Fri.Sep 10, 2021

Implementing a Business Glossary in Data Governance


Click to learn more about author Sharad Varshney. A business glossary is a list of data-related terms and definitions, displayed clearly and logically so everyone in an organization can access them. A business glossary is an essential Data Literacy tool and crucial for effective Data Governance.

Q4 2021 Writing Workshop (Free Your Inner Writer) Open for Registration

Johanna Rothman

Thinking about bringing your writing skills to the next level? Want to write and finish ? Enroll in my Writing Workshop 1: Free Your Inner Writer & Sell Your Nonfiction Ideas. You'll learn to build your writing system and habit. Please join me.


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Who Should Manage App Development Costs?


Click to learn more about author Jay Chapel. We speak to enterprises large and small about cloud cost optimization, and one of the more dominant themes we have been hearing lately is: Who should manage app development costs?


Helical Insight

In this blog we are covering the best practices which should be followed while using Helical Insight to create your reports, dashboards, embedding, Single Sign On, optimal performance, higher security etc.

Evolution of Scrum – A Trip Down Memory Lane


As most Agile practitioners are aware, the Scrum framework has been around since the 1950s. Expressed in various forms and concepts, Scrum was formally documented and published in 2001 as the Scrum Guide by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.


Helical Insight

In this specific blog we would be covering db specific functions which are specific to NoSQL databases like Mongo etc present in the version of Helical Insight 4.1. Some of these functions like handling of JSON are now also are present for newer versions of databases like Postgress, MySQL etc.

Excel Usage with Helical Insight

Helical Insight

In this blog we would be discussing and explaining how can connect to Excel as a datasource using Open Source BI product Helical Insight via Apache Drill.