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Data Science Roadmap 2022 | Simplilearn


Data science is a solid, rapidly growing field with plenty of untapped potentials. LinkedIn's Emerging Jobs Report shows that the market is expected to grow significantly over seven years, going from $37.9 billion in 2019 to $230.80 billion by 2026.


10 Cloud Computing Risks Every Business Should Know


Efficiency, flexibility, lower fixed costs, better collaborative opportunities, and scalability are just some of the most prominent aspects of cloud computing that appeal to businesses. Hence, it is no surprise that more than 70% of the world’s businesses now operate on the cloud.


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Why Game Studios Should Exploit Visual Analytics | BizAcuity


Introduction. It is no surprise that there are way more game developers in the iGaming industry than there are operators. As a result, the selling process for Game Studios is more complex now than ever.

Roles of Python Developer in Data Science Teams

Smart Data Collective

Data science is a very complex field that requires the insights of professionals from many different disciplines. One of the fields of professionals that are so important for data science projects are Python developers. What is the Python programming language?

How Collecting and Managing the Voice of the Customer Will Strengthen Your Product

Product teams strive to incorporate customers’ needs in everything they build, but this can’t be done without clear strategy, processes, and feedback loops in place. In this eBook, you'll learn how to build a robust voice of the customer program.

Suresh Shankar on how the Metaverse can shape businesses in UAE

Big Data Made Simple

Date : 7 Sep 2022. Source : Khaleej Times. Headline. “Metaverse, Big Data to shape future of businesses in UAE” Singapore based big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup, Crayon Data is expanding its footprint in the region as it caters to some top brands in the UAE.

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Real-Time Data in Machine Learning: Challenges and Solutions


In today’s dynamic global marketplace, events outside of our control are constantly making the data we’ve collected erroneous and outdated.

Can Democratizing BI Use Help My Team?

Elegant BI

Why is Business Intelligence Democratization Important for My Business? Gartner research reveals that, ‘80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance.’.

Migration Guidelines for Data-Driven Ecommerce Companies

Smart Data Collective

Data-driven ecommerce companies have a strong advantage over their competitors. As we stated before, data-driven marketing strategies are extremely valuable for ecommerce companies. What kind of ROI can big data offer for the ecommerce sector?

Tips To Improve App UX with Advanced Mobile Analytics?

Smart Data Collective

Analytics technology is having a huge impact on many aspects of modern business. One of the most important applications of analytics is with improving the user experience. User experience is a key part of building a successful mobile app.

Going Beyond Gut Instinct: The Do’s and Don’ts of Strategic In-App Guides

In-app guides are powerful tools for delivering exceptional product experiences, but it’s all too easy to use them improperly or get too carried away. In this eBook, we’ll show you eight essential dos and don’ts for building impactful in-app guides.

Five Important Steps to Upskilling Your Software Development Teams | Simplilearn


It’s an exciting time to be a software developer. Transformational changes are taking place not only in advanced technologies like machine learning, AI and data science, but also in revolutionary transactional foundations like blockchain and the way software itself is developed and deployed.


The Key to Health Equity? It All Lies in the Data


Data plays a critical role in making health care more equitable. Hospitals and health systems have been collecting data for years, but it’s only recently that this data has become accessible and usable in a way that can truly change health care for the better.

Using Kanban for Flow in Non-tech Teams


While Lean Manufacturing and Agile software development are well established worldwide, the most successful companies are now recognizing that Lean/Agile principles can be applied to every aspect of the business.

Can Data Mining Aid with Off-Page SEO Strategies?

Smart Data Collective

Data mining technology has led to some important breakthroughs in modern marketing. Even major companies like HubSpot have talked extensively about the benefits of using data mining for marketing.

The 10 KPIs Every Product Leader Needs to Know

Product teams have access to tons of data these days, but just because you're tracking product metrics doesn't mean you're tracking the right product metrics. In this eBook, we walk through the ten KPIs every product leader should have on their radar.

Benefits of Cloud Computing and Preparing Your IT Team for Cloud | Simplilearn


It’s probably not a matter of “if” your organization will migrate to a cloud platform but when. And when that time comes, you must be prepared, whether you’re the manager ensuring you have trained IT staff or a member of that staff. Sure, you’ve been hearing about cloud computing for a while now.

How to Mitigate the IT Challenges of Remote Work


During the pandemic, many businesses were forced to support remote work to stay afloat.

Peter Marini joins Crayon Data as Vice President, Sales (APAC)

Big Data Made Simple

Peter Marini has joined Crayon Data to lead and drive sales in the Asia Pacific region. . He comes with more than two decades of experience in tech sales in both mature and emerging markets.

How an IT Help Desk and Other Tools Can Reduce IT Support Tickets

Smart Data Collective

It’s probably impossible to run a business without receiving at least a few support tickets. But if your firm is constantly overwhelmed by so many tickets that it feels like you’re drowning, that’s not normal.

Are You Tracking The Right Product KPIs?

We’ve all got loads of data at our fingertips. Which metrics are the most valuable to keep an eye on? In this eBook, we share the top 10 KPIs every product pro should know. Some of them might already be familiar to you, but others will be brand new.

Reskilling the Government Workforce for the Digital Age | Simplilearn


Although we often think of it as a different category, the government workforce is a lot similar to the corporate workforce when it comes to the need for employees to keep themselves updated and upskilled.

How Analytics Consumers and Data Experts Can Come Together to Close Insights Gaps


Data is critical to empowering businesses to make decisions that translate into boosted bottom lines. However, a recent NewVantage survey found that only 24% of the workforce is confident in their ability to read, work with, and analyze data.


Who Is Responsible in Agile Transformation?

Leading Agile

If you want to be successful at Agile Transformation —especially at scale—you’ll need more than Agile Coaches teaching your teams the ceremonies of Scrum or how to do SAFe and LeSS.

Agile 115

What Role Does Breach and Attack Simulation Play in Data Protection?

Smart Data Collective

Data security and cybersecurity have often been treated as two fields separate from one another. In reality, they are the two sides of the same coin. Both have a major role in protecting information that’s circling within an organization.

The State of Product Leadership Report 2021

Delivery is the top success metric for product leaders. But should it be? This is just one of the findings in this year’s State of Product Leadership report. Download the report to discover more ways product management is changing in 2021.

Quality Assurance on One Million Lines of Code | Simplilearn


Many software applications today are called “mission-critical,” essential to the successful delivery of the organization’s product or service. Sometimes, however, mission-critical means the difference between life and death.


Data Preparation and Raw Data in Machine Learning: Why They Matter


In our current digital age, data is being produced at an unprecedented rate. With the increasing reliance on technology in our personal and professional lives, the volume of data generated daily is expected to grow. This rapid increase in data has created a need for ways to make sense of it all.

Article: Choosing the Right Cloud Infrastructure for Your SaaS Start-up

InfoQ Articles

As a solution architect, I have been designing SaaS applications for years and I have seen start-ups struggle to find the right cloud infrastructure and improve their product offering.

AI Technology Helps eCommerce Brands Optimize for Mobile

Smart Data Collective

Not unless you live in the most remote part of this world or somewhere underground, chances are that you have heard something about Artificial Intelligence (AI). But how does AI technology help eCommerce brands optimize for mobile?

Drive in the Express Lane to Product Growth

Speaker: John Mansour - President, Product Management University

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the common element that gives us the fastest route to growth and which product metrics matter most.