few years, as a way to gain or maintain competitive advantage and resilience. This has led to an emerging area of focus: cyber asset management.

Scrum Project Management: Advantages and Disadvantages | Simplilearn


Scrum is a popular framework that works very well for innovative and complex product development projects. However, it has its disadvantages too. But before we jump into its pros and cons, let’s understand the Scrum framework.

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Use Kanban Board Like A Pro: Basics, Elements And How To Use It.


If you are familiar with agile methodologies , then Kanban makes it to the top tier. While organizations small and big have used Kanban and seen phenomenal results. .

What is the Difference Between a Business Analyst and a Product Owner: Business Analyst as Product Owner Supporter?

Business Analyst Mentor

Many business analysts working on a project using agile ways of working will find themselves working with a product owner or product manager. Whilst there are similarities between the roles. Professional Knowledge Agile Ways of Working

The Pros and Cons of Synthetic Data


Data has established itself as one of the most important elements in both business and science. With the advent of big data services, companies can get access to previously unattainable advanced analytics, and researchers can find almost any imaginable dataset to draw insights from.

Time Management: The Secret to Achieving Your Career Goals in 2022 | Simplilearn webinar starts 20-01-2022 15:30


Businesses and organizations didn’t put themselves on hold in 2020 and 2021, and they created many new opportunities for professionals. If you are ready to grow your career, 2022 will provide lots of chances - but you need to be prepared with professional habits to achieve your goals.


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Using Inception as an Agile Coaching Tool

Vitality Chicago

Agile Coaching can a challenging job, particularly when supporting managers in organizations. In fact, for new Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches, coaching managers may be the last place they focus. They may find it more comfortable or easier to focus their efforts on the scrum team.

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Article: How Space Shapes Collaboration: Using Anthropology to Break Silos

InfoQ Articles

Software companies strive to keep innovating and changing the rules of the market. These companies are made of people who, unlike smartphones, personal computers or smart watches, have not evolved as much in recent years.

The 2021 Year in Review and What to Expect in Data Security in 2022


This year saw a number of significant changes on both the state and federal levels with regard to data privacy and data security.

How To Maximize Returns on Your Mobile Marketing Efforts | Simplilearn


While many brands and marketers are making the switch to mobile marketing, many are also struggling to prove a return on investment (ROI) on their efforts. The results of a Forrester survey released in 2016 showed many marketers’ ineptitude when it comes to mobile ROI.


The Inside Scoop on Building a Data-Driven AI Organization

Speaker: Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala, Director - Data Science, Ericsson R&D, India

There are many challenged companies face in their fight to become data-driven. In this webinar, Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala will offer details, outline common challenge, and help you create a FAIR data-driven culture.