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Why Business Analysis Professionals are Critical to the Success of Agile Teams

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Learn Keras Tuner With Hyperparameter Tuning | Simplilearn


Neural networks are notoriously hard to program because of their high complexity and the multiple components in them. However, with the help of deep learning APIs, you can significantly reduce the requirements to produce, test and deploy neural networks. One such API is Keras.


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Cloud Ops Is a Key Enabler of Successful Digital Transformation


Click to learn more about author Vicki Lui. My first job out of graduate school was to develop an e-commerce application for a manufacturing behemoth. The idea was to build a web-based application for internal sales teams to place orders on behalf of the customers and eliminate paper processing.

Prim's Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) | Simplilearn


Did you know Prim’s Algorithm is used to manage Internet Radio Broadcasting to transfer information to the listeners efficiently?


CRM’s Have a Big Data Technical Debt Problem: Here’s How to Fix It

Smart Data Collective

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are very reliant on big data. As these platforms become more widely used, some of the data resources they depend on become more stretched.

What Is Excel What if Analysis: Types and How To Use Scenario Manager Analysis? | Simplilearn


Excel What-if Analysis is a procedure employed to the Excel sheets with formulas to see the tabular data results when any variations are applied to the original values without having to recreate a new sheet. We have three types of What-if Analysis as shown below.


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What Is AES Encryption and How Does It Work? | Simplilearn


Encryption has found a place in today’s digital world, by cultivating a culture of security and privacy. When the AES Encryption algorithm succeeded the Data Encryption Standard as the global standard for encryption algorithms in 2001, it fixed many shortcomings of its predecessor.

Citizen Developer vs. Citizen Designer: What’s the Difference | Blueprint


With the onset of automation, many organizations were quick to welcome it with open arms. Many were sold on how quick and easy it was supposed to be – implementing and operating RPA was promised to be so simple that anyone could do it! With that in mind, the Citizen Developer role was born.

Learn Dequeue in Data Structure From Scratch | Simplilearn


Deque is a data structure that inherits the properties of both queues and stacks. Additionally, the implementation of this data structure requires constant time, i.e., time complexity = O(1). This means you can use deque to your advantage to implement both the queue and stack.


Bring your profit and loss statement to life and react faster to emerging trends


Demand from branch managers through to board members for up-to-date accurate financial information has made monthly performance and cash-flow predictions unfit for purpose. business intelligence basics finance decision-making dynamic reporting

Top 40 CSS Interview Questions You Should Prepare | Simplilearn


Web applications and websites are increasing in every industry, and CSS is essential to build attractive websites. Currently, there is a tremendous demand for web developers who have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS.


GlowTouch LLC Earns Recognition in Everest Group’s 2021 CXM PEAK Matrix®


Newest member ranked alongside the industry’s most innovative and well-established customer experience management solution providers LOUISVILLE, Ky.,

Top 8 Excel Data Cleaning Techniques to Know | Simplilearn


Excel Data Cleaning is a significant skill that all Business and Data Analysts must possess. In the current era of data analytics, everyone expects the accuracy and quality of data to be of the highest standards.

Mobile Application Development: Your Ultimate Guide for 2021


A comprehensive guide to developing mobile apps in 2021 and beyond!


Population vs Sample: Definitions, Differences and Examples | Simplilearn


In statistics, data plays an essential role in deciding the validity of the outcome. The data being used must be relevant, correct, and representative of all classes.


Project execution: The key to successful projects


19% of organizations deliver successful projects most of the time ( source ). Yes, you read that statistic correctly. Said another way — and maybe a bit more jarring: 81% of organizations do NOT deliver successful projects most of the time. They fail to deliver. They fail to execute.

A Guide to Speech Recognition in Python: Everything You Should Know | Simplilearn


Movies and TV shows love to depict robots who can understand and talk back to humans. Shows like Westworld, movies like Star Wars and I, Robot are filled with such marvels. But what if all of this exists in this day and age? Which it certainly does.


Where’s the Value? Value Stream Identification vs. Value Stream Mapping vs. Value Stream Management


Q: What is a Value Stream? A: A tool for learning that helps organizations to become more responsive. How Value Stream Identification Makes Us More Responsive.

4 key practices to manage a digital portfolio for optimum impact to CX & ROI


Article: How to Bridge the Gap between Netops and Secops for Ultimate Network Management and Security

InfoQ Articles

Sometimes it can seem like a new IT management paradigm arrives every week. First, we had DevOps; then DevSecOps; now the most innovative organizations are talking about AIOps and even NetAIOps.

This Month in Embedded Analytics, July 2021: The Sisense Extense Framework, Baseball, and Data Security


The summer is heating up here in the States, and baseball season is jumping into high gear. America’s pastime has been all about data since the first box scores were written down, but modern analytics are changing how pitchers and hitters interact.