Sun.Aug 14, 2022

Why Is Data Loss Prevention is Crucial for Business?

Smart Data Collective

Data loss is a serious problem for many businesses. An estimated 94% do not survive a catastrophic data loss. Data loss prevention (DLP) strives to protect your business data from inside or outside compromise.

The Role of a Business Analyst in Digital Transformation

Modern Analyst

We hear the buzzword “business transformation” everywhere. It has become almost expected of any organization to announce they are on their digital transformation journey. What does it mean? There are many definitions of digital transformation. This abundance points to a broad interpretation of the term. The ambiguity of these statements reflects vague expectations of many organizations embarking on their “digital transformation journeys&rdquo

Industrializing the Agile Transformation Process

Leading Agile

Agile Transformation is more than just installing Agile processes or Agile principles. It’s more than simply training your team on Agile methodology. But if that’s the case, then what is the actual path to becoming an Agile organization? .

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