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7 Business Analysis Skills Every Organizational Leader Needs

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AI Mindset: Adopting the Right Framework for AI Implementation


Click to learn more about author Andriy Latysh. Businesses today are facing a key turning point in AI adoption and, as such, are perfectly positioned to reach new heights with AI, by gleaning actionable insights, improving operational efficiency, deciphering customer behaviors, and reducing costs.


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Webinar Wrap-Up: The AI Trends in Fintech That are Changing Digital Economy Job Roles | Simplilearn


On March 29, 2021, Rishi Mehra, CEO of Wishfin, appeared with Simplilearn for a conversation about AI trends in fintech. He explored the past, present, and future of fintech and how AI plays a prominent role in the industry.

5 Data Points that Your 2022 Digital Marketing Strategy Must Include

Smart Data Collective

You must pay attention the data points that matter! Long gone are the days when digital marketing was based on gut feel and what looked good. The industry knows data is critical to a successful strategy.

How to Create an Absolute Reference in Excel? | Simplilearn


In Excel, Relative reference is the default reference type. Therefore, whenever you copy a formula to a range of cells, they change based on the relative position of the rows and columns.


Gmail is Using Big Data to Integrate a new VoIP feature

Smart Data Collective

Big data has been a pivotal asset in modern businesses. Major tech companies like Google regularly use big data to offer higher quality services to their customers. Google is one of the companies that has always used big data to its full effectiveness.

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How to claim PDUs after Leading SAFe (SA) training?


Assuming you have a certification with PMI, attending the Leading SAFe session entitles you to 15 PDUs for your PMP & PgMP, and here is how to claim them. Step-1: Login to your PMI account. Step-2: Navigate to the ‘New Class’ page.


The Power of Product Positioning and the “7 Ps” Marketing Mix

280 Group

Do you remember the release of the PlayStation Classic, the 2018 replica of the original PlayStation video game console? If your answer is no, it’s because it didn’t make it very far in the market.

Benefits of Having AI-Powered Software Solutions for Expense Management

Smart Data Collective

All businesses need a system to accurately track their expenses. Without it, they would not be able to keep reliable records and would likely soon find themselves in financial trouble. To track expenses, most businesses rely on some form of expense management software.

Article: Resetting a Struggling Scrum Team Using Sprint 0

InfoQ Articles

Sprint 0 can be a great mechanism in Agile transformations to reset existing teams which are not delivering value, exhibiting a lack of accountability, or struggling with direct collaboration with customers.

10 deadly failure traps to watch out for during your IIBA exam preparation

BA Times

Business analysis has been identified as a key discipline in organizations across the globe. Business analysts enable the enterprise to articulate its needs, the rationale for change, and design and describe solutions that deliver value.

How to Meet the 3 Biggest Enterprise-Scaling Challenges


One of the most rewarding aspects of working with both Domo’s product organization and customers is seeing how the Domo platform is being used to deliver critical business outcomes for some of the world’s largest organizations.

What Is Data Visualization and Why It Is Important?

The BAWorld

Data visualization is an essential step in the analytics life cycle. Before we dive into the topic, let us check the sales and profit data in different regions for various products.

DevOps: Building A New Culture Of Software Development And Delivery


The pandemic has derailed the global economy, impacting businesses across the world. If organizations wish to keep up with the lightning pace of app and platform improvements while staying cyber secure, they must rely on DevOps. DevOps is crucial to business success more than ever.

Locus of Blame, Elevate Agile, and Speaking with Authority

Leading Agile

Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to SoundNotes on: Apple Podcasts. Spotify. Soundcloud. This episode of SoundNotes is an interview with LeadingAgile CEO, Mike Cottmeyer who takes on 3 separate topics during the interview: 1. Locus of Blame (01:38). Things happen.