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3-Part Blog Series – Part 1: Create Organizational Change by Advocating for Business Analysis

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11 of the Most Popular Digital Business Models and Strategies to Create a Successful One in 2022 | Simplilearn


Today’s most successful brands are adopting new technology, enabling them to transform the way they do business. Next-generation technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a game-changer when it comes to the customer experience.


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What Can Artificial Intelligence Do for Me? (Part 2)


In my previous blog post, I described some concrete techniques and surveyed some early approaches to artificial intelligence (AI) and found that they still offer attractive opportunities for improving the user experience.

Program Preview: A Live Look at the UCI Cybersecurity Bootcamp | Simplilearn webinar starts 01-06-2022 15:30


Because you’re interested in becoming a Cybersecurity professional, you’ll want to find out about the UCI Cybersecurity Bootcamp. It’s an intensive digital bootcamp program from UC Irvine’s Division of Continuing Education that fits your schedule and budget.

AAC Exam Mock Questions

AAC Exam Mock Questions For more Info, Pls. contact : [link]

Article: Go Native with Spring Boot and GraalVM

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Spring Boot 3 & Spring Framework 6, due in late 2022, will have built-in support for native Java. For Spring Framework 5.x & Spring Boot 2.x, Spring Native is the way to go. Spring Native provides integrations for Spring's vast ecosystem of libraries.


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Can You Picture It? Yes with a Swimlane Diagram!

BA Times

There is the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” and there is some truth to this. A picture is not just for capturing great moments like the company holiday party or a selfie with a friend. It also provides an effective way of showing a process to people.

Big Data Creates Many Great Opportunities With Sales Automation

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology is incredibly important in many aspects of modern business. The sales profession is one of the areas most affected by data. Companies spent $2.8 billion on marketing analytics in 2020 alone. That figure is growing substantially each year.

Project management steps to follow for successful outcomes


Successful project managers lead teams to victory, helping them produce results that increase revenues and ensure satisfaction from clients.

How to support business agility for your organization


Keeping up with constantly shifting consumer needs helps your business remain competitive in the marketplace. Business agility lets your staff collaborate in ways that make adapting to new needs and rising to new challenges easier. In this article, you’ll learn what business agility is and how agile practices benefit companies. We’ll also share two templates for use with Work OS you can use when embracing agile processes. Get started. What is business agility?

ECBA Mock Questions

ECBA Mock Questions

12 inspiring women in project management


Women have shattered the glass ceiling across skill sets and industries, reducing the gender gap in many business practices. Women often lead by teaching and are adept at scheduling, budgeting, and multitasking, which can make them ideal candidates for project management roles. Women-led teams are less likely to experience unforeseen costs, potentially because female leaders are effective communicators.

A simple guide to Scrum at Scale 


Agile methodology has taken the business world by storm in the past few years—and for a good reason. It’s an incredibly effective way to manage projects and small teams. But as a business grows, it becomes necessary to scale Agile practices to accommodate more users and more complex projects. This is where Scrum@Scale comes in. Scrum@Scale is a framework that lets businesses effectively manage large-scale Agile implementations.

Agile 40

Free development plan template helps you define goals


Creating specific goals and action plans to achieve them can help you succeed, whether you’re measuring success in your personal life or career. The same principles hold true when you’re mentoring or leading someone else. Whether you’re developing a plan for your career or creating a framework for an employee to reach their fullest potential, a development plan template can help. Get started. Learn more about the benefits of development plan templates in this article.