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Webinar on Adapting Your Data Science & Data Analyst Career | Simplilearn webinar starts 16-09-2021 15:30


The explosion of data means that data scientists and analysts need to understand how to manage big data and how to use automation tools to help deal with the data overload. What do you need to do to prepare your career for this emerging reality?Join

The Importance of the Business Data Analyst Role on a Project Team

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Questioning The Unquestionable

Adrian Reed's Blog

The music video was set on a desert island (Image credit: ©12ee12 — #105027014). One thing you probably don’t know about me is that I was a backing dancer in the video for the 2001 hit ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child.

The No. 1 Mistake in Digital Transformation: Don’t Forget About Your Data


Click to learn more about author Kevin Campbell. As enterprises continue to transform their legacy technology into tools fit for the modern age, digital transformation has become the key buzzword describing this transition into the 21st century.

Top 10 Hive Interview Questions and Answers | Simplilearn


As a Hadoop professional preparing for an upcoming Hive interview, you’re probably wondering more about what you can expect. More specifically, it’s helpful to know what types of questions are commonly asked during a Hive interview, along with the answers that your interviewer is likely looking for.


IIBA Just Launched ECBA French Canadian— Here's Everything You Need to Know!

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Balancing Vendor Lock-In and Business Advantage – Getting the Right Combination


Click to learn more about author Matt Yonkovit. Ever since the start of information technology and the first computers were invented, there has been vendor lock-in. From the very first mainframes through to modern cloud and data companies, the guidance has been to avoid lock-in where you can.

Top 31 Android Developer Interview Questions and Answers | Simplilearn


So you’re interviewing for a position as an Android developer, eh? You have your best clothes picked out, your resume and other reference materials all neatly arranged and ready, and you’re feeling well-rested. You got this!


Differences Between Data Management and Data Governance

The Data Administration Newsletter

A common misconception among c-level executives is that governance and management of data is the same thing other than in capital letters. Yet, there are some crucial differences between these two terms that should be understood before working on a project or implementing a program.

Tally Users Can Make Clear, Confident Decisions with Mobile Analytics and Access!

ElegantJ BI

The Tally ERP Solution accounting and financial application is used around the world and is immensely popular among its users.

The Benefits of Servicing Internal Teams Like Clients, and Other Lessons from a CIO/CISO


Click to learn more about author Lenin Gali. The modern business era is being fueled by the digital transformation, inspiring consumers to embrace online experiences that are engaging and highly convenient.

Webinar on How the Pandemic has Affected Corporate Training | Simplilearn webinar starts 07-09-2021 15:30


The COVID-19 pandemic has upended traditional corporate learning and development approaches.

Understanding the Differences Between Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

Smart Data Collective

Data lakes and data warehouses are probably the two most widely used structures for storing data. In this article, we will explore both, unfold their key differences and discuss their usage in the context of an organization. Data Warehouses and Data Lakes in a Nutshell.

Combine Data Literacy and Digital Transformation!

ElegantJ BI

Is Improved Data Literacy Really THAT Important for My Business? Why do your business team members need to be data literate? If your business is like most, it struggles to keep up with trends and to understand whether, when and how to implement enterprise-wide initiatives.

How E-Commerce Companies Use AI to Power Their Sales


Click to learn more about author Hardik Shah. AI-enabled computer programs can think, learn, and act in particular situations as humans do. When these intelligent programs are applied to machines, they can understand and improve without human intervention.

A Complete Guide to Prototyping In Design Thinking With Benefits & Examples | Simplilearn


The journey of developing a new product involves various steps. While it's tempting to dive head-first into the project, you'll do well to remember the adage – ''by failing to prepare, you prepare to fail''.

The Growing Role of Analytics in Business Knowledge Management

Smart Data Collective

In the current economic turbulent times, showing business stakeholders that your knowledge sharing and reusing brings business value works as a driving force for investing in a knowledge management tool. . But, how do you convince stakeholders about the importance of knowledge management? Simple!

Data Quality Problems Everywhere You Look

The Data Administration Newsletter

Data is everywhere! But can you find the data you need? Can you trust it when you get it? What can be done to ensure the quality of the data? How can you show the value of investing in data? These are not new questions, but many people still do not know how to practically […].

3 Things You Should Do to Protect Your Consumers’ PII in a Contactless World


Click to learn more about author Deepak Gupta. What if you could go to a coffee shop, have your phone charged, and pay without taking your phone out of your pocket? What if you could quickly pay without handing out cash while waiting in line at the cinema or the bus station? Or drive up […].

Growth Mindset: Meeting Obstacles

Leading Agile

This podcast is the second in a series of conversations focused on Fixed vs. Growth Mindset. Leveraging the work in Carol Dwek’s book, Mindset, Mary Kaufman and Dave Prior are exploring the differences between having a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.


Key Factors in Choosing Data-Driven Digital Signage Solutions

Smart Data Collective

As we have stated before, big data is becoming vital to modern marketing strategies. We have mentioned that it has been instrumental in virtually all digital marketing strategies in recent years, such as PPC advertising.

How to Create Your Own Team Board Without Spending a Ton of Time or Money

Johanna Rothman

Are you frustrated with your board? Maybe three columns don't offer you enough information. Or maybe you agree with me that teams need to create their own boards. See the Agile Approaches Offer Strategic Advantage; Agile Tools are Tactics series.)

How to Solve Kubernetes’ Persistent Storage Challenges


Click to learn more about author Romuald Vandepoel Kubernetes and containerization may be thought of as transformative when compared to more traditional cloud deployment approaches. Well, that’s how it appears in development environments.

25 Tips to Boost Team Performance

Vitality Chicago

Everyone is looking for a leg up right? How can we maximize team performance or wring just a little more horsepower out of our team? Good news – what follows are 25 tips intended to give you that boost of horsepower.

Investing in Data Solutions To Streamline Your Retail Business

Smart Data Collective

New advances in data analytics and data mining tools have been incredibly important in many organizations. We have talked extensively about the benefits of using data technology in the context of marketing and finance.

Collaborative Games in Business Analysis

Business Analyst Mentor

A collaborative games are a technique used in business analysis and played like a game where groups of participants may come together at the time of elicitation activity to bring about a. Professional Knowledge

DataOps Highlights the Need for Automated ETL Testing (Part 1)


Click to learn more about author Wayne Yaddow. DataOps, which focuses on automated tools throughout the ETL development cycle, responds to a huge challenge for data integration and ETL projects in general. ETL projects are increasingly based on agile processes and automated testing. ETL (i.e.,

Agile 130

Article: Adoption of Cloud Native Architecture, Part 3: Service Orchestration and Service Mesh

InfoQ Articles

This part 3 article in Cloud Native Architecture Adoption series, explores service interaction in a microservices based architecture, typical challenges we experience in distributed systems without proper governance, and how patterns like service orchestration and service mesh can help address those challenges. By Srini Penchikala, Marcio Esteves.

Big Data Holds the Key to Television and Online Video Production

Smart Data Collective

Hacker Moon published an article talking about the ways that AI and big data are changing the future of the video production industry. Both television and online media outlets are benefiting from these advances. Connectivity and computing power have improved dramatically in recent years.

How to Communicate Persuasive as a Business Analyst

Modern Analyst

As a business analyst you will have to communicate internally and externally. Many channels and type of communication may be used. Except ensuring that all the parts have understood correctly the message as you have it in your mind, you need also to perceive what you are saying as important, correct and insightful. You need your communication effort to have impact and many times to trigger specific actions