Tue.Aug 02, 2022

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Automation | Blueprint


In the previous article of this blog series, we covered the pros and cons of running on-premise automation technology. In this post, we’ll do the same, but this time for cloud automation. Platform Migration Business Process Management

What Is Data-Centric AI All About?


Data-centric AI (DCAI) is a new class of AI technology that focuses on understanding, utilizing, and making decisions based on data. Before data-centric AI, AI was largely reliant on rules and heuristics.


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Quality Management vs Quality Assurance - Similarities & Differences | Simplilearn


People often get confused when they are asked to illustrate key points on quality management vs quality assurance. To generate less scrap in the construction industry, it is mandatory to understand both terms.


Why Data Quality Problems Plague Most Organizations (and What to Do About It)


For business leaders to make informed decisions, they need high-quality data. Unfortunately, most organizations – across all industries – have Data Quality problems that are directly impacting their company’s performance.

AAC Exam Mock Questions

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Tips to Increase Customer Acquisition and Sales from Digital Marketing | Simplilearn


Companies and organizations see the cost of customer acquisition as an important indicator when assessing the value that customers bring to their business.

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What is a Content Calendar and How to Build One? | Simplilearn


A streamlined content strategy is one of the basic requirements for any online business. Everything from social media marketing to blogs requires content planning, scheduling, and delivery that matches the requirements of your target audience. This is especially important in the case of larger teams.

Improve your time management using our Canvas integration


Do you ever wonder how some people seem to get so much work done, while the rest of us struggle to stay on top of our responsibilities? Time management is an age-old struggle, but here at monday.com, we’re doing what we can to provide students with a new solution.

Tips for Building a Content Resource Center | Simplilearn


Are you searching for ways to increase backlinks to your website and improve SEO? Do you want to build trust and authority for your business or brand?


How AI Software is Changing the Future of the Automotive Industry

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence technology is changing the future of many industries. Global companies spent over $328 billion on AI last year.

ECBA Mock Questions

ECBA Mock Questions

The Top 11 Marketing Certifications That are Worth the Money | Simplilearn


Your marketing knowledge is your biggest asset in the industry, and marketing certifications validate your proficiency. The demand for certifications is on the rise as employers consider them as a sign that an applicant has the required skills for the job.

Article: Managing Kubernetes Secrets with the External Secrets Operator

InfoQ Articles

Kubernetes doesn’t yet have the capabilities to manage the lifecycle of secrets, so sometimes we need external systems to manage this sensitive information. Once the amount of secret information we need to manage increases, we may need additional tools to simplify and better manage the process.


10 PMI Certifications to Level Up Your Project Management Career | Simplilearn


From emerging trends to new technologies and practices, core competencies required, and strategic business knowledge, a PMI course hones and certifies a project manager's skills.

One Quick Way to Start to Manage Your Project Portfolio

Johanna Rothman

A project portfolio manager contacted me via LinkedIn. The question: How can this portfolio team start to manage the project portfolio when the organization has 600 projects? Right now, the portfolio team is supposed to read the status decks for each of those 600, to understand each project's status.

CCBA Exam Questions

CCBA Exam Questions

Integrate Database Archiving and Recovery

The Data Administration Newsletter

Data archiving is an important aspect of data governance and data management. Not only does archiving help to reduce hardware and storage costs, but it is also an important aspect of long-term data retention and a key participant in regu­latory compliance efforts.

How to Know if Your Jira-GitLab Integration is Successful


In a previous article , we covered what organizations should consider when researching and implementing a Jira-GitLab integration. But the next question is, once you have an integration in play, how do you know it’s meeting all your needs?

Domain-Driven Development: Part 2

The Data Administration Newsletter

What is a product data model?


A product data model helps streamline a new or updated ecommerce website so that every product has exactly the right information in exactly the right place.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Data Privacy

The Data Administration Newsletter

While data privacy concerns aren’t at the forefront of all consumers’ minds, it’s safe to say that many people are worried about how brands, governments, and organizations use, access, and safeguard their data.

The Gitlab-Jira Integration: What to Consider


For organizations that have established an agile development workflow within a nominal DevOps environment, software engineers across the spectrum live within their preferred apps day in and day out. For many, those apps are Atlassian Jira and GitLab.

Agile 52

Zen and the Art of Data Maintenance: All Data is Suffering (Part 2)

The Data Administration Newsletter

In part 1 of this series, I shared how our reactions to data can cause a great deal of suffering and discussed the following 3 principles to identify how this suffering can occur as well as ways to alleviate suffering: Attachment is a root cause of suffering ‘Not knowing’ has unlimited possibilities Always being ‘right’ […].

How to take your monday.com experience to the next level with the Canvas integration


Add different types of columns and personalize boards to your needs to always be on top of every task you have. Add different automations to your board to be more efficient doing your work and spend less time organizing, planning and looking for your material.

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The Art of Lean Governance: Eliminating Waste Across the Data Factory

The Data Administration Newsletter

The time wasted spent collecting and validating data can approach 80% of the total effort for managing data. This estimate was shared by several speakers at the DGIQ 2022 conference in San Diego. We had previously estimated this “waste tax” to be in the 20-30% range.

A year in the life: Four ACs discuss their first year at Clarasys


Each year, Clarasys has two associate consultant (AC) intakes both in the UK and in the US. There’s no traditional route in – some people come to us straight from university whilst others join us from a range of industries including teaching and engineering.

Avoiding a Data Catastrophe

The Data Administration Newsletter

Have you ever watched the Science channel show called, Engineering Catastrophes? It’s a fascinating show exemplifying how engineering projects of all sizes can be brought down due to a single (and sometimes, tiny) engineering design flaw.

Build Your Data Skills with the Data Literacy Trail on Trailhead


Sue Kraemer. Senior Data Skills Curriculum Strategy Manager, Tableau. Bronwen Boyd. August 2, 2022 - 11:07pm. August 4, 2022. The future speaks data—do you? Despite data skills being the most in-demand skill in today’s (and tomorrow’s) job market, there’s still a data literacy gap. .

The Inside Scoop on Building a Data-Driven AI Organization

Speaker: Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala, Director - Data Science, Ericsson R&D, India

There are many challenged companies face in their fight to become data-driven. In this webinar, Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala will offer details, outline common challenge, and help you create a FAIR data-driven culture.