March, 2021

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Top 10 Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms You Should Know in 2021 | Simplilearn


In a world where nearly all manual tasks are being automated, the definition of manual is changing. Machine Learning algorithms can help computers play chess, perform surgeries, and get smarter and more personal.


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Where Is the Data Technology Industry Headed?


Click here to learn more about Heine Krog Iversen. We recently read reports about plans for Talend to be acquired by Thoma Bravo, a private equity investment firm.

Mobile BI for All Users and All Devices!

ElegantJ BI

Not Just Any BI Tool! You Need Mobile BI for Every Device AND Great Performance! If you are considering a modern business intelligence solution, there is a real necessity to choose an option that provides mobile business intelligence access and capability.

Mindful Stakeholder Engagement

Adrian Reed's Blog

This post is written by Kathy Berkidge of Mind at Work Consulting. I first met Kathy at a conference and I was absolutely blown away by her presentation, and I’m so pleased she agreed to write an article. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! — Adrian.

An Intro to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub – Managed Service for IoT Devices and Azure


Microsoft Azure IoT Hub is an IoT managed services platform that enables message routing of all IoT devices and applications to transfer data through the cloud. With its integration to a Device Positioning Service (DPS) , you can connect thousands of devices with Azure IoT Hub automatically.

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Top 6 Data Scientist Skills You Need in 2021 | Simplilearn


Leveraging the use of Big Data as an insight-generating engine has driven the demand for data scientists at the enterprise-level across all industry verticals.

IT Spending: The Value-Driven Approach


Click to learn more about author Sachin Reja. Advances in information technology (IT) are forcing businesses in all industries to evaluate their IT spend. The impetus here is to reduce staffing costs and other expenditures while investing more in digital tools and programing.

What is Gradient Boosting Regression and How is it Used for Enterprise Analysis?

ElegantJ BI

This article describes the analytical technique of gradient boosting regression. What is Gradient Boosting Regression? Gradient Boosting Regression is an analytical technique that is designed to explore the relationship between two or more variables (X, and Y).

Product Goals in Scrum

Roman Pichler

Product Goals Defined. The Scrum Guide released in November 2020 states that “the product goal describes a future state of the product … [It] is the long-term objective for the Scrum team.” It also suggests that “the product goal is in the product backlog.

Embrace the Chaos of the Unstructured

BA Times

Like many business analysts, I absolutely love structure. I have particular favorite notations, and nothing is more satisfying than that feeling of creating an absolutely beautiful model where all the lines are completely straight and every part of it is neatly lined up.


How to Get a Head Start on Your Business Analysis Career

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Business Analysis Careers Certification Business Analysis Techniques

How to Become a Growth Hacking Warrior in 30 days? | Simplilearn


What if I tell you that 30 days from now you’ll master the fine art of growth hacking without spending a dime? Well, you can!


Dealing with Database End-of-Life Issues: What Approach Should You Take?


Click to learn more about author Matt Yonkovit. Databases play a critical role in our applications – after all, no one ever talks about their services using less data today. However, like applications, databases require ongoing management and regular updates.


What is Random Forest Regression and How Can it Help Your Business?

ElegantJ BI

This article describes the analytical technique of random forest regression. What is Random Forest Regression?

How modern day AI-based products are empowering businesses?

Big Data Made Simple

A rtificial Intelligence and other smart technologies are used to empower businesses from every industry, regardless of location. Moreover, smart technologies help companies gain an advantage in front of their competitors, so they are changing the business landscape at an increasing speed.

World Retrospective Day 2021

Growing Agile

Yesterday was World Retrospective Day. World Retrospective Day is a volunteer-based, globally coordinated effort to share in the power of retrospectives: [link]. World retrospective day started as an idea at the Retrospective Facilitators Gathering and has been going strong for the past 4 years.

Agile 91

COVID-19 sped up digital transformation but business analysis can help

Analyst Catalyst Blog

Digital Transformation

How to Become an RPA Developer | Simplilearn


Have you ordered a product online and received a shipping notification via email, or perhaps filled out a job application online? If so, then you’ve been exposed to the technology known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). But what exactly is RPA?


Why 2021 Will Be a Big Year for Apache Cassandra (and Its Users)


Click to learn more about author Ben Bromhead. The upcoming GA release of Apache Cassandra 4.0 is set to be the most stable “.0” 0” release of the project (or any distributed database) ever.

Self-Serve Data Preparation Prepares You for the Future!

ElegantJ BI

Don’t Be Afraid of Self-Serve Data Preparation! It’s Easy. You Can Do It! Oh, the mysterious world of data preparation! It is daunting and confusing and…wait, no! It doesn’t have to be.

Four Themes Will Shape The Future Of Insurance

Forrester - Business Intelligence

The future of insurance is here. That’s my view and I am sticking to it. Insurers can no longer wait on the sidelines. You must get in the game. What game you ask? The game for who wins the hearts and wallets of tomorrow’s insurance customer.

Taking on Current State Analysis

BA Times

Business Analysts may feel pressured by the organizations in which they work to deliver requirements quicker. Articles


Career Planning: 4 Quick Tips for Business Analysis Professionals

Analyst Catalyst Blog


Top 10 Cyber Security Trends For 2021 | Simplilearn


With the digital revolution around all businesses, small or large corporates, organizations, and even governments are relying on computerized systems to manage their day-to-day activities and thus making cybersecurity a primary goal to safeguard data from various online attacks or any unauthorized access. Continuous change in technologies also impl.

Three Reasons to Take a More Holistic Approach to Data Management


Click to learn more about author Olivia Hinkle. Taking a holistic approach to data requires considering the entire data lifecycle – from gathering, integrating, and organizing data to analyzing and maintaining it.

Smarten Support Portal Updates – March – 2021!

ElegantJ BI

We invite you to explore our latest knowledgebase articles and to join the Smarten user community on Smarten Support Portal. If you have not registered yet, Click Here to obtain your login credentials. Knowledgebase Articles.

Analytics success: in a world turned upside-down, what changed and what didn’t?

Timo Elliot

My presentation from the SAP Insider Data & Analytics Conference, talking about how traditional analytics barriers, and how the latest technologies can help. The slides: Conferences Analytics BI BusinessIntelligence


Fleet Management and Big Data: Points to Consider

Smart Data Collective

According to a forecast by IDC and Seagate Technology, the global data sphere will grow more than fivefold in the next seven years. The total amount of new data will increase to 175 zettabytes by 2025 , up from 33 zettabytes in 2018.

Tips to Boost Your Business Analysis Career

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Careers Tips

12 Great CISSP Books and Study Guides for the CISSP Certification | Simplilearn


So you’ve decided to pursue a career in IT Security and are looking to get CISSP certified. Maybe you’re excited at the prospect of designing winning IT security architectures. Maybe you’re just looking to up-skill and improve your resume?