Wed.Aug 03, 2022

BI Tools Provide Benefits and Challenges!

Elegant BI

Understand the Benefits and the Challenges of a Business Intelligence Strategy! If you follow industry and business publications, you know that analytics are taking the lead in business strategy.

Program Preview: A Live Look at the UCI Data Engineering Bootcamp | Simplilearn webinar starts 16-08-2022 15:30


Data engineering is essential to preparing Big Data for use in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. Here’s an opportunity to become a Data Engineer with a program from a leading university!


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The Impact of Predictive Analytics on the Global Food System


With over 12,000 years of experience in agriculture, humans have learned quite a bit about the many aspects of agriculture. From plant domestication to farming, agriculture has grown to be the backbone of the world – providing food, fuel, feed, and fiber.

Just because you are in the minority doesn’t mean you are wrong!

BA Times

Speak to any group of BAs, and they will empathize with the frustrations of a familiar experience: you have spotted a potential problem on the horizon, but you’re struggling to convince teammates and stakeholders that it needs addressing (or even that it exists at all). Argh!

AAC Exam Mock Questions

AAC Exam Mock Questions For more Info, Pls. contact : [link]

Do You Have “Okta” for Your Data?


SaaS platforms exploded in the last few years for excellent reasons: scalability, cost, accessibility, and flexibility. But like any explosion, it left some messes in its wake.

15 Lessons from the Data Story Creative Process

Juice Analytics

What do you get when you put a Data Scientist and a Data Storyteller in a room full of executives for two days? Sorry, no punchline…this is serious.