Mon.Jun 27, 2022

Graph Technology: The Next Chapter of Data Insights and Intelligence


Hospitals are one of the best examples to spotlight the complexities of unstructured data. From physicians’ notes in EHRs, emails, text files, photos, videos, and other files, the majority of patient data cannot be read by machines.

4 IT Management Best Practices Data-Driven Businesses Must Practice

Smart Data Collective

Data-driven businesses are far more successful than companies that don’t utilize data to their advantage. Unfortunately, they often find that managing their data effectively can be a challenge. Companies that rely on big data need a reliable IT department.


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Open-Source Cloud Databases: Security Best Practices


A cloud database runs on a cloud computing platform that delivers it to users as a service. Cloud services offer various cloud databases, including SQL and NoSQL databases.

Article: Establishing a Scalable SRE Infrastructure Using Standardization and Short Feedback Loops

InfoQ Articles

This article explores an SRE implementation where the operations team builds and runs the SRE infrastructure and the development teams build and run the services leveraging the SRE infrastructure.

AAC Exam Mock Questions

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Thin Reports, Report Level Measures vs Data Model Measures

BI Insight

The previous post explained what Thin reports are, why we should care and how we can create them. This post focuses on a more specific topic, Report Level Measures. We discuss what report-level measures are, when and why we need them and how we create them.

The Evolving Role of Cybersecurity Leaders

GAVS Technology

Trends best cyber security services companies cyber Security and Compliance services cyber security mdr services digital transformation services and solutions enterprise it support services usa it infrastructure managed services it operations management software managed security services providers usa security iam management tools