Sun.Jun 19, 2022

AI Helps Mitigate These 5 Major Supplier Risks

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence is driving a lot of changes in modern business. Companies are using AI to better understand their customers, recognize ways to manage finances more efficiently and tackle other issues. Since AI has proven to be so valuable, an estimated 37% of companies report using it.

Humanizing Tech in the age of AI with So-Young Kang

Big Data Made Simple

The way humans communicate is in bite sized pieces. So-Young Kang believes that we’ve been practicing micro learning for 1000s of years now. Our most recent guest on Slaves to the Algo says, “It’s the neuroscience of learning. There’s the behavior design component of it.

Product, Customer, Sale, & Location Records

Modern Analyst

This article discusses record types supporting the concepts product, customer, sale, and location. The names given to these records varies depending on the line(s) of business an organization is in and, in particular, the organization’s sales processes