Sun.Jun 26, 2022

The 6 Enablers of Business Agility – Karim Harbott’s Book

Vitality Chicago

I first stumbled across Karim Harbott in a 2020 YouTube Video that he created called the The 6 Enablers of Business Agility. By itself the video wasn’t revolutionary but I did find the way Harbott organized the various aspects of business agility into the 6 enablers quite helpful.

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Overview of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for Business Analysts

Modern Analyst

I’ve written this article to provide an overview of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for Business Analysts. The cloud (in particular AWS) is now a part of many projects. If you’ve been in meetings where people have mentioned: ‘EC2’, ‘ELB’, ‘AZs’ and thought ‘WTF’ then this article should help you. This article will provide: an overview of AWS (what is it, why its popular, how it’s used) typical AWS architecture for a project (e.g.


Why an Agile Delivery Model Isn’t Always Enough

Leading Agile

An Agile Delivery Model will only take you so far. Many organizations simply go through the motions of Scrum. The teams are diligently having their daily standups, rigorously writing user stories, and dutifully performing a retro at the end of every sprint. Yet, they still fail to improve.

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