Fri.Jul 16, 2021

What does a Agile Business Analyst do: Definition, Skills and Role | Simplilearn


An Agile team has three main roles - development team, testing team, and product manager. In this typical team, the product owner is the ultimate decision-maker for the project.

Five Tips for CMOs to Ensure Company and Data Security


Click to learn more about author Cindy Zhou. As the chief marketing officer (CMO) of a cybersecurity software company, I spend a lot of time on data security for our content marketing. However, in many organizations, security is a frequently overlooked area for marketers.


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What Are the Main Types of Functions in C Programming? | Simplilearn


Functions in C are the basic building blocks of a C program. A function is a set of statements enclosed within curly brackets ({}) that take inputs, do the computation, and provide the resultant output.


Google Cloud Platform vs. AWS: Is the Answer Obvious? Maybe Not


Click to learn more about author Jay Chapel. Google Cloud Platform vs. AWS: What’s the deal? A while back, we also asked the same question about Azure vs. AWS.

Understanding the Nature and Evolution of Security Analytics

Smart Data Collective

Security analysis is a method used in cybersecurity to help boost security protocols for data protection. Companies can’t know the kinds of threats that are going to happen. This is where security analysis tools come into play.

Article: DEI Is Rooted in Justice: Stop Making it about Profit

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion practices exist for the betterment of every single person within a company from the ground floor to the glass ceilings. Don't build a case for diversity, equity, and inclusion.