Thu.Jan 19, 2023

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Optimizing Cost with DevOps on the Cloud

Smart Data Collective

Are you looking for a way to reduce the cost of your development efforts? DevOps on the cloud could be the answer! DevOps is an increasingly popular approach that combines software development and operations, allowing developers and IT professionals to work together more efficiently.

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Best of BATimes: The Quest for Good Requirements

BA Times

The main responsibility of the analyst is the discovery, analysis, documentation, and communication of requirements. A requirement is simply a feature that a product or service must have in order to be useful to its stakeholders.


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iPaaS Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It


An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) can help businesses obtain the full value of their software investments, delivering speed, agility, and scalability, along with a host of other benefits. But the current approach to iPaaS is instead holding businesses back.

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Article: Finding Adequate Metrics for Outer, Inner, and Process Quality in Software Development

InfoQ Articles

Implementing a feature can be measured. Quality is harder to measure. This article explores how to balance improving quality and adding new features. It dives into different domains of quality: Outer quality which is owned by the product people (e.g.

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7 Ways to Supercharge Your ABM Strategy with Real-Time Intent

Streaming real-time intent is a homerun for marketing and sales’ account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. With real-time buyer insights, you can be first-in-line to provide solutions and lead better, hyper-personalized conversations.

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Business Process Analysis: Model, Tools, Examples

Pestle Analysis

The Business Process Analysis evaluates various steps that show how a business operates, with the aim of identifying inefficiencies or areas for improvement. Business business analysis business models business planning business plans business tools